An Angel Plays with Bobby Conner’s Wind Chimes

Bobby Conner tells a couple of stories about angelic encounters in this video.  In the first story, Conner conveys how an angel made his wind chimes play “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.”

In the second one, Conner hears a sound like a jet plane and says he saw an angel barrel through the clouds and bellow, “Prepare the chariot of the King!  Prepare the King’s Chariot.”  He translates that by saying you are the chariot of the King.

I haven’t found book, chapter, and verse for this, and I won’t either.  Neither will you.  This can only be found in Conner’s fanciful imagination – not in the Bible.

God spent many centuries conveying His Word through the prophets, apostles, and other Bible writers and with the direction of the Holy Spirit, it will lead us into all truth.  Charismatic tall tales aren’t necessary if you have a heart that hungers for truth.  If indeed you do seek truth, stay clear of nonsense like this.  You won’t find truth there.

5 thoughts on “An Angel Plays with Bobby Conner’s Wind Chimes

  1. Mike L.

    Chrystal, Chrystal, Chrystal….I’m very disappointed in you. The passage indicating that angels appear like jet planes is found in two books of Bobby’s bible……

    1st Impressions is the first book.
    2nd Opinions is the second book.

    In His service,


  2. Mike L.

    It’s in that middle section that we don’t have. It’s called the Hypocripha or something like that. :-)

  3. Mike L.

    I just had to share this with you all. I was sitting here in my home office working on my Daniel study that I’ll be teaching for the next 12 weeks or so and suddenly an angel appeared and caused my computer fans to change pitch and play Amazing Grace!! How cool is that? I thought it was just a fluke but then gold dust started to come out of my DVD player, my iPod became prophetic, the picture of my wife and I suddenly changed and our teeth were whiter, an International Banker angel showed up and balanced my checkbook, a mint-green angel gave me a Chicklet, and my speakers started playing by themselves….they kept playing a sound track that repeated “Shakabonky” over and over again!!!!

    I am just beside myself with glee. God really must be doing a “new thing” that He hasn’t revealed in His Word. He must be moving in ways never heard of in all of history. I think perhaps He is trying to make Himself “relevant” for today. I think He is saying that the old ways of sharing are going away. He would like to see us open more Starbucks shops in our churches, play louder music, become more and more like the world so that we can reach those who are “misunderstood.” And I think He must have changed His mind about homosexuality and sin because all of these “educated” pastors and teachers nowadays are saying that it’s OK to live that way. The Scriptures have been wrong all along.

    Isn’t it excited to know that we can be a part of the “new” way of doing business? God doesn’t have to be “out of date” and “out of touch” anymore.

    Ok. So I had a streak of sarcasm come over me this morning. I think my wife tried some new kind of creamer in my coffee and I’m going to blame it on the creamer. And I think the Lord woke me up last night at 1:30 AM to pray. I prayed for two hours and then went back to bed so I’m a bit tired too. I think I’m just going to set up a coffee I.V. and call it good!! :-)

    And now, back to your regularly scheduled program!!

    Grace and peace to all!

    In His service,


  4. Stan

    Good one Mike. This stuff needs all the satire it can get. The fatal flaws of their phony mysticism needs to be exposed. Hopefully, the unsuspecting, misled ones who truly love God but who are currently caught in the teeth of these lions, will receive repentance unto the acknowledging of the truth.


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