Manasseh Jordan Prophesies Over Paul Crouch

In this video, Manasseh Jordan prophesies a gold tooth for one special person in the audience, and then he prophesies over Paul Crouch, who is sitting behind him on stage.  He prophesies that he sees a studio in the Middle East for Crouch, and then he says God is healing Crouch in the kidney to the prostate area.

For a 19-year-old, Manasseh Jordan is rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in Word of Faith.  Benny Hinn.  Paul Crouch.  With their seal of approval, there is nothing but charismatic success in the future for him.  Crouch and Hinn’s audiences, which number in the millions, will accept him, no questions asked, and it’s all because Hinn and Crouch are giving him credibility by promoting him.

We haven’t seen the last of Manasseh Jordan, that’s for sure.

11 thoughts on “Manasseh Jordan Prophesies Over Paul Crouch

  1. annunk

    Not by accident, I do not follow Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, anything Word of Faith or anyone connected with Word of Faith. Too much trouble trying to distinguish between bay and bath water.

    My question is this: How does this Manasseh Jordan treat the blood of Jesus? Is he of the “we are little gods” camp? Does he believe that Jesus lost His godhood while he went into hell (Kenneth Copeland)?

    1. Chrystal Post author

      He hasn’t been around long enough yet to discern everything he believes, but he was raised by E. Bernard Jordan who says he is God. That doesn’t bode well for Manasseh being Biblically correct.

  2. Jimmie Krack Korn

    It is not just Benny and Paul…you watch. Manasseh will be invited to countless WoF churches for conferences and seminars and special appearances. Probably most of the churches that count themselves as TBN Family Churches. Jesse Duplaintis’ church, Ron Carpenter’s church, Rod Parsley’s church, Jentezen Franklin’s church, etc. ect. Each time he will probably walk out with at least 20K for the night. What TBN and it’s own family does…is exactly like what Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson, Dutch Sheets do. They stick tight, and support each other…but NO one else really. Just the little group.
    Paul Crouch is the ring leader of that crowd. Benny would not be Benny without the stage support and opportunity to correct HIS ENDLESS biblical errors…. that Paul gives him, as well as Paul being the attack dog for anyone who disagrees with Benny Hinn.
    Benny is probably Manasseh’s handler. Maybe Paul is. Either way it is exactly like the owners of the little slave girl with the python spirit in Acts 16. Paul and/or Benny will pimp Manasseh in order to increase “sells” donations, and in return they will cover for his biblical inaccuracies, and attack all his distractors.
    This is a billion dollar game for these people. There is no bigger money game on TV. The bible talks about God’s people being made “merchandise” and that is exactly what is happening.
    It is one giant con…straight from the pits of hell…and you need to warn everyone you know that believes this deception…or they WILL be led astray.
    I recently left a TBN Family Church just because of the close associations between the pastor of this church who is a mainstay on TBN and the likes of Paul and Jan and Benny etc. I thank God everyday that He opened my eyes.
    Like Jesus said in Matt. 24 (4 times he said it) WATCH OUT !!!!!

  3. Robert Winkler Burke

    Here’s my wide-angle perspective:

    The world is suffering under LORDS of hidden slavery that employ ancient Mystic Tyranny.

    Mystic Tyranny comes in three main flavors: Tribal, Political and Clerical.

    Since this is a religious post, let’s deal with Clerical Mystic Tyranny:
    #1) TBN offers word-of-the-lord misguided empowerment through a) Rapture lies, b) Prosperity lies and c) every other soft-tyranny lies. (Lies obtain funds to further pen sheep!) (Mucked-brain tyranny!)
    #2) The prophets of the USA are crazy with jabberwocky strange-fire. (See Patricia King, Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner, Manesseh, et al.) This is another form of muck-brained tyranny penning sheep!
    #3) The rest of non-orthodox Christianity makes no comment or opposition or cogent remands against such BLATANT CLERICAL MYSTIC TYRANNY. The prideful can’t see through the fog of wiles from demagogue church shenanigans!

    The answer against global clerical mystic tyranny is three-fold: a) Return to some forms of cogent orthodoxy (repent of loving lies and lie-doctrines!) ; b) Try to understand which is a prophetic voice of cogency, sanity, maturity and denouement restoration to manifest behavior and c) Any other ameliorative restoration towards intelligent Greek/Jewish/Gothic Christian tragic-view-of-mankind (that he and his institutions sin, yet are capable of great and good God-bearing light!!!)

    The answer against global political mystic tyranny is a) Western Enlightenment education immersing thought of truths that we live in a tragic world wherein man and his institutions sin!) (Again, Greek/Jewish/Gothic-Christian viewpoints) and b) The three founding documents of the USA — Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Bill of Rights (which point toward a limited three-part self-checking yet always small (never big) government and c) understanding liberty is based upon mutual dedication to self-restraint (that at its core, liberty requires self-sacrifice (DEATH TO SELF!)

    The answer against tribal mystic tyranny is to fundamentally understand the sins of power. Whether it is Kenneth Copeland or Adolf Hitler or a jungle cannibal, power corrupts and hires its own favored butt-kissers, hires its own relatives and desires to always fly above us in outrageous luxury and indifference to the plebes who pay! The TBN family LOVES its jets, power and money no less than any Third World Dictator. The answer against tribal mystic tyranny is to un-plebe ourselves out of their hidden, wile, shenanigan, demagogue ways! (The ways that make for great TV!)

    The internet, imbued of God’s truth, will be our salvation!

    Problem is now, no true or few true clerical leaders or followers will listen, abide or enlist in such a wide-angle view that the problem of universal socialism and its hidden enslavement is from the triumvirate of tribal, political and clerical mystic tyranny.

    So nobody or few bodies will salute this cogency. It’ll take more global pain and suffering to see more wide-angle truth…. And that’s too bad! But truth always wins in the end.

  4. modicia

    The bible say that on the last day he will pour his “spirit upon all flesh”, that young men, and young women, will prophesy, and we are seeing it right now. God words have to fulfill, this is the Joshua generation and we should be glad to see how God is using this young man. Some of you people are so self righteous why not ask God to use you or your children, and grand children, for his honor and glory, instead of bad mouthing young Manasseh. This is a child born for such a time like this . Did you all know that nineteen years ago Benny Hinn prophesy over his mother and tell her that she will have a son and she will name him Manasseh? and she was upset with Benny Hinn because she did not want anymore children, but when God involved in something no devil in hell can stop it.I pray that God will take him higher and keep him from evil.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Hello modicia.

      Yes, the Bible does say that God will pour out His spirit on all flesh, and it was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost.

      I’m not happy to see how this young man is being used because it is not God who is using him. Manasseh’s birth being prophesied by Benny Hinn is not proof that he is of God. The doctrine he teaches is what is to be weighed. Because his doctrine is false, he is a false teacher and a false prophet.

      As for the prophecy of his birth, that doesn’t impress me much because the prophet who prophesied it has been proven false time after time. It would be easy to get a prophecy from someone and then fulfill it yourself. Don’t follow signs and wonders, follow Scripture. It proves they are lacking.

  5. Chris

    You Complain that the Prophet doesn’t preach the Gospel in both of the videos from Phoenix you posted.
    But what you don’t post is the video of the Gospel being preached hours before the prophet came to minister..

    Here is video from the Crusade from Phoenix of Benny Hinn Preaching the Gospel of Jesus!

    1. Chrystal Post author

      The “Prophet”???? That can’t be said of either Jordan or Hinn.

      Hinn has been proven time and again to be a false prophet. That is a proven fact.

      And as for his preaching, that doesn’t prove he is a minister of God. Jesus said many would say to Him in that day, “Did we not prophesy in your name and cast out devils in your name,” and He said He would tell them to depart because He never knew them.

      When Benny Hinn spoke out against the Lakeland revival (long after it safely ended), he said that if anyone heard him say he talked to angels to get up and leave his meetings immediately, yet he has had a man on his show who claimed to have angelic visitations.

      When Hinn prophesied that the homosexual population was going to be destroyed by the mid-nineteen nineties, that obviously did not come to pass. He prophesied Castro would die in the nineties…that didn’t happen either. What can be said to that other than he is a false prophet, and if a false prophet, he is not a minister of God.

      Click this link for further information:

      Now, do these messages nullify the mysticism and the false prophecies given in the same service? NO!

      Light and darkness can not mix. Hinn can not be both a false prophet and a prophet of God.

  6. Jimmie Krack Korn

    In Acts 2:16 Peter tells those outside who all came because the heard the noise, that “This is what the prophet Joel spoke of when he said…And in the last days….(and so on) ” Peter did 2 things with that statement. He declare that the last days started on the day of Pentecost, and he CLAIMED the Joel 2:28 prophecy fulfilled! Pentecostal preachers that want more power and a larger audience love to preach Joel 2:28 as if it has yet to be fulfilled. Peter did that. It can not be fulfilled twice. Just like Jesus can not die twice. They are preaching a false gospel to get you excited to send in money!

    You mentioned Benny’s prophecies over his mother A. I trust these guys so little if there isn’t video evidence I don’t believe it. They would collude on a lie if it brought them more money. B. Satan has servants who appear as ministers of righteousness. Islamic clerics prophecy, voodoo witch doctors prophecy, shaman, witches, satanists, occultists, high ranking Luciferians ALL PROPHECY.
    It means nothing Modicia if it does not benifit Gods church on Earth and is accountable to the scriptures. Benny Hinn and Mannaseh do neither. Prophecies that claim someone will recieve 550 million dollars has nothing to do with the End Times that we are now living in.
    Benny Hinn has never and I encourage you to research this….Benny has NEVER had a medically proven healing in his 40 year career. That is not bad mouthing…it is fact. Prove me wrong. But don’t tell me your sisters friends cousin knows somebody who got healed of cancer at a Benny Hinn rally. Show medically documented evidence that someone has been healed. The evidence does not exist.

    Modicia, there is a terrible prophecy that Paul spoke of in 2 thess 2 that goes like this: The coming of the lawless one (the anti-christ) will be in accordance with the working of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfiet miracles, signs and wonders. (think of Manasseh) and in every sort of evil that decieves those who are perishing. (those who believe the deception that these false prophets are using…are perishing…they are hellbound) They perish (those that believe the false miracle workers) because they refused to love the truth…(Joel 2 has already been fulfilled…for one) and so be saved. For this reason God sends them (those who are seeking false prosperity messages and false healing ministries) a powerful delusion (this comes from God to all those involved in false ministries….preachers and congregation, supporters, and believers in the false ministries) so that they will believe the lie…(such as healings are taking place when actually NONE are…that you can get rich through the false prophest when actually none do) and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness…(celebrating and financially supporting false prophets).
    God will not tolerate these false preachers for ever. They can not heal you…and they can not make you rich.

  7. Robert Winkler Burke

    Philologically, Hinn’s crusade shenanigans are of interest. #1) He ALONE wears the WHITE SUIT of POWER (ooh, ooh, ooh!), #2) He on-purpose mispronounces the last word of his big-drama-but old-hat-old-mesmerizling………(pause, pause, pause) SENTENCE-AH-AH-AH (i.e. “flame-zah, tongue-ah, described-dah, fire-ah-ah, thoughts-s-s-s-s-s-, holiness-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-ah, cross-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-), then he hits the flakey doctrines hard #3) rapture, #4) Eternal Security #5) quotes rebuking and correcting scripture in the face of his ministry of never-ever-been-able-to-take-a-rebuke-or-correction since he loves keeping his ministry finances dark while living in high and excessive luxury from widow’s mite donations #6) he stare down the other pastors who learn to be demagogic #7) He builds and builds and builds on this mind-numbing, hypnotic system of demagoguery…. so the next political thug can take what’s left of our enslaved-by-rich miserable lives of mental debilitating, such that #8) We are primitive of mind and easy to pen and easy to shear and #8) zombie apologists for the elite crowd-control hypnotists. IT’S A GREAT SYSTEM OF BEGUILEMENT REQUIRING SUB-EDUCATED sheep.

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