The Contemporvant Church

A gentleman by the name of Jim Hale sent me this link.  It’s hilarious.  Okay, it’s sad too, but it’s hilarious as well because the seeker-sensitive, relevant churches of this current time have made themselves so socially pliable they have nothing left of the gospel in them.  Thus, they have dissolved into absurdity and satire … they just haven’t figured it out yet.

Click the link and see a video that spoofs the current churches of social relevance.

9 thoughts on “The Contemporvant Church

  1. lin

    How sad but true this is what proof that its all an act. The masses go for the pretty lights and laser beams and the feel good factor! The emergents thrive on the superficial and love their false jesus theres no going back the damage is done. lin

  2. Andy

    I attended a “church” like this about a year ago when I was visiting family in another state. In all honesty nothing in the church service was much more meaninge actor ful than the generic babble of the actors in this clip. It was an Easter service, mind you, and Christ’s death and resurrection were never mentioned. Not a single Scripture was read. There were skits, inane songs and funny video clips. No Gospel. This is what happens when the heathen lead the church.

  3. Mike L.

    Will He find faith on the earth when He returns? Not much.

    In His service,


  4. David

    Not Fair!

    I know of a solid church here which has a modern stage, professional lighting, an amazing sound system, and exceptional graphic designers, and this church truly and wholly preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Be careful you don’t slip into an over-generalization against churches just because they are modernizing. Salvation is not found in pretty lights or a fantastic worship team, but neither is damnation.


  5. Tiffany

    Seriously, I have sadly gone to a few churches like this; and while the amped-up emotions seem to feed you for a time, you soon come to realize it’s like junk food – unhealthy, unfulfilling, and “empty calories”. I went to one church that started out solid, then as they got into the whole “40 Days of…” everything, they shallowed up and became nothing more than a seeker-friendly, “The Message” using, culture-relevant (immersed really) show. Another church we went to for about a year when we moved here to Montana, fit this to a T. And the entire time I was there, despite trying our hardest to get involved and “connected”, we still had no friends and no way of being a part of the “in crowd” or the slightest clue of what ministries the church had available. Despite going every week and hearing great music and a message from a charismatic pastor, we were withering on the vine – not being challenged, not growing, not fellowshipping, not ministering. The last straw for me was when they had the local dance studio (a secular one which teaches jazz, “hip-hop” and other contemporary styles to little girls in skimpy outifts) do a number onstage during a service: teen and preteen girls wearing – I kid you not – gold lamé hotpants, black skintight shirts, black tights, gold boots, and afro wigs – dancing (gyrating) to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. The pastor jumped onstage afterwards and enthused about how he loved his church – they could go from singing a hymn (which we did right before the performance) to MJ. My heart broke along with the gut-wrenching disgust I felt at the spectacle.

    Churches have gotten so far away from the Word that they have become nothing more than Sunday entertainment. I am so very thankful that I go to a Calvary Chapel now which preaches straight from the word of God and isn’t about bringing people in, but about bringing the Truth to people.

  6. WatEenZooitje

    @ Tiffany : Wasn’t it hard for you to stay in that church? I mean, if I would ever face a situation like that, I would never put a step in that church again. Why would I go to a church if the head of the church, that is Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, is not preached. That would leave the church as a decapitated body, just like a zombie out of MJ’s Thriller video. Yugh.

  7. Mike L.

    Postmodernism in churches has relegated them to nothing more than white-washed tombs, empty clouds without rain, where it pertains to the message of the Gospel. And all this they do to try to make Christ “relevant” to the modern generation. When, pray tell, did Christ Jesus become irrelevant?????

    You don’t change the message so that it appeals to the masses. We need to lift up Jesus. As HE is lifted up, He will draw people unto Himself. That won’t happen when churches water down the Gospel so as to not be offensive and then add all the lights, music, multimedia, etc., just to attract crowds. I have nothing against modern technology in church but when it’s done in conjunction with watering down the Gospel and then using the lame argument to justify it, which says, “if we can just get them into the church, then we can minister to them”, it is sinful, deceitful, and counterproductive. The end does NOT justify the means. People will see right through the “bait and switch” tactics and leave with a foul taste in their mouth concerning the Gospel.

    There is a church here in town where I live that has all the big lights, fancy music, rocking worship band, ad nauseam, but in listening to that pastor for about a year, I NEVER ONCE heard how I could be saved. I heard about sports, social activism, programs, sports, food, sports, new music, sports, endorsements for heretical teachers such as Perry Noble, sports, and did I mention sports?? It’s the poster child church for the Laodicean church in Revelation. People will go there for years and if things don’t change, they will be eternally lost because they won’t hear about Jesus and how to be saved and live for the Lord. Needless to say, we left. The pastor is a great guy but sadly, is a poor excuse for a pastor. But people have fun there and that’s all that seems to matter. It’s class act entertainment. They’ve become contemporvant.

    In His service,


  8. janejolene

    “Did we not sing new songs? (WIDE, freightened eyes) Did we not preach GRACE? And we told them how much they are loved… We reached OUT to the lost and dying masses! (falling down to their knees with begging hands lifted up) Didn’t we use lights, and music- awesome music? AND we had a coffee bar… just to get… (realizing no smile was forthcoming) And the people came! And we saw many people MOVED… even to TEARS… in our services!!”

    “Depart from Me. I never knew you.”

    We are going to have to get real. And look at the truth. Where is discernment? The relevant “church” is playing games… trying to minister, playing on experiences, and then soothe with empty “grace” messages, rather than present the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ unto REPENTENCE. It is an uncomfortable place to be: faced with your sin. But to those that are being saved- it is the TRUTH that sets them free. The real friend, and the real church… tells the truth.

  9. Heidi Cummins

    Hilarious, but at the same time incredibly sad and pathetic that most attendees at these types of churches will not even recognize that God has left the building….

    ….no actually, God was never there to begin with.

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