Federal Judge Rules “National Day of Prayer” Unconstitutional

A liberal federal judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the “National Day of Prayer” is unconstitutional.

America – land of the free (as long as you aren’t a Christian) and the home of the increasingly Godless. 

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9 thoughts on “Federal Judge Rules “National Day of Prayer” Unconstitutional

  1. Mike L.

    I wonder when Obama will institute the National Day of Islam in place of the NDOP. Next thing you know, he’ll get a Nebuchadnezzar complex and make a statue of himself and when the trumpets blow, people will be expected to bow down and worship his image.

  2. Jay Wingard

    This probably isn’t going to be popular but here goes:
    Why should we as Christians be so on fire for a “National Day of Prayer”? Where is this concept Biblically? As Christians aren’t we a universal body of Christ that should be praying without ceasing? Shouldn’t our drive be to go therefore and make disciples through the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Are we fighting the wrong battles here? While some may argue that America was founded on Christian principles it is quite obvious that America is far from being a Christian nation. The US is about as pagan as it gets. Gloriously there are Christians in the nation just as we are called to be light in a dark world. In fact, is there or can there truly even be such a thing as a “Christian nation”?

    Maybe I am waaay off here but this is just my initial thoughts on this whole day of prayer concept. 😉

    Soli Deo Gloria!

    1. Chrystal Post author


      It’s the fact that we are watching our religious liberty being taken away one piece at a time. That’s the point.

  3. Seeking Disciple

    And yet we will be like Daniel and still pray. May God have mercy on this nation as it turns further and further toward socialism, communism, and complete secularism that only the emergents would be proud of.

  4. cherylu


    I am also concerned about our religious liberties being taken away. However, for the last few years I have been quite concerned about this whole National Day of Prayer concept as we have observed it. As some one mentioned above, in the last years it has become quite interfaith. And, as I remember it, the proclamation made by Congress is that people of ALL faiths should pray on that day for our country. As such it is an interfaith proclamation. I can’t help but wonder what business we have as Christians in joining with people of all other faiths to pray for our country? Is that not a form of being yoked with those that don’t worship God through Jesus Christ? Would it not be better for us as Christians to simply obey the command God gives in His Word and to pray for all people including those in authority each and every day? Why do we follow a government proclamation to do so and and in the process yoke ourselves with those that don’t believe in Jesus?

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Hi cherylu. Please hear my heart on this.

      Yes, it has become interfaith, but I don’t want to see any religious liberty taken away, no matter what ecumenical road it goes down. We in America are free to exercise faith, no matter what that faith is. If we become okay with the government taking away our free practice of it, then we have no room to revolt when it is eventually outlawed.

      I detest false religions, but know that in America we are free to practice religion whatever that religion may be. I’m not cool with the fact that religious liberty can be taken away just because some evangelicals apostasize and become ecumenical. This is about freedom! If it’s taken away from the apostates, we are not exempt…it’s taken away from us as well.

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