You Must Recycle – Big Brother is Watching You!

Environmentalism is quickly becoming the world’s new religion.  Al Gore would be very pleased if he knew that residents in Charlotte, North Carolina are having their recycling habits monitored by a microchip.  This is from a news report:

Charlotte, NC — Homeowners in Charlotte don’t know what to think about their new recycling bins. That’s because the new bins have microchips.

The City of Charlotte has delivered the new recycling bins throughout neighborhoods. A chip embedded with a microchip can monitor when a household recycles and when it doesn’t.

The bins are being delivered for a new recycling campaign. The new bins hold six times the amount of recyclable trash. The city plans to pick up the bins every other week instead of weekly starting in July.

City leaders say the chip will be used to monitor which neighborhoods need to recycle more. They would then hold a campaign to get homeowners to increase they’re recycling. The city says this would be done either through mailings or appearances by the recycling department at community events.

The city says the chips can also be used to get a bin back to its owner if it’s lost.   (Source)  (emphasis mine)

Okay, what part of “Right to Privacy” don’t they understand?  These bins are being used to determine “which neighborhoods need to recycle more.”  How long is it going to be before people begin to be punished for causing harm to “mother earth” because the city leaders monitoring you don’t think you’ve recycled enough?

Welcome to “Nanny States of America.”

11 thoughts on “You Must Recycle – Big Brother is Watching You!

  1. thereformedtraveler

    Was wondering how long this would take to appear in the States- have been keeping an eye on this in the U.K. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Andy

    Green definitely is the new RED. The residents of Charlotte should collectively smash the chips and vote in people who aren’t fascists in November. This is what we get for looking to the government to do everything for us. Now they think they know better than us.

  3. Mike L.

    Here in Taxifornia the trees in my yard have microchips so they can monitor how often we hug the trees. If we don’t, we get taxed further for sins against the environment. After all, trees have feelings too. In fact, now that the tree huggers are getting their way, the Weeping Willows will have to have their name changed because with all the hugs they get, they can be called Joyful Willows.Never mind that most of the tree huggers things it’s just fine to slaughter unborn children. As long as we hug trees, we won’t get them upset.

    Ok, it’s not QUITE that bad in Taxifornia but it’s getting there. This state is a representation of all that is wrong with America.

    In His service,


  4. Robin

    My household puts out enough trash to fill less than one paper grocery bag per week. Neighbors across the street put out two full barrels a week.

    I recycle. I also compost. I grew up in the midwest. We recycled. We composted. We used natural fertilizers (manure).

    I hike. I’m a bird watcher. I’ve recently taken to doing some nature photography.

    Often, I run short errands on my bicycle, rather than in my SUV.

    I love fresh air and clean water. Anybody here remember when the Hudson River was so polluted you could cross it on foot? How about in LA, where you can’t tell if it’s cloudy or smoggy? How about in Nigeria where you never see the sun because of all the burnings?

    Most people forget that we now have cleaner air than we did a few decades ago.

    My mindset has been that God made us stewards of earth.

    So, why do Christians have such a knee jerk reaction to protecting the environment?

    1. Chrystal Post author

      This isn’t about protecting the environment, this is about being spied on by the nanny state.

      Yes, we are stewards of earth, but the government can keep their microchips and their spy technology out of my household.

  5. Thursday's Child

    What about those who try to avoid buying items in containers to begin with? With the push to buy in bulk (a great idea for those who are tired of having junk to through away every time you shop) many people no longer have containers needing to be thrown away or recycled. When I’m in the States, I can buy milk in glass bottles and when I go to buy more I take the empties back for a discount off the price of the full ones. I’m not throwing plastic bottles in the recycle bin due to not having plastic bottles to recycle (or I’m choosing to reuse good glass/plastic containers to hold my bulk items) will I be penalized for being more “responsible” than my neighbor who isn’t? Hmmm…I wonder how they plan to accurately “read” all that information about their citizens.

  6. Jimmie Krack Korn

    This is just one area that the government will start to utilize organizations that they have a commitment and a partnership with. I am reffering to ALL 501-c3 churches! Thats right. When your pastor signed up to become a 501-c3 in order to help the MONEY flow a little easier into his church…he also joined in agreement with the federal government to assist them in whatever ways the government deems necessary. Such as in environmental concerns as well as perhaps administering flu vaccinations such as the N1H1 shots. But it doesn’t stop there. In order for the 501-c3 church to continue in its tax-free ride to cash flow …the 501-c3 is subordinate to 2 entities. 1. (Hopefully) God and 2. The Government of the US. If the government needs the rosters of the members of a certain church, the church must capitulate. If the government deems tea-partiers a danger and wants to send a warning they can make it manditory that the 501-c3 put up posters and speak against such activity. If the Hate Crime laws become fully inacted, the government will have on record all churches and thier members to ensure that the messages from the pulpits do not in anyway adhere to the notion that homosexuality is anything other than a viable alternative lifestyle.
    This is already happening. In may little neck of the woods…actiually the largest city in the deep south, I saw a public service announcement from our local county CEO “asking” all faith-based organizations to help in persuing a greener and more environmentally concious approach to community service.
    The 501-c3 church IS an arm of the government.

  7. carrie daniel

    and with movies like avatar coming out and people not knowing truth from fiction it will only get worse.

  8. Mike L.

    Amen, Chrystal. This ISN’T about the environment. Robin, I, like you, hate filth, pollution, clutter, smog, etc., and it really ticks me off when I drive down my street and see how lazy people are by throwing trash in the streets, cigarette butts all over the place, and just don’t care. I LOVE having a nice green lawn, love to do all I can to make the planet a cleaner place but there is a balance too. We are definitely supposed to be good stewards of the planet but not pantheists or tree-huggers that worship nature like so many do. That being said, this is about the government and their continual assault upon our freedom. It’s about the gov’t. thinking that we can’t think for ourselves and that their policies will solve all of our problems. Their solution is to take all decision-making power away from the people and try to turn us into a bunch of “subjects” (like England) and into a bunch of automatons that fall in line real nice and not upset the apple cart. Well, we’d be EXACTLY like that if we just rolled over and played dead while they walk all over our blood-bought Constitutional rights. How far will it have to go before we wake up some morning to a knock on our door by the environment police or the thought police or the Internet police or the gun confiscators because we’ve been too complacent about what our government is doing.

    If you put a frog in cool water and put him on a burner on the stove, he’ll stay in the water as it slowly heats and he’ll boil to death. Well, this country is in the same boat. Our government wants us to sit calmly in the cool water while they turn up the burner and boil us to death and if people don’t recognize it and do something about it, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

    The government doesn’t belong in my house. That’s all I’m saying, just as Chrystal pointed out.

    In His service,


  9. James

    “Okay, what part of “Right to Privacy” don’t they understand?”

    For the sake of discussion, is there really such a right?

    Do we have a right to do whatever it is we want to do with our resources, property or even our very bodies in private so long as it doesn’t negatively impact others?

    Libertarians would say yes.

    However, when Lawrence v. Texas was heard by the Supreme Court and the Texas law was declared unconstitutional (which criminalized private homosexual conduct), conservatives everywhere lamented that they could not impose morality legislation that impacted what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. If you listened to them, it was the end of civilization because what two people did in their own bedroom does, in fact, impact society-at-large (so they said). “Throw the homos in jail!”

    If that is true, then if the government deems recycling (or knitting or whatever) impacts society in a sufficient enough manner, they can legislate it and carry out punitive action against you, even if what you’re doing is a private matter.

    Again, I’m not talking about the morality of an action, but whether that action can rightly be legislated if it involves “private conduct” or conduct involving private property.

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