Prophets Prophesying Falsely

When I first saw Manasseh Jordan, son of Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, I marvelled at how young he looked.  At 19-years-of-age (as of this writing), Prophet Manasseh is the picture of everything his doting, charismatic father would be proud of.  He’s a special child.  His birth was prophesied.  He was called by name before he was even formed in the womb.

Manasseh Jordan’s birth was prophesied by Toufik Benedictus Hinn.  In turn, Manasseh’s father, Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan, prophesied the birth of Hinn’s son, Joshua, in detail.  (See the second video at the bottom of this post.)  As you might have guessed, Bernard Jordan and Benny Hinn are friends.  Such close friends, in fact, that they named one another’s children, even though they claim it was a prophecy from God Himself.  (I’ll leave off with jabs about self-fulfilling prophecies and stick to the matter at hand.)

For those who aren’t familiar with E. Bernard Jordan, please click here.  Additionally, here are more links you will find helpful in introducing you to E. Bernard Jordan.

Click here for background information, including an interview of Rev. Al Sharpton.

Commanding and employing angels with your words.

Declare “I AM” and you will become God.  (From the YouTube video, “Laws of Thinking Principle 1 – The Law of Becoming”)  Here are two quotes from this video:

“When you claim your I AM nature, you will be as God in the burning bush.  On fire, but not consumed.”

“If you’re not aware of God’s nature, you’re not aware of your own nature.”  (blasphemy his)

What you’re hearing in these videos is the lie the serpent used to seduce Eve in the garden – you will be like God!  Satan has been trying to convince man of his own deity from the beginning, and he has been successful in convincing people like E. Bernard Jordan that it is true. 

We all know that Benny Hinn teaches the little gods doctrine, but Jordan is much less subtle in his approach.  He flat out says that you will become God.  At least Hinn tries to keep his “g” little, but Jordan says you will become God Himself.  The rank blasphemy couldn’t get any more clear!

In the following video, you will see Benny Hinn and 19-year-old Manasseh Jordan (E. Bernard Jordan’s son) demonstrate the power of familiar spirits and false prophecy.  If Manasseh Jordan seems to be operating under the influence of unclean spirits, that would be because he is the perfect example of his father.  It’s all he’s ever known.  Not only was his birth prophesied by none other than Benny Hinn, but he was indoctrinated by the likes of Hinn and Jordan from the time that he was born.  You can’t exist on a steady diet of blasphemy and mysticism without being affected by it.

Watch the following videos and see what happens to an impressionable child who has been influenced by false prophets his whole life. 

22 thoughts on “Prophets Prophesying Falsely

  1. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Poor Kid! Very interesting video’s.

    Living in the surrounding NY metro area, not far from the Big Apple, I have seen Bishop Jordan on TV quite a few times and he’s plain full of baloney; just too much $ emphasis for a personal prophetic word from God.

    Alrighty then, let’s go further. I met Rev. Sharpton in the1980’s at a local Long Island govt. building. He sat there in the cafeteria corner with cameras around him. I had wanted to meet him. I walked over and introduced myself. We spoke briefly about the Lord and I extended my hand and he accepted my handshake with a grand , “Praise the Lord, sister!”

    Not bad. I told him he was a positive representative in attempting to reconcile racial dfferences– he smiled. However, I said, I believed he would be even more effective if he would, possibly, tone down his own personal bent and feelings; being a man of God, and take Jesus Christ’s commandment to love one another more… literally and thereby, hopefully generating unity.

    Fuggeddabout it! I was called the daughter of the devil.

    So, I politely walked away and gave him God’s blessings as he ranted from the corner (well, I did get to meet him, right?). I can see today that Rev. Sharpton is making a difference and he is taking a more positive stand toward peace and reconciliation.

    But, I do not have hope that these prophets can do anything but distort God’s word and cause people to believe the same old lies so successfully generated from the Garden of Eden. For me that is really scary… we are not God, nor will we ever be. Rev. K

  2. Mr PSb

    Wow! This is a Heresy on Red Bull! I knew Prophet Jordan was one of the worst of the false prophets out there, but to hook up with Benny Hinn is like Arius, Pelagius, Mark Baker Eddy and Joseph Smith starting a ministry. I had relatives who wanted to send Jordan money at one point.

  3. Bud Press


    I am so glad you began a thread on the ties between Benny Hinn, Manasseh Jordan, and “Master Prophet” E. Bernard Jordan. There are serious doctrinal problems between these three that need to be addressed publicly.

    The saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” fits Benny Hinn and E. Bernard Jordan. Hinn believes he is a “god,” while Jordan says he is “god.”

    In addition to Chrystal’s quotes, he are some direct quotes from Bernard Jordan’s 2006 book, “The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity”:


    Page 14: You must realize “I Am” in order to manifest. You must become the things you want.

    Page 14: Your purpose is to become god.

    According to Hinduism and the New Age movement, “Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions.” (Source: internet)

    On page 51 of “The Laws of Thinking,” Jordan teaches the reader how to “perceive” the seven chakras (energy centers) within his or her own body.

    Page 53: There is no such thing as evil.

    Page 144: Man is God pressed out into flesh.

    Page 187: Science is God.

    Much of what Bernard Jordan teaches came from the late hyper-heretic Frederick Eikerenkoetter, better known as Rev. Ike. Prior to his death, Rev. Ike was heavily involved in the “Mind Sciences,” name it and claim it, prosperity, positive thinking, the “GOD-IN-YOU,” faith healing, and the manifest presence ( ).

    Sound familiar? And many have the unmitigated gall to call these people “Christian brothers”. Sadly, many are being led to the gates of hell partly because of these people.

    Man is a “god” is another Word of Faith hyper-heresy that was birthed in the bowels of hell, and promoted by Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, and many more.


    God’s written word teaches that Benny Hinn and Bernard Jordan are not and never will be a “god” or “god” (Deuteronomy 4:35-39; Isaiah 41:4; Isaiah 43:10-11; Isaiah 44:8; Isaiah 45:5-6; Isaiah 45:21; Hosea 13:4; Joel 2:27; John 1-14; John chapter 8; John chapter 10; John 20:28; Hebrews 1:8; Revelation 1:4-8).

    Bud Press

  4. arisemylove

    Interesting because the Lord was showing me that there is a “curse” so to speak, not saying it is some sort of NAR generational curse or something — but a “problem” of the Manassah issue of delusion going on in the NAR…

    Manassah means “Does not remember God”. It is a problem as well as this young man, who would do good to find out the true meaning of his name.

  5. Lavrai

    I’ve seen so-called master false profit Jordan on his infomercials late at night, I’m more than familiar w/ his Miss Cleo ways. And the fact that he has such a close relationship with Benny Hinn just makes it all the more clear what kind of leech he is. It is a shame that Jordan’s son has been born and bred for heresy and the hell-bound broad way. But I pray that the LORD would have mercy on him and intercede so that he may come to the truth and accept Christ Jesus. If if this is all he’s ever known, he’s in bondage and apparently doesn’t even know it.

  6. Jimmie Krack Korn

    good friend of Benny Hinn. Watch at 1.27- 1.35 when the host says she believes in the laws of attraction such as The Secret (written by Rhonda Byrne and good friend of Paul Young author of the Shack and Eugene Peterson author of the new age Message Bible) and that she believes in one total conciousness…which is a new age philosophy…watch the Bishop nod in agreement with these New Age doctrines.

    Watch at 5.52 when Bishop declares that God is all in all, God is in everything and God is everything. Oprah-esque. Again this is a good friend of Benny Hinn, in fact Benny is seen below with Bishop’s son, utilizing a famililiar spirit.

    2 Thess 2 is at work today. Church-going, sign-seekers, and those who in the flesh want entertainment at church will be turned over to a God Delusion for God see’s that it is the desire of their heart. Sad part is, I believe many of these people want God. But they have been convinced that God shows up with lying signs and wonders, and drives a 300K Bentley. It is their own fault for desiring such things and believing a lie, they shall forsake thier own salvation.

  7. Ian D. Elsasser

    “Manassah means “Does not remember God”. It is a problem as well as this young man, who would do good to find out the true meaning of his name.”

    Manasseh means “causing to forget” and does not in and of itself contain any denial of God without the Hebrew ‘el’ (god/God) part of the name in some way.

    According to Genesis 41.51 a positive force is implied by the name in that God caused Joseph to forget all his troubles:

    Joseph named the firstborn Manasseh, “For,” he said, “God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household.”

    Joseph’s firsborn son becomes the namesake of one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

  8. Mike L.

    Say it out loud with me people…pray in the spirit…..

    sally bought a honda
    sally bought a honda
    sally bought a honda

    I think that’s what someone was saying. Sounds like tongues to me. It must be real. And Manassah sounded like he was about to start sharing the words from the La Bamba song. Para bailar La Bamba.

    This is disturbing stuff. Can the Spirit of God give words of knowledge such as this? Sure. It’s a gift spoken of in 1 Corinthians 12. However, considering the other rubbish that comes out of Hinn’s ministry, I’m not so sure it’s the HOLY Spirit that is giving the words. Familiar spirits would be privy to events in a person’s life since they’ve been around MUCH longer than these vessels of flesh on stage. They’d know all kinds of things to “suggest” to impressionable minds.

    Hmmmmm…..scary stuff.

    In His service,


  9. David

    Even if it were a genuine gift of prophecy, the whole prosperity thing has poisoned the whole batch. That’s what we are so good at, us humans. Taking the Holy and packaging it and re-presenting it with dollars and cents mixed in, or some other dilution of truth whether it be angels or dead presidents. To separate the Holy from the profane, the church needs this so very much.

  10. Mike L

    Right on, David. The prosperity doctrine has poisoned the church. With a large majority of the world population living in abject poverty, how can they, with good conscience, think that God has ordained that only a select few who name it and claim it are entitled to the “good life”? And what is even more maddening is the people who listen to these profits, er “prophets”, of god (small ‘g’ on purpose). If this name it and claim it doctrine and the prosperity doctrine is correct, then EVERY PERSON WHO FOLLOWS THESE LEADERS should be millionaires with huge homes, private jets, $1000 suits, etc. But do they? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Most of them are probably like many Americans, living paycheck to paycheck. But they just keep sending their money to these guys who fleece the flock rather than feed the flock, thinking that they will be blessed with all kinds of financial prosperity because it’s what these preachers said would happen.

    Who is more to blame? The teachers or those who keep on believing the lie when all the evidence points AGAINST what they have been taught for so many years? Of course, they are all responsible for their actions and decisions but one would think that common sense would prevail when all the evidence points to the contrary. It’s just nuts. It’s like I’ve said so many times before: discernment has gone the way of the dinosaur.

    In His service,


  11. Bud Press

    This may have been brought up before, but if prosperity/seed-faith really worked, then think what it could do for the economy of the United States.

    But the prosperity/seed-faith teachings don’t work, at least not for the followers of the prosperity teachers.

    The pot of gold at the end of the prosperity rainbow is for those who preach prosperity. And Jesus said they have their reward…

    Bud Press

  12. Jimmie Krack Korn

    IF you really reaped a 30-60-100 fold return on your money (I mean seed) that you send in, it would only take about a month of sowing and re-sowing before you would be a millionaire. If TBN really reaches 40 million viewers a night, and we know that viewers are sowing because the Crouches, and Benny and TBN are getting richer, so if 40 million a night are watching and sowing…why is the line between rich and poor getting larger? TBN goes into 100 nations! The new rich from seed/faith sowing should be reaching into the billions after 50 years of seed/faith theology…YET the opposite is true. Their are more poor today and fewer rich. But the seed/faith preachers are getting obscenely rich…billions. I guess we don’t have enought faith.

  13. Robert Winkler Burke

    Note in the Manessa/Hinn videos… that Manessa really pushes people past their balance point. Anyone familiar with Martial Art will see how rude the “push-em-over-past-the-balance-point” their “touch’ turns out to be. Why push, if they are legit? If they are not legit, they need to push-past-the-balance-point.

  14. AriseMyLove

    The idea of not remembering, and not remembering God, must have something to do with King Mannaseh because he “forgot God” and worshipped idols.

    Similarly, in NAR churches I have been around, no one can even remember what was taught when asked about it five minutes after a sermon.

    I believe it is some sort of “strong delusion” of mixing false teaching in with the Gospel.

  15. Meg

    This is very disturbing! He is really following the footsteps of Benny Hinn and his father. They are not prophets of God, they are prophets of divination!

  16. Gordon

    Manasseh has now broken away from his father and is starting his own ministry and is signing up people to assist him at his website. People like Manasseh are filthy rich, and seeing people fork over money they don’t have, even running up credit card bills to give these millionaires even more loot, is downright disgusting.

  17. Cee

    Really and truly, get a hobbie, find something to do rather than bash folk you don’t understand. Maybe you should scuuf up those knees and pray rather that flap your gums. Just a thought.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Not only do I understand them, I was once just like them.

      Hobbies don’t bring spiritual truth, God’s Word does. The enemy would love nothing more than to distract us with activities so that we don’t shine a light on false doctrine and abuses.

  18. Bud Press


    We don’t bash folks, but we do understand the big difference between true and false, and right and wrong. Like God, I hate false teachings with a passion. Precious souls for whom Jesus Christ died for hang in the balance.

    We understand those we expose as false teachers because we “test” what they say by God’s written word. In doing so, we guard the flock and expose false teachings that will damn a soul to hell.

    My life revolves around Jesus Christ and the truth of His word. My knees are worn from praying to God for Him to be merciful to the gullible and innocent. My heart reaches out to those being scammed and deceived by heretics and false prophets. My eyes are red from shedding tears for people like you.

    And if I wanted a “hobbie,” I would really and truly sit back, make excuses, and compromise.

    Cee, truth is available. Truth will set you free.

    Because of Christ,
    Bud Press

  19. Dee

    You have a lot to say about what they are doing wrong, but do you know anybody that is preaching a balance gospel with signs following the way the bible says. These people are not perfect and I am not making excuses for them. You need to judge yourself and make sure that God told you to go online and point out the faults of these people. David could have killed Saul, but he would not touch God’s anointed. Love covers a multitude of sins.

  20. Robert Winkler Burke

    The Sweat of Other Men’s Faces
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 10/28/08
    Redacted from Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address
    and Matthew 18:7

    Prosperity’s creed is to ask for bread,
    From the sweat of other men’s faces,
    And promise them all great nebulous returns,
    Of God-sent cash without sweat’s traces.

    This is the new touchstone,
    Of American mental slavery,
    Promulgated by broadcast,
    Of dented ministry knavery.

    With trickery of speech,
    And trickery of mind,
    Wolves in sheep’s clothing,
    Take all they can find.

    Until false shepherds have thus prepared,
    Each sheep’s mind,
    To be enslaved by a political man,
    Of same kind.

    So whereas Abraham Lincoln,
    Emancipated slaves,
    Low-level Christian broadcasters,
    Promulgate naives.

    Do low-level televangelists immerse believers in,
    Repeated low-level facts?
    Then so do low-level politicians mesmerize crowds,
    Hiding great truths they ax!

    Is a low-level televangelist,
    Duplicitous and self-serving?
    Then so is a low-level politician,
    Rule of law deconstructing.

    Woe unto the world,
    Because of offences!
    Yet offences must come,
    That our gut wrenches.

    To wrench out pride from religion,
    And pride from politics,
    That either one or the other might,
    Let Jesus come quick.

    But the scriptures say, Woe to that man,
    By whose actions offence cometh,
    Preachers who for gain dumb-down sheep,
    And put the next tyrant on summit.

    But now is perhaps God’s appointed time,
    For woe to really come due,
    To every cheap preacher or politician,
    Who breaks God’s high rule.

    That good shepherds and politicians,
    Truly feed and truly free sheep,
    While wayward leaders eat underlings,
    Keeping mind-shackles hidden deep.

    God forbid that the world would one sunny day,
    Wake to find,
    American slavery has been stealthily exported,
    To the mind.

    So now fondly we hope,
    And fervently we pray,
    The greatest truths of God,
    Are learned in this day.

    And that America, the land of the free,
    And home of the brave,
    Would export God’s most high truths,
    And this dear world save.

    Since 1776, America’s best and greatest export,
    Is liberty of thought,
    And mutual dedication to its imposition on our character,
    How freedom is wrought.

    Truly, man is freest when,
    Himself he constrains,
    He thus earns his own bread,
    For none other’s he strains.

    He loves his neighbor, loves justice,
    Believes in peace and law,
    He honors all that is good, shuns evil,
    And thus gives liberty awe.

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