Get Your Eye Salve to See Into the Seer Dimension

If you want Patricia King to pray for you so that you can receive your eye salve to see into the “seer dimension of the Kingdom of God,” just click below, open your eyes wide, and try not to blink!

King says the seer dimension has been increasing exponentially where more and more believers have been seeing…and she just happens to have a little booklet that’s available to you if you want to order it and learn more.  She also gives James Goll’s book and workbook on “The Seer” a generous plug just in case you’re interested in ordering it too.  Like King says, “If you want more insight into this, get lots of tools, because the more you focus on something, the more you empower it.”  That should translate into, “Visit my online bookstore and order my books!”  Kaching! 

I wonder when Patricia King comes up with these things.  Laying in bed?  Driving down the road?  Does she have a brain storming session with James Goll, Bob Jones, Stacey Campbell, and others and decide what’s marketable and what’s not?  Whatever the case, King is one of the most ridiculous and outlandish in the mystical camp.  And, ya know, this is just bad theology, folks.  Bad!  Bad!  Bad!  Find it for me in Scripture, if you dare.  I haven’t been able to think of one verse that even half-way mentions or describes “the seer dimension of the Kingdom of God.”  Just like Joshua Mills, the longer she stays in business, the more elaborate her schemes have to be to be marketable to the blind and gullible flock.

Do we long to know more about Jesus Christ and Him crucified or do we pursue mystical zaps, ecstatic visions, and  charismatic light shows?  It’s all about motive and desire, folks.  What’s yours?

Ya know, this is what happens when you don’t depend on Scripture alone for doctrinal truth.  It’s just a big ole mess.  See?

10 thoughts on “Get Your Eye Salve to See Into the Seer Dimension

  1. Annunk

    OK, I give. What exactly are people supposed to be “seeing”? And is she connected to Mike Bickle (IHOP) and/or Todd Bentley?

  2. anna

    What’s even more outrageous about this is the “prayer.” She didn’t ask, there was no humility, there was no recognition of God’s magnificence or sovereignty. No. She just said “Father I loose…” and then she went on to tell God the Father what to do, invoking the name of the Son and describing how the Holy Spirit was expected to perform.

    If there are any angels bored enough to watch this, they are probably aghast at the affront to the Almighty. I certainly am.

  3. Tamie

    ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. ACTS 2: 17-18
    Was this scripture only full filled in the early church and the dreams and visions ceased within the body of Christ thereafter? Because the Lord began speaking to me in my dreams when I was 5 years old (and I am 36 now). Even today he appears in visions to the lost, even to muslims across the globe and reveals himself to them.

    The Lord has shown me how to pray for people through visions and dreams by showing me specificallly what their issue is. I too am a “Seer” and I am very thankful for folks like Patricia King and James Goll for sharing about the gift.

    Why isn’t this gift needed in the body of Christ today if our enemy Satan is not yet defeated? I believe one day the gift of prophecy will cease… when the Lord has set up his kingdom here on earth during the mellinial reign. And not until then.

  4. Tamie

    “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.”
    -The Apostle Paul I Cor 14:1

  5. Chrystal Post author

    You’re very thankful for Patricia King and James Goll even though they are false prophets who teach false doctrine?

    I’m curious, Tamie, do you really believe there is a minty green angel flying about dropping angel feathers and distributing prosperity? Do you believe Janet Mills’s baby was born covered in gold dust?

  6. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    Why are we Christians looking here and there– going to and fro like crazed fools and acting like desperate people without any knowledge of the word of Almighty God?

    Are we so frantic for insight that any prophetic word will do–we need to stop!

    Jesus shed His precious blood on the cross. Don’t let Him have wasted it.

  7. Lori

    Satan uses false dreams visions all he can do is imitate God, These people are in need of great prayer for the Lord God will not be mocked! Seeing to believe to me is unbelief! I need to walk by faith not sight! May The true living word of God be our guide. Not A dream or vision! I believe Jesus taught us to go and pray to the Father God, And he brings us rest. By the word if it is not in the Word of God it is not God!

  8. Lori

    Tami, You having dreams and visions since you were A child,says to me God wants you in the word, Be mature Tami the babe stage seem to start with you when you were A child, Go to the mature stage and read the word. Now I am not saying you have not had visions,dreams, Or signs and wonders, But move on to the mature state. Eat the meat of the word, Satan uses false visions and dreams at times and you need to search the word for answers not sight seeing, sounds to me Satan is keeping you blind and lying to you. You have A zealous love for Christ Jesus and Satan is using those dreams and visions to distract you, and break you! Do not let pride keep you from the truth which is the word of God. Tami Prophecy is edification and exhortation. And having the gift of Prophecy, is a lot of Edification, But exhortation which we need to be able to see it is correction by the word of God. The word at times Tami is sharper than A two edged Sword! Tami do not let the enemy still the word from you anymore! seems to me he has been prowling after you for years and distracting you so you will not follow the word open it up and read it! You will be able Tami to see the fullness of your gift and use it truly! not abused! and God can use you effectively for his Kingdom and win souls for Christ Sake.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Hebrews 1:1-2

      Read it and consider it. God spoke to us in the past through prophets, but He now speaks to us through His Son, Christ Jesus. Listen to Him.

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