Manasseh Jordan is Now Drawing Prophetic Portraits

In this photo on Flickr, E. Bernard Jordan posts a picture of his son, Manasseh Jordan, with this caption:

 Witness a “Prophetic Phenomenon” as The Young Prophet Draws “Prophetic Portraits” …

Drawing Your Future as He is led by The “Hand of God”  (Source)

Notice Jordan uses “He,” capital “H,” when referring to his son.  Jordan has long preached that he is a god.  He refers to his son in the same way, apparently.

Folks, if you follow this wickedness, you do so at your own peril.  God told us what He wants us to know about the future in His holy Word.  Anything else in our daily walk, we have to learn to walk by faith and trust Him.  He revealed and glorified Himself through His Son, Christ Jesus.  Seeking out any revelation beyond what God has given us in the Bible is sinful and is considered seeking out people with familiar spirits.  Here is what God says about that:

Deuteronomy 18:10-12:

10  There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
11  Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
12  For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

If God considered it an abomination then, He does now.  He hasn’t changed His mind about that.  Seeking out fortune tellers is the same as saying you don’t trust God, whether you know it or not.  Can He lead you or not?  Will He care for you or not?  Are you satisfied with what He has told you in His Word, or are you seeking to know things He chose not to reveal to you?

Think about this stuff people!

(HT:  Bud Press)

17 thoughts on “Manasseh Jordan is Now Drawing Prophetic Portraits

  1. Robin

    I’m not sure the capital H means much when most words in this title-like caption are capitalized. A little straining at gnats?

    1. Chrystal Post author


      You wouldn’t be so quick to accuse of us straigning at a gnat if you knew just how compelling that big “H” is. It says a lot! Please refer to Bud Press’s post above and do a little more research before posting.

  2. Bud Press

    As Chrystal pointed out, E. (Elijah) Bernard Jordan is Manasseh Jordan’s father. According to E. Bernard Jordan’s website:

    “In the year of 1997, God began a new thing in the life of Bishop Mar Elijah Bernard Jordan. God gave him a burden to raise up 300 Prophets (termed ‘Neophytes’) before the turn of the New Millennium. Hence, the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah was born, and 300 Prophets-in-training called ‘Neophytes’ would become the foundation stones.

    “Mar Elijah flows with the wisdom and insight of the prophet Daniel, of whom the Bible says understood all the sciences. In their time and season, Moses and Joseph also understood the prophetic sciences of their day, enabling them to overcome their obstacles. The Neophytes under The Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah are trained not only to hear the voice of God and articulate it accurately, but are taught scientific ways of mind renewal and development using the Word of God and proven technique sciences. [“About Bishop Jordan,” ]

    And who is a “Neophyte” in the “Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah (or P.O.M.E.) and a dedicated supporter of his father’s teachings and writings? Manasseh Jordan.

    Source: (notice the Links on the right side of the page).

    The following quote is from E. Bernard Jordan’s book, “The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity.” The quote says a mouthful, and provides a brief glimpse into what Manasseh Jordan has been exposed to for years:

    “I learned much about my faith and the words of the Lord at the feet of the great Reverend Ike, who was and is as charismatic a man as ever stepped to the front of a church. Rev. Ike understood the paradox of man being god. Once, a parishioner, taken aback by what he saw as Rev. Ike’s ego, said, ‘Reverend Ike thinks he’s God!’ And Rev. Ike turned and shouted, ‘No! God thinks He is me!’ That’s a perfect comeback, but also a perfect message. The idea that there is any separation between you and God is patently false. You are God’s expression. He cannot exist on this plane without you. That is why you were created. As the son is the expression of the father, you are the expression of God. You are the same.” [E. Bernard Jordan, “The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity,” Hay House Publishers, Inc., 2006, p. 30, book on file]

    There was no limit to Rev. Ike’s blasphemy. Prior to his death, he claimed to be “God.” Here is an excerpt from one of Rev. Ike’s messages, beginning at 1:32 into the video:

    “The mark is the absolute realization–I am God! And there is none beside me. It is absolute self-conscious oneness with God. Oh my goodness, such heresy.”


    E. Bernard Jordan considered Rev. Ike his mentor, and took the “I am God” blasphemy and ran with it. Here are two more quotes from Jordon’s book, “The Laws of Thinking”:

    — “WHEN YOU DECLARE ‘I AM,’ YOU BECOME GOD.” (p. 2, emp. theirs)
    — “Your purpose is to become god.” (p. 14)

    People who claim to be a “god” or “God” are not only preoccupied with themselves, they have an inner-desire to be worshipped–which is what got Lucifer booted out of heaven. Sound familiar? Lucifer tried to make himself “like the Most High” but failed miserably (Isaiah 14:11-15). And, that man can be “like God” is straight from the serpent’s lying tongue in Genesis 3:5.

    Sadly, there are people who actually believe the corrupt teachings of Rev. Ike and E. Bernard Jordan.

    But thousands of years ago, the God of the Bible laid to rest the idea that man can be “God”:

    “You are My witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and My servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, and there will be none after Me. I, even I, am the LORD, and there is no savior besides Me” (Isaiah 43:10-11).

    Praise God for the truth of His word!

    Bud Press

  3. Robert L.

    Heres another remark :

    I saw that man Bishop Jordan on TV so I went to the website and registered a few years ago. Goodness grief I started getting emails asking me to send money for a prophetic reading. I use the term profit because each email had a larger amount of donation asked for. It went from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    Oh how I missed out on my life’s treasure and my true purpose in life because I didn’t send in an offering/payment. When speaking to another woman she said she made the mistake of donating to one TV person and she was told she was going to face ruin if she did not send in more money. Last time either one of us fell for the sham of these fools.

    From his website:

    The Prophetic Inner Circle
    For a seed of $3,000.00 you will experience the benefits of prophetic one on one coaching, direction and guidance till the end of 2006.

    In other words, if you have enough money to hit me up with 3 stacks I am gonna call you personally and see how deep your pockets really are.

  4. Robert L.

    It never ceases to amaze me that people would rather flock to hear glad tidings from a false prophet than open their Bibles, and get on their knees, in order to seek the Lord. But God’s timing often times does not mesh with people’s timing, and we would rather hear a ” prophetic word ” allowing us to do something that the *Bible already adresses and clearly does not condone. Sadly, this is how so many people get into trouble, blaming God later for their misery, a decision He was clearly not involved with from the beginning. And so the blind will continue to lead the blind.

    *Bible – please note, by Bible, I mean a good old fashioned version ( KJV ) or amplified version ; and not the Ken Copeland New Amplified Version, full of his bias and fabricated nonsense.

    Incidentally, just a thought, but does anyone know if Manasseh Jordan has had any kind of Bible training ? Did he even take a refresher course a a Bible college ? That seems to be the common thread that runs through all these so called ‘” Bible teachers “…..

  5. Robin


    Not to worry. I’ve been aware of this snake-in-the-grass Bernard Jordan for many years.

    My point is that in on-line blogs, it is distracting to focus on something as insignificant as a capitalized letter, unless can demonstrate (or document) it’s significance, rather than just make an innuendo as to it’s meaning. It’s is distracting, and somewhat undermines the true significance of the issues you are trying to address.

    All the best,


    1. Chrystal Post author

      Hi, Robin!

      I know focusing on a capitalized letter may seem trivial, but not when you consider that E. Bernard Jordan teaches and believes that he is the “I Am.” God. He has taught Manasseh that as well. So, that capitalized “He” is not a coincidence or a typo.

  6. WatEenZooitje

    “A Prophetic Phenomenon”???. Since when are people able to decide if a person is a phenomenon outside proven skills or talent. I mean, Tiger Woods is a golf phenomenon, Michael Jackson was a singing and dancing phenomenon, the Williams sisters are tennis phenomenons but this guy, I don’t know him. He has not proven anything yet and besides that, if you are a real prophet that lives in the order of Jesus Christ, then you are not seeking attention because it might cause you to stumble or to have arrogant behaviour. The biggest prophet of all, The Lord Jesus Christ mostly evade any public attention concerning person glorification and when the time was ripe to do so, He got a “reward” in the form of a cross and ultimately death.

    This is an other example from the apostate church. It has really nothing to do with the real gospel of Jesus Christ but more with MeMyself&I. Todd Bentley, Joshua Mills, John Crowder and this fellow….if they are the new breed who will bring The Revival to this earth, then I really doesn’t want to do anything with them or the NAR bunch. I rather stay as a non-interesting person but faithful to The Word of God and Jesus Christ’s real gospel.

  7. Robin


    I don’t disagree. I appreciate the added explanations that you and Bud have provided.


    PS. I really do think grammar is important, as it does communicate a message. (And then I re-read my last post and blushed…did I forget to proofread?)

  8. Denise

    It seems this occultic practice is going around (or they merely steal from each other): Ken Silva reports:


    According to the current CBA Best Sellers list from The Association For Christian Retail the number one book is Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young. We find real cause for concern as we read under Product Description:

    ‘After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to “listen” to God with pen in hand, writing down whatever she believed He was saying to her. It was awkward at first, but gradually her journaling changed from monologue to dialogue.

    She knew her writings were not inspired as Scripture is, but they were helping her grow closer to God. Others were blessed as she shared her writings, until people all over the world were using her messages. They are written from Jesus’ point of view, thus the title Jesus Calling. It is Sarah’s fervent prayer that our Savior may bless you with His presence and His peace in ever deeper measure.’ (Online source, emphasis mine)

    Did you catch that; what she “felt” God was saying to her, but how can she know? Answer: She doesn’t. How does she know her journaling, which is nowhere mentioned in the Bible as a means of grace, was “a dialogue?” Answer: She doesn’t. And we get this caveat in “her writings were not as inspired as Scripture.” The questions we need to ask are: Does God speak non-authoritatively? And then which parts of her book are inspired?

    End quote.

  9. Demetrius

    Sounds new age to me and very much like Automatic writing. I wonder if these guys ever heard of a bible.

  10. Mike L.

    It’s automatic writing and it’s demonic. It requires releasing your mind and letting “the spirits” move you. She just labeled it “Christian” and now more sheeple think it’s ok because they are ignorant about such things.

    In His service,


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