Joshua Mills: Teeth Whitening Miracle

Joshua Mills is …well… to put it mildly… given over to spinning yarns!  Look folks, there comes a point where things become so ridiculous that you pretty much know that if people can actually take leave of their senses and believe things as preposterous as what Joshua Mills claims, then they get what they deserve. 

Remember the time he said he and some friends were approached by an angel in Auckland, New Zealand, and were given golden leaves from the Tree of Life in Heaven, and they were told to eat them?  As a result of eating the leaves, they were refreshed, rejuvenated, and couldn’t sleep.  They climbed up to the top of a volcano instead of sleeping, and then went into the meeting the next night.  He likened it to when Elijah was given the cake that gave him strength for 40 days.  He says they were able to bring some of those leaves back home and give them to people who needed to be strengthened and refreshed.  I’m not even going to bother quoting the verses in Genesis where it says Cherubim are guarding the way to the tree of life and man was kept away from it lest he eat of it and LIVE FOREVER!  

But, I digress.  This isn’t about that yarn, this is a new yarn, and it’s minty clean and dazzling!  In the video below, Joshua Mills claims that at an event in New Zealand, a lady had a teeth-whitening miracle!  After smelling a fragrance of toothpaste, a lady’s teeth were miraculously whitened!  I’m not kidding.  It’s true because Joshua Mills said so and you have to believe him because this is the man whos water turned to wine, who ate from the tree of life, and who has angelic encounters on a regular basis!

In the video, Mills not only talks about a teeth whitening miracle, he claims people will start to be carried in the spiritual realm to different countries, a well as different realms of glory.  (Astral projection.)

There’s so much hocus pocus going on, and each so-called miracle gets more elaborate than the one before it.  Isn’t it sad that Christ and Him crucified isn’t enough for these folks?  They need a supernatural experience to keep their relationship with God fresh and meaningful.  It doesn’t take faith to have supernatural experiences, it takes deception.  Real faith is when your life blows up around your ears and you still have the strength to bow your knees and say, “God, you are good.”

I’ll take that over whiter teeth and trips to Portugal any day.

50 thoughts on “Joshua Mills: Teeth Whitening Miracle

  1. Robert Winkler Burke

    Listen to Josh Mills’ voice. It is the voice that the Holy Spirit does not confirm.

    It is the voice of a deceiver. No power in the voice, just deception.

    Any playwright, any person who selects the cast in a movie, they also would hear the weak-voice.

    Do you?

  2. Robert L.

    I wanna go to one of his meetings and get my teeth whitened. I wonder if they get cleaned and flossed at the same time ?

    You wonder what kind of people fall for this stuff ( hundreds and thousands )

    I sometimes attend a little country church where the travelling preacher talks about sin and repentence, and turning from our wicked ways. I can sometimes count the attendees on my fingers and toes. Guess its just not exciting enuff to talk about heaven’s entrance requirements anymore, people would rather get excited about having a nice smile.

  3. Bill Fawcett

    Of course, for an old fart like me, yellow teeth are the natural condition dictated by God’s design.:)

    “Vapor of vapors and futility of futilities, says the Preacher. Vapor of vapors and futility of futilities! All is vanity (emptiness, falsity, and vainglory).”

    Up all night? Hmmm. Me thinks he’s been chewing on quite a few Cocoa leaves.

    “Honest Officer, an angel gave us those leaves….”

  4. Mike L

    Unreal. I just have to throw my hands up in the air in total disbelief when I consider that people actually BELIEVE this stuff. It’s so sad. The deception is unbelievable and on levels I have never seen. This smorgasbord of ideas, myths, and superstitions, coupled with snake oil salesman like this reprobate, is enough to make me have to go back to the airlines for some more vomit bags.

    These fictional gospels and blatant lies will surely incur the unimaginable wrath of God when the cup of His wrath is full. The evangelical church is full of false teachers, doctrinal saboteurs, and spiritual terrorists.

    I was talking to my pastor the other day and I expressed to him that I wish I could be in the discernment ministry full-time, teaching and admonishing believers in doctrinal truth so that they would be thoroughly equipped to recognize error. I’m no expert but even the one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind. I would love to be able to spend time teaching doctrine and discernment. I attend a Calvary Chapel church and the CC methodology for preaching is to go book by book. I like that but I see an inherent weakness in it because it doesn’t deal with doctrine in what I would consider an efficient and effective manner.

    Be that as it may, I hope the Lord will reveal His plans for me as I wait upon Him. I’m kind of in limbo at the moment.

    In His service,


  5. Ron Larson

    He is extremely effeminate, close your eyes and you would think this is a woman who chronically smoked 2 packs of Camel straights for 20 years…..jsut alot of blah, blah, blah.

  6. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    To Sergio,

    Dear, dear funny fellow! I laughed sooo hard.

    We really need some laughs in these crazy, nutty and uncertain times.

    That was priceless, buddy!

    PS- I am still cracking up. Thank God we have the graciousness of the site host to be goofy and silly. Rev. K

  7. Julie

    Shoot, I can get white teeth by making a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and rubbing it on them. No donations required.

  8. Brian of the Hill People

    Ludicrous and evil.

    Quick points to consider for even the most basic of attempts at discerning of what spirit this guy is of:

    1) Where is Jesus Christ, the Radiance of the Glory of God, mentioned at all (and by extension, the Gospel)? Christ is the reason for all things. If He is missing, it is not of His Spirit.

    2) If God is God, then one does not ‘let’ God do anything. As God, His sovereign and almighty perogative is to do whatsoever He pleases in heaven and on earth, as He Himself declares more than once in the Word.

    3) Ezekiel was lifted up by the Spirit because, like other saints before him, merely seeing a vision of the glory of God causes him to lose all strength by the recognition of God’s awesome and utter holiness and his own inadequacy and unworthiness before Him. Like Isaiah, he was ‘undone’.

    4) Miracles worked among crowds authenticate the message (and the messenger) and are never the point in and of themselves. And the message, post-Calvary, is the Gospel, which I already mentioned was missing. Jesus’ miracles authenticated His claim to be the Son of Man found in Ezekiel (for ‘son of man’ in the OT had two meanings: any man, or the Man Who would come, determined by the context of the passage, and Christ is obviously this second reference).

    5) God never slays anyone ‘in the spirit’. Man is already spiritually dead. Those called to repentence and faith in Christ are made alive by the Spirit. The only slaying God calls us to is to pick up our crosses and follow the Good Shepherd, which is to crucify our fleshly nature (denying ourselves).

    6) The one clear account of a saint being called up to the third heaven (the first heaven is our sky, the second is our starry space, the third is the abode of the throne of God) that was not clearly stated to be only a vision, is of the Apostle Paul. He did not brag of it, intimate that it was a common experience, or even care to speak about any of the details of the experience. It also did not happen repeatedly but once. By context it can be concluded that he was called up to witness Christ Himself and learn from Him directly, as was a qualification the other 11 apostles already had. This was Paul’s ‘being born out of season’.

    7) The Word speaks of only 2 translations Enoch and Elijah and one of those, Enoch, is concluded from context, not directly stated. There are actually more resurrections spoken of in the Word than translations. What this fellow probably meant was transfiguration, as Jesus did on the mount. Either way, it is not a willy nilly, free for all experience that regularly comes with your super-christ-follower badge and secret new-age decoder ring.

    There is more but this post is getting long already. I suppose it is basic human pride I need to repent of to find it difficult that anybody could such blatant deception. A Joel Osteen is far more subtle in his heresy. This guy is like heresy pre-school. And yet, it is the judgement of God to cause people to heap up to themselves false teachers and false prophets.

    And were it not for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we too would still be decieved, if not by this, then by something else, anything else, other than the truth of the Gospel. Having eyes we would not see and having ears we would not hear. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave His only-begotten from in His own bossom to be propitiation of of His just wrath against us and the atonement for our inquities. However idiotic the heresy, let us have compassion for those who are decieved as we once were because but for the grace of God, it would be us ‘waiting for the glory to fall on us’.

  9. Grant

    The minty green prosperity angel imparts yet another amazing benefit from a bag of goodies (not to mention heavenly york peppermint patties)

  10. jude newman

    This guy needs to be transported bodily with a one way ticket to Pakistan or some other country where Christians are severely persecuted and martyred for their faith. See how his false god protects his pearly whites then. He is an insult to Christianity. He does not know the creator God of the bible. Arrrg! they make me so cranky. Is this why Jesus died on the cross so we can have white teeth, fake gold dust, fake gems,angels feathers etc.

  11. Mike A

    Real faith is when your life blows up around your ears and you still have the strength to bow your knees and say, “God, you are good.” – Well said.

    Paul could not speak of the 3rd heaven – why should anyone else? Ezekiel had a vision, not a teleportation. I think I will stop there. This is crazy; most that vjiew this site are in agreement, so it is not necessary to tell YOU ALL what is wrong with this picture.

    Again – Real faith is when your life blows up around your ears and you still have the strength to bow your knees and say, “God, you are good.” – so true. Thanks Chrystal.

  12. rick

    I remember a time in Vermont when Josh was just getting started, it was at the White Horse Cafe. We had just dined on manna provided by an old couple, I forget their names now but this manna supposedly manifested before each meeting between the pages of their bible at Rev.2:17. Later, Josh was getting gold dust all over himself and everything else and the folks just ate it up.

    This was a wonderful time for my wife and I because we got to see the antics of Joshua, Jeff Jensen, David Herzog and a few others. They fell flat on their faces.

    Jensen was confronted by two young brothers, he had prayed for in the afternoon session. They wanted their eyes to be healed and they upset that nothing happened. When they started calling Jensen out he fell back on the “get behind me satan”, line.

    It was really funny.

    Then at an evening session David Herzog was calling down the glory. You have to be in the glory to be healed, don’t you know? Anyways, this woman who had been pushed to the front for healing was addressed by Herzog and told she had just missed the glory cloud so he would not be able to help her but if she came early the next night she would be in the glory and God would be able to help her. Of course by then David would be long gone.

    It was a wonderful wake up call as to how phony this whole bunch are.

    We also got a really good room rate which must have been a miracle because the owners were from India.

  13. Eli

    “”Real faith is when your life blows up around your ears and you still have the strength to bow your knees and say, “God, you are good.” ”

    Amen sister….amen.

    Isn’t he the same dude that had is shades returned to him by a fish??

  14. Eli

    Ok, i went back at watched the video. words just don’t express. He is so obviously under the influence of the satanic, anyone with an ounce of discernemnt could smell the sulfur.

  15. Mike L

    In a nutshell, guys and gals like him are of the same mold that Jesus drove out of the temple because they made it into a den of thieves. Its just pathetic.

    In His service


  16. highrpm

    “”Real faith is when your life blows up around your ears and you still have the strength to bow your knees and say, “God, you are good.” ”

    straight frorm the mouth of job. (after he lost everything–except his wife–in a single day.)

  17. Mickey Merrie

    Lost his wife and kids in one day highrpm….What was he doing, and what were they doing, at the same time, in the middle of the day…Why?!?!

  18. highrpm


    First, I only recently stumbled on this website and I appreciate your postings of the extremes. But the articles seem one-sided, favoring those who pursue the correct interpretation of the written word. Both extremes, holding rigidly to a systematic theology on the one hand or Pentecostal fanaticism on the other seem off. John MacArthur’s uncompromising certainty of the truth comes across as arrogance. And was not John Calvin known as a murderer in defense of the truth? Do not the many denominations prove that the bible is not all that easy to decipher?

    More detail on the garden of eden episode would be nice: eating the forbidden fruit produced some kind of sexual awareness. If man had not eaten it, how would God’s revelation of sexuality differed? Would His way have produced a more balanced sexual behavior, where the male is not overwhelmingly the aggressor? But wondering about unknowns triggers wrath from the experts—the religious teachers of the law. Sorry, their retort that our sin wrought all this brokenness strikes me as too quaint. God’s children and seekers should not let Him off the hook so easily; Job was a good example of that: yes, God finally got through to Job that something bigger was going on, which is God’s prerogative, but we do not have to like it.

    Who likes being caught in a cosmic battle between God and Satan, one that they did not start. Who likes the idea that eating the forbidden fruit introduced a mortal defect into man’s dna—or whatever. Who likes fighting invisible enemies. Who likes the idea that eventually there is going to be the ultimate war in the heavens, one that satan and his forces lose and are thrown down to earth where he unleashes his pathological hatred on the earth and all its creatures. I do not like that my career in the next age may be a staffer in Jesus’ government administration here on earth. (I am not an administrative type.) Living in neverland the next time around is more appealing: the thought of living out fantasies that were unaffordable in this life: I want build and race top fuel dragsters until I get tired of that and then move on to other expensive interests. After all, money will be no object because no one in the next age will love money.

    But, no, apparently children must take what is given them? That is not an attribute of the perfectly loving father.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Well, you can always feel free to start your own blog where you can talk all about how the fall in the garden produced “sexual awareness” and your hopes that Heaven will be like Neverland.

      What I hear you say is, “I want,” “I get tired,” “I am not,” “I do not like.” You have a problem accepting what was told us in God’s Word about what awaits for us in Heaven. Peter said we looked through a glass darkly. We don’t yet know what we shall be, but we shall be like Him. That’s good enough for me because I take Him at His word. The idea of Heaven to you is living out fantsies that were never possible in this life. Seems like your idea of Heaven is not to be with Jesus or to be like Him, but to have a cosmic eternal playground where you can live out and fulfill the lusts of your flesh. If these things are your sole focus, then perhaps you need to go back and re-evaluate.

      Special Note: I just realize how hateful and unloving this post sounds, and I would like to apologize to highrpm for that. I know there are no excuses for my behavior and don’t want to make excuses, but I’m afraid you got caught in the crosshairs of my bad mood this morning (yes, I have them…LOL). I’m fighting pneumonia and pleurisy, and I have pleurisy on both lungs. It’s quite painful, and I was a crank. I’m terribly sorry, and will leave my post above so you can see what I mean. I would still say what I said, but I would say it quite differently if given the opportunity. So, I’m sorry.

  19. Drew | Gold Coast | Australia

    Jesus said, “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

    Joshua Mills is a Wolf.

  20. Berean Gal

    This is beyond words!
    I cannot understand why God doesn’t just
    crush every one of us under His feet…..only because
    of His great mercy!
    Help us, Lord Jesus!

  21. Bud Press


    Good intro and much needed post.

    Note that towards the end of the video, Joshua Mills encourages the viewer to “Let that realm of god’s spirit just come on you right now and OVERRIDE ALL YOUR NATURAL ABILITY, ALL YOUR NATURAL THINKING…” (emp. added).

    Joshua Mills is a subtle and slick deceiver. Mills is telling the viewer,

    1. he is operating within the “realm of god” and that he is a spokesman for the God of the Bible.
    2. to avoid using common sense.
    3. to depend on his “god”.
    4. that the viewer does not have to test his words by Scripture.

    The video demonstrates the level of deception Joshua Mills is operating in, and how gullible his followers are to believe it.

    Expect the unexpected out of Joshua Mills and those like him. Tighten your discernment seat-belts, because the worst is yet to come.

    “But a NATURAL man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised” (1 Corinthians 2:14, emp. added).

    “This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, natural, demonic” (James 3:15, emp. added).

    Joshua Mills is a natural man who operates in the demonic.

    Related reading:

    Joshua Mills: A Whale of a Fish Story: Documented proof that fish wear sunglasses at

    Bud Press

  22. Denise

    The reason for Heaven and salvation is to worship and glorify God forever. It ain’t about you. Eternity is not about fulfilling the lust of the flesh and unholiness (go check out Islam if that’s what you want…although such nonsense leads to Hell), its about God glorifying Himself through His workmanship: a redeemed people.

    Rev 4:9 And whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who is seated on the throne, who lives forever and ever,
    Rev 4:10 the twenty-four elders fall down before him who is seated on the throne and worship him who lives forever and ever. They cast their crowns before the throne, saying,
    Rev 4:11 “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.”

    Rev 19:4 And the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God who was seated on the throne, saying, “Amen. Hallelujah!”
    Rev 19:5 And from the throne came a voice saying, “Praise our God, all you his servants, you who fear him, small and great.”
    Rev 19:6 Then I heard what seemed to be the voice of a great multitude, like the roar of many waters and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, crying out, “Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns.

    Eph 1:5 he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, 6 to the praise of his glorious grace, with which he has blessed us in the Beloved.

    Eph 1:11 In him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will, 12 so that we who were the first to hope in Christ might be to the praise of his glory.

  23. Joanne


    Thank you so much for this post, and for fighting for the truth in this age of deception! I pray that you will be well soon. P.S. I don’t think your reply to highrpm was overly harsh..the truth hurts!!

  24. Mike L


    I’m not quite sure why you think articles are one-sided. The way Chrystal presents the articles is to present what a person, group of people, or organization said and then either comment on why it’s wrong or allow others to comment on why its wrong. I would also say that when the truth of the Scriptures is blatantly violated in the teachings of false teachers, there is no reason to hear “their side of the story” unless it was a something that perhaps was just poorly worded. The people we see hear on SOTS have long track records of being heretics. Why would you even want to hear their side of the story anyway? They are teaching damnable heresies and need to be exposed. The Scriptures are VERY clear on that point. And as to hold rigidly to systematic theology, what else would you like us to hold rigidly to? A purpose-driven life perhaps? Sound doctrine is ALL that we need and sound doctrine is seen solidly in systematic theology and proper exegesis of the Word. Why would we not want to favor those who pursue the correct interpretation of the Word? Would you rather we favor the writings of Joseph Smith or Kenneth Copeland? Or perhaps the writings of Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Creflow Dollar……ad nauseum. NO. We favor those who pursue truth because TRUTH is what is true.

    John MacArthur is one of the most solid Bible teachers I’ve ever heard. He is also a man who, if he can be proven wrong from the Scriptures, will immediately change his view. The thing is, try to find something he says that isn’t sound doctrine. People may differ on peripheral issues with him but on cardinal doctrine, he is unwavering and he fights for, and defends, the truth like not many others I’ve seen in evangelical circles. As for him seeming arrogant, I’ve listened to probably 300 of his sermons and have yet to find where he seems arrogant. He presents the truth and he speaks strongly on points of the Lordship of Christ in our lives. And no, I don’t attend his church. I am VERY selective about who I listen to and he is one who has proven over and over again for the last 40 years that he’s been preaching, that he is totally dedicated to rightly dividing the Word of Truth and to use his wonderful gift of teaching to share that truth with other Christians.

    As for John Calvin, I know that the story of him and Servetus rears it’s ugly head now and then. I can’t speak on that matter as I’m not a historian well-versed in things from 500 years ago. I will say that I’ve read a LOT of Calvin’s material and whatever he may have done, he was certainly extremely knowledgeable about the bible. David was a murderer so do you discount the Psalms? I’m not defending Calvin nor am I accusing him but I will say that I know the man was brilliant and used by God in tremendous ways, as was King David.

    Denominations can be divisive; indeed that is true. However, I think that they can be a useful thing as well. Many of the things that cause denominational divisions are often peripheral issues and so having denominations allows people some freedom in that regard. They can worship and serve the Lord and agree on cardinal truths with all Christians but can also fellowship with other believers of similar mindsets where there might be differences on peripheral issues. That being said, what I DO find very distasteful about the whole denominational thing is that people often seem to be their denomination first and Christian second. As Paul said in 1 Corinthians, “Is Christ divided?” No. The bible doesn’t say, “He who believes and in Baptist shall be saved.” Nor does it say, “For all have sinned and fall short of the Assemblies of God.” So, it behooves us to be CHRISTIANS; not necessarily Baptist, Methodist, etc. But in whatever place we find ourselves, all things should be done with love, lest we become noisy gongs and clanging cymbals.

    I’m not sure what the fixation is about sexuality. God created sex and it’s a wonderful thing meant for husband and wife. God didn’t need to change anything about that. Satan corrupted sex along with everything else but that doesn’t mean the genuineness of God’s Word concerning sex needs redefining or some kind of new revelation. What more detail are you looking for exactly? What more needs to be said about it? You are asking questions that have no answers and, as such, are moot. Sin DID bring about all the brokenness. If it strikes you as too quaint, then you are missing out on a very simple truth in Scripture about what sin did to all of mankind. And how dare we even think that God is someone who can be “let off the hook.” How can the clay say to the potter, “Why have you made me thus?” Do you think God owes you an explanation?

    And you don’t want to be an admin type in God’s kingdom… Do you have a bumper sticker that says you’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven because it seems like you think Heaven is about YOU and not about worshipping the Father. Jesus didn’t die so you could race a dragster for eternity or pursue any other hedonistic rubbish. You have completely missed the boat on that one. And living out fantasies… that what you think your eternity holds? WRONG AGAIN. As Chrsytal pointed out, it seems that you think it’s all about you. I read the same thing in your post. It’s ME ME ME.

    It seems that you have already concluded that God is not a perfectly loving Father because you feel that you’ve been dealt a bad hand. Well, if you think you have it so bad, why not get yourself a plane ticket to Haiti and hand out copies of Your Best Life Now. Look those people in the eye and tell them that YOU have a horrible life and God is not a perfectly loving father because He hasn’t given you the desires of your self-centered fantasies. Your post is a sad one and I hope the Lord will change your heart.

    In His service,


  25. Eli

    Well said Mike L, I’d rather scrub toilets in Heaven, than be a Prince in Hell. hirpm – me thinks it’s not John MacArthur who’s the arrogant one.

    I don’t think we should assume that everyone who stops by here are “believers”, some come in just to start trouble.

  26. Paul

    Calvan did not murder Servetus. He did act as a witness against Servetus for the crime of heresy and he did believe that Servetus was worthy of death for such a crime. At the time of Servetus murder Calvan was not in power but he did lead the church and the only authority that the church had was to excommunicate a person. He did not have the authority to execute anyone. Most Calvanists/ reform christians would disagree with the execution of Servetus regardsless of his heresy but to say that Calvan murdered him is not correct. It was the Geneva government filled with Libertines who were in power at the time of the trial and from what we know they hated John Calvan just as much as Servetus did.

    For the record I agree with Mike’s post to Highrpm. RPM you have God and scripture all wrong mate. May the Lord open your eyes.

  27. Mike L

    Hi Paul,

    I agree. Calvin didn’t have the power to execute Servetus. In fact, historical documents show that John Calvin actually met with Servetus after he was condemned to death and he also pleaded for a mitigation of the sentence, namely, that another form of death be substituted for the stake. He interceded most earnestly with the judges for this, but in vain. Both Farel, who came to Geneva for the purpose, and Calvin, prayed with the unhappy man, and expressed themselves tenderly towards him. Both of them pleaded with the Council for the substitution of a milder mode of death; but the syndics were inflexible. The historian Paul Henry writes of this matter:

    Calvin here appears in his real character; and a nearer consideration of the proceeding, examined from the point of view furnished by the age in which he lived, will completely exonerate him from all blame. His conduct was not determined by personal feeling; it was the consequence of a struggle which this great man had carried on for years against tendencies to a corruption of doctrine which threatened the church with ruin. Every age must be judged according to its prevailing laws; and Calvin cannot be fairly accused of any greater offence than that with which we may be charged for punishing certain crimes with death.

    Calvin and Servetus

    A calm and impartial view of this sad subject has been reserved for this place, and for a chapter* of its own. The immense advantage of having been able to consult and to weigh the evidence of the principal writers – certainly not fewer than forty – about the case of Servetus, besides several biographies of the man himself, will greatly aid the writer.

    It is very common to hear the remark, ‘What about Servetus?’ or, ‘Who burned Servetus?’ There are three kinds of persons who thus flippantly ask a question of this nature. First, the Roman Catholics, who may judge it to be an unanswerable taunt to a Protestant. Second, those who are not in accord with the great doctrines of grace, as taught by Paul and Calvin, and embraced and loved by thousands still. Then there is a third kind of persons who can only be described as ill-informed. It is always desirable, and often useful, to really know something of what one professes to know.

    I shall narrow the inquiry at the outset by saying that all Roman Catholics are ‘out of court.’ They burn heretics on principle, avowedly. This is openly taught by them; it is in the margin of their Bible; and it is even their boast that they do so. And, moreover, they condemned Servetus to be burned.

    Those who misunderstand or misrepresent the doctrines of grace call for pity more than blame when they charge the death of Servetus upon those views of divine truth known as Calvinistic. Perhaps a little instruction would be of great value to such. It is very desirable to have clear ideas of what it is we are trying to understand. In most disputes this would make a clear pathway for thought and argument. Most controversies are more about terms than principles.

    The third sort of persons are plainly incompetent to take up this case, for the simple reason that they know nothing whatever about it. Pressed for their reasons, they have to confess that they never at any time read a line about the matter.

    The duty of the historian is not to plead, but to narrate facts. I shall do this as impartially as possible. One writer need not be imitated (W. H. Drummond, D.D.), who is not ashamed to disfigure his title-page: Life of Michael Servetus, who was entrapped, imprisoned, and burned by John Calvin. Less scurrilous, but equally prejudiced, is Dr. R. Willis. It is a weak case that needs the aid of ink mixed with abusive gall.

    The simplest method of arranging my material will be to ask and to answer three questions. First, why was Servetus burned? Second, who burned him? Third, what part in the matter was taken by John Calvin?

    Michael Servetus was born at Villanueva, in 1509. After a liberal education, he studied medicine, and anticipated Harvey in the discovery of the circulation of the blood. It appears that he had a lively genius, but was unstable, erratic, and weak. In 1530 he published a book On the Errors of the Trinity. His views need not be given here; one specimen will suffice to give an idea of them. He said that the doctrine of the Trinity was ‘a three-headed Cerberus, a dream of Augustine, and an invention of the devil.’ The book, however, on which his trial was based was his Restitutio Christianismi. Only two copies of this are known to exist, and both are out of England. I have seen a copy of the reprint of 1790. Servetus sent the manuscript of this to Calvin for his perusal, and a lengthy correspondence took place between them, extending from 1546 to 1548. Of this Calvin says: ‘When he was at Lyons he sent me three questions to answer. He thought to entrap me. That my answer did not satisfy him I am not surprised.’ To Servetus himself he wrote: ‘I neither hate you nor despise you; nor do I wish to persecute you; but I would be as hard as iron when I behold you insulting sound doctrine with so great audacity.’

    And now occurs what foundation there is on which is built the accusation against Calvin. It occurs in his well-known letter to Farel, dated February 13th, 1546.

    Servetus wrote to me a short time ago, and sent a huge volume of his dreamings and pompous triflings with his letter. I was to find among them wonderful things, and such as I had never before seen; and if I wished, he would himself come. But I am by no means inclined to be responsible for him; and if he come, I will never allow him, supposing my influence worth anything, to depart alive.
    There lived at Geneva at this time a Frenchman of Lyons named William Trie; and he had a relative at Lyons named Arneys, a Roman Catholic. After the publication of this book by Servetus, Trie wrote to his friend Arneys a letter in which he said that it was base for Protestants to be burned who really believed in Christ while such a man as Servetus should be permitted to live to publish his vile errors. Arneys placed this letter before the Inquisition at Lyons, and Cardinal Tournon arrested Servetus at once. Without giving the mass of details, it will be sufficient to say that Servetus escaped from prison one night by a pretext. His trial, however, proceeded in his absence; and on June 17th, 1552, the sentence of death, namely, ‘to be burned alive, at a slow fire, till his body he reduced to a cinder,’ was passed upon him by the Inquisition. On the same day, his effigy was burned, with five bales of his books.

    After wandering for a time, he suddenly turned up in Geneva in July, and was arrested by the Council, which was at this time opposed to Calvin. What Calvin desired from Servetus was his recantation: ‘Would that we could have obtained a retractation from Servetus, as we did from Gentilis’. The thirty-eight articles of accusation were drawn up by Calvin. Two examinations took place. At the second of these, Servetus persisted in one of his errors, namely, that all things, ‘even this footstool,’ are the substance of God. After further examinations, these articles, with the replies of the accused man, were sent to the churches of Zurich, Berne, Basle, and Schaffhausen, with a request for their opinion. Farel’s reply is worthy of record: ‘It will be a wonder if that man, suffering death, should at the time turn to the Lord, dying only one death, whereas he has deserved to die a thousand times.’ In another letter, written from Neuchatel, September 8th, 1553, Farel says: ‘Your desire to mitigate the rigour of punishment is the service of a friend to one who is your mortal enemy. But I beseech you so to act as that no one shall hereafter seek with impunity to publish novel doctrines, and to embroil us all as Servetus has done.’

    All these circumstances prove that his trial was lengthy, deliberate, and careful; and quite in harmony with the requirements of the age. All the Reformers who were consulted approved of the sentence that was pronounced. At the last stage of the trial, the discussion lasted for three days. The ‘lesser Council’ were unanimous; and the majority of the Great Council were in favour of capital punishment, and so decided on the last day. Sentence of death by fire was given on October 26th, to be carried into effect on the following day.

    And now one man alone stands forth to plead for a mitigation of the sentence, namely, that another form of death be substituted for the stake. That one man was John Calvin. He interceded most earnestly with the judges for this, but in vain. Both Farel, who came to Geneva for the purpose, and Calvin, prayed with the unhappy man, and expressed themselves tenderly towards him. Both of them pleaded with the Council for the substitution of a milder mode of death; but the syndics were inflexible. The historian Paul Henry writes of this matter:
    Calvin here appears in his real character; and a nearer consideration of the proceeding, examined from the point of view furnished by the age in which he lived, will completely exonerate him from all blame. His conduct was not determined by personal feeling; it was the consequence of a struggle which this great man had carried on for years against tendencies to a corruption of doctrine which threatened the church with ruin. Every age must be judged according to its prevailing laws; and Calvin cannot be fairly accused of any greater offence than that with which we may be charged for punishing certain crimes with death.
    The main facts therefore may now be summarized thus:

    1. That Servetus was guilty of blasphemy, of a kind and degree which is still punishable here in England by imprisonment.

    2. That his sentence was in accordance with the spirit of the age.

    3. That he had been sentenced to the same punishment by the Inquisition at Vienne.

    4. That the sentence was pronounced by the Councils of Geneva, Calvin having no power either to condemn or to save him.

    5. That Calvin and others visited the unhappy man in his last hours, treated him with much kindness, and did all they could to have the sentence mitigated.

    Some of the information I wrote was extracted from a paper by William Wileman and can be found on the Banner of Truth website. Just search for “Servetus” and the article is linked there.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled program……

    In His service,


  28. Dave

    Reject the Truth and God promises delusion. I agree that people who fall for this are totally responsible and get what they deserve. God has given us warnings. It is up to us what we do with them.

  29. highrpm

    i had no idea this website was manned by fundamentalists–“i know the truth, you do not”.

    mike l: the web is full of views counter to yours on john calvin. the sos: who does one believe?

    for you folks who interpret the scripture correctly: where does the bible say that the garden of eden account is not metaphorical? (but, fundamentalists are known for their inability to deal with metaphors–oh, fog obscures the runway, man!) now jump all over me to suggest you consider the “serpent seed” view? mike l, here are 2 articles to get you on your way to rip this question apart:

    “How can the clay say to the potter, “Why have you made me thus?” using the same metaphor, how can the created systematize the creator? oh, but the fundamentalists reply that the bible is the complete revelation of god. really? again, the many denominations indicate that the bible is not all that easy to decipher. for you confident defenders of the truth, remember jesus’ retort to the religious teachers of the law, “your mistake is that you know neither the scriptures or the power of god.”

    one of the attributes of psychopaths is their focus on deceipt for manipulating others. yea, mike l, i do think God owes me answers to my questions.” job set that precedent. it is a poor father/child relationship that is based on fear. (but, maybe you are not a father, so you would not understand.)

    after 50 years (i am 59 years old) of life seeking god (and having yet to have clear responses from him)–starting at 8 years old when i bought BG’s line of snake oil, “you, too, can have a personal relationship with jc”, i am ready to die; i am comfortable with the case i will present to the highest court.

  30. helen

    A little scripture comes to mind.
    “Do not be deceived for God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap.”
    Joshua is sowing some bad seeds. I hope he repents before it is time to reap.

  31. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Chrystal– feeling better? Get well soon. Looking forward to more interesting blogs and even more interesting responses.

    1. Chrystal Post author


      I’m not well yet, but hopefully I’m getting there. I still have pneumonia and pleurisy, and the doctor wrote me out of work for the rest of this week. I go back to work after Easter. Until then, I’m laying on the couch with the laptop and two very spoiled poodles. Maybe I can muster a post or two while I’m at it. 😀

  32. Paul

    High RPM sorry mate but you are full of it. A poor me, been there and done that, God is beyond my reach therefore because I’m nearly sixty he’s beyond everyones reach attitude is a really proud and deluded world view. Just pick up a bible, do yourself a favor and believe it. Stop trying to be the perpetual victim and repent of your sin. Honestly mate your ‘case’ before God aint worth a dime. If you actually think that some deal with God will be reached seperate from the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross as a propitiation for sin you have absolutely no concept of the love and terror of the Almighty.

    By the way, fundamentalist is not an insult here, its a mark of honour! It says that there is enough fear and reverence to believe that God has graciously revealed himself to us through his scriptures and that is not a mystical mumbo jumbo but revelation with the intent on God’s part that we take it at face value and obey.

    It does sound like you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, perhaps its because of the huge judgements you have towards the Almighty?

    Lay it all down man and submit to His Lordship. We can only find mercy on our knees before the Holy One as we trust in his Son, repent of our sin and follow Him with our lives.

  33. Mike L


    I can’t even believe you’d use a Ku Klux Klan member and racist like Wesley Swift (your link to the church of true Israel) to support your position but it doesn’t surprise me. It just shows your tremendous lack of discernment. The man is a Neo-Nazi and is affiliated with white supremacists. Is that the basis of your theology? The man used occult legends as “truths” in his sermons. The guy is a complete nut job. I’m not even going to waste my time writing all of the problems with Wesley Swift but your association with him explains a lot about your errant theology. Do you also have a white hood and believe that God’s chosen are only white people?

    What evidence do you use to support the idea that the Garden of Eden account is metaphorical? Scripture supports Scripture so that must mean you have other biblical evidence to support your metaphorical case.

    As for John Calvin, if you even took the time to read what I wrote, I said I’m no expert and I wasn’t there so I can’t say what the truth is about John Calvin. I can only draw my own conclusions based upon the written record of history. Here is what I wrote:

    QUOTE: As for John Calvin, I know that the story of him and Servetus rears it’s ugly head now and then. I can’t speak on that matter as I’m not a historian well-versed in things from 500 years ago. I will say that I’ve read a LOT of Calvin’s material and whatever he may have done, he was certainly extremely knowledgeable about the bible. END QUOTE

    Who does one believe about John Calvin? Well, I don’t really care who you believe because it’s not about John Calvin. It’s about Jesus Christ and Him crucified. John the Baptist said it correctly when he saw Christ and said “He must increase and I must decrease.” (John 3) So, John Calvin must decrease and Christ must increase.

    If you don’t believe that the Bible is the complete Revelation of God, then how can He expect us to respond to His propositional truth and how can He hold us accountable if we don’t know all that we are supposed to know concerning salvation and living a Godly life? Do you think God’s revelation is incomplete? Do you think He has left us to “guess” how we should be saved ,as if He was running some big cosmic Ponzi scheme?

    You can think God owes you an explanation but He doesn’t. He doesn’t owe you anything except an eternity in Hell for your sins. And I suspect that as long as you approach Him with that prideful attitude, He will remain silent. He owes you NOTHING. It’s quite the opposite really. YOU owe Him EVERYTHING.

    If you have spent so many years seeking to “hear” God, than you have missed the obvious truth that the Bible is His Word. If you want to hear God, read HIS book. If you are awaiting some kind of verbal answer to your questions, I think you’ll be waiting until your dying breath and still hear nothing. God speaks through His Word and the Holy Spirit and I don’t think He is going to entertain your questions about the sexual relationship of Eve and the Serpent. The Bible doesn’t say anything about a sexual relationship between Eve and the Serpent, as Wesley Swift would have you believe. EVerything that the Lord expects of us in this life is found in His word.

    And as for your “case” that you will present before the highest court, you will stand before God without excuse and Wesley Swift isn’t going to be there with his heretical doctrines to bail you out.

    As one last thought, if you think the idea that you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is a line from a snake oil salesman, then you are truly lost and if you remain in that state, the last words you will hear are, “Depart from me. I never knew you”, and you will thrown into the Lake of Fire. I hope that is not the case and that you WILL learn of the tremendous love that Jesus does have for you. I hope that you will submit to His authority and Lordship in your life and confess your sins and turn to Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You must repent and turn from your sin. Ask Him to transform your heart and mind and life as you surrender to Him. His Word gives us all we need for life and living and our lives are to be lived for His glory. His glory is ALL that matters. NOTHING else matters except God receiving glory. He will NOT share it with anything or anyone else.

  34. highrpm


    i am not arguing that “God will be reached seperate from the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross as a propitiation for sin…” of course, jesus christ is our high priest by which we have access to the father”; that is a given. cool down bro and think before you make a fight.

    how is your pray life? what is your hit rate with your requests to god? are your prayers always answered? if not, do you wonder why? there is plenty of precedence in the bible for clear responses from god, our father:
    is 58
    The principle, “Go on requesting and it shall be given you; go on seeking and you shall find; go on knocking and it shall be opened to you” (Matt. 7:7) is still true, for three times does Paul insist that we persevere in prayers. Once, indeed, he teaches us to use “all perseverance and petition” (or binding obligation), in Eph. 6:18. The petition is something much stronger than the prayer. The word (deEsis) signifies a petition with the object of binding God to accomplish something, or obligating Him to act.

    mike l,

    you did not answer my question: “where does the bible say that the garden of eden account is NOT metaphorical?” what evidence do have that it is not? further, i did NOT say that i subscribed to the serpent seed view. i was simply using the different views on the garden of eden account to show how denominations hold to strict dogma that divides. how many times must i state my view that the many denominations indicate that the bible is not all that easy to decipher.

    if you are admit that you are not and expert on John Calvin, then do not keep beating me about about what i said about him. as i said, use google to enumerate the many views of calvin. no, i did not read all of your “long winded” response detailing controversy surrounding Calvin’s lifestyle. again, i simply used him as an example of the icons denominations make: peter by the catholics; luther by the lutherans; …

    (as far as you long responses: ever read strunk and white’s “elements of style”?) say what you have to say in as few words as possible.

    do not accuse me of using only wesley smith; google serpent seed and see how many others have authored articles on the subject.

    your statement of god, :

    what concept to you folks have of a loving father? God is the perfect loving father. you dispute what jesus taught when you say, “You can think God owes you an explanation but He doesn’t. He doesn’t owe you anything except an eternity in Hell for your sins. And I suspect that as long as you approach Him with that prideful attitude, He will remain silent. He owes you NOTHING. It’s quite the opposite really. YOU owe Him EVERYTHING.” in the story of the the widow pestering the unjust judge, jesus taught, “if you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will you heavenly father give to them that ask? and, furthermore, he will do it quickly”. when you say otherwise, that god does not have to respond to my requests or petitions, i could conclude that you are saying is we are better parents than God; because good parents talk to their children, nuture them in the direction they should go in life, and give their children gifts that the children ask for, and also spontaneous gifts.

    where did jesus teach that we can have a personal relationship with him? he taught us to that we, through him as our high priest and perfect sacrifice have access to the Father and to proseuche, de-eesis and aiteema Him.

    stop being like job’s friends to me. i am not the only one who has and is experiencing a “dark night of the soul”. read Mother Teresa’s private letters published in her book, “Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light “. she experienced silence from God most of her life.

  35. Mike L

    Our prayers are always answered but the answers aren’t based upon God’s “obligation” to give us what we petition for. A good father won’t grant his children everything they want because the wisdom of the father knows that to do so is to guarantee destruction of the child. God isn’t obligated or “bound” to give us anything. For you to think we can bind God to answer us makes Him into nothing more than some kind of spiritual Santa Claus. If you want that kind of theology, go check out the “name it and claim it” crowd. They all treat God with that same mentality, that God is “bound” and “obligated” to answer our demands, and always in the affirmative. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what a crock of rubbish that is. Paul prayed for deliverance three times and was denied. The Father told him that His grace was sufficient and Paul remained un-delivered from that which he prayed for. So much for God being “bound” and “obligated” to respond to our whims.

    As for the Garden of Eden story, I would say that the Bible speaks of sin entering the world by one man in Romans 5.12. If Eden is a metaphor, than what sin is it exactly that this “one man” (Adam) committed that cast all of humanity into a fallen state of sinfulness before God? I won’t belabor the point but what other explanation would you use if you don’t take the Eden story literally? What sort of interpretive method are you using to interpret it? Why make something a metaphor or allegory if the literal method is perfectly fine?

    As for John Calvin, I’m not beating on you about it. I just made the point that I’m no expert on him and so I can’t speak about that historical event. That’s all. No harm, no foul.

    As for my “long winded” response, I do apologize for that post. It was much shorter but when I pasted something, I didn’t realize it pasted the ENTIRE article. I initially only had a little snippet. Unfortunately, we’re not able to go back and edit our posts. My bad. And yes, I do have “Elements of Style” in my personal library.

    I know the serpent seed story. What I don’t understand is why you’d use rubbish like that, and heretics like Wesley Smith, as a counter-point. Why not use solid Bible teachers and sound exegesis to support your presuppositions rather than KKK members, false doctrines, and Lord knows what else to prove your point that denominations divide? These people and doctrines you’ve used to support your assertion are from the pit of Hell and are not valid for an argument about denominational differences. I would be the very first person to agree with you that denominations CAN divide. It doesn’t mean they DO divide. That has to be a personal decision. That being said, if they are different only on peripheral issues, then I don’t concern myself with those differences. If there are differences in cardinal doctrines, then there is a problem because if a denomination errs on points of salvation (for example, how to be saved, the deity of Christ, the trinity, and others), they are false teachers and teaching apostacy.

    I’m not saying we are better parents than God. But do you really think that God is “obligated” and “bound” to answer your every selfish whim? Do you always give your children everything they want? I have five children and if I gave them everything they’ve wanted, they’d probably be dead by now. My wisdom to know what they should or shouldn’t have is what has safe-guarded them over the years. Is God any different? Am I “bound” and “obligated” to give my children everything they want? I do answer their questions. I do give them gifts; both asked for and spontaneous. That being said, if I have written down instructions for them and left them for them while I am away, would I be obscure and unclear as to my expectations? God has done just that. He left us His Word and if you want to know what He has to say, read His Word. If His Word is silent on something, what makes you think that He will magically give you the answers outside of His Word? The Bible has all that we need for life and living. Beyond that, He doesn’t have to share with you all of life’s mysteries, and probably won’t, because those answers probably have no bearing upon how you live for Him.

    Mother Teresa’s doctrine was heretical. Her beliefs on salvation and upon the work of Christ were heretical and I have no doubt that she never heard from God for most of her life. She was in love with her religion and that had nothing to do with proper doctrine about salvation. She didn’t teach people about the saving power of Jesus Christ and many have perished without Christ as a result of her “ministry.” Another poor example, sir.

  36. Mike A

    I believe it is only human to consider why things are as they are – but biblical to accept that God’s ways are not our ways.

    We should all keep Romans 10:13 in mind.

  37. Grant

    Back to the subject of these wonders in joshua mills meetings don’t be surprised if there is a script writer involved just like the wwf where things are contrived in various meetings. Various events/wonders being pre planned just like street magic for David Blane. Don’t be surprised to hear/see supposed levitation on a stage or some other illusion that has been scripted and planned out-remember the Peter Popoff words of knowledge that were uncovered on Johnny Carson. In this techno age all kinds of scripted events can occur and I would not put it past anyone to do this in the name of God.

  38. highrpm

    mike l,

    thanks for taking the time to go back and forth with me. i think our views are not all that far apart. i probably went too far with my arguments to make my main point that one could conclude from the many denominations that the bible is hard to decipher. (and yes, my bitterness comes through.) you are right, god’s word speaks loud and clear on the essentials and it is pointless and divisive to stray into asking why god did not clarify various points. as jesus answered the rich man in torment, “your brothers have moses and the prophets.”

    my litmus test is is 58 and 1 jn 3:16,17.

  39. Mike L


    I know that there are many principles in the Scriptures that most definitely are difficult to understand but we can rest assured that the Bible does NOT contradict itself and when there appears to be disparity, it’s going to be because of human understanding and not divine revelation of the Word. We both agree that God’s Word DOES speak loud and clear about all that is essential and in things not essential, we have the freedom in Christ to differ. As you know, God has said that His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways and we will never be able to grasp the depth of all that He is and all that He does. He does all things for HIS glory and in our humanity we often see that as “unfair” or deserving explanation. God does things that give Him glory and allow Him to be put on display as deserving all the glory. It behooves us to give Him just that!:-)

    Be well.

    In His service,


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