Birthing the Kingdom

The video below is a prime example of what happens when hypercharismatics take Scripture out of context and warp and twist it to mean things it was never intended to mean.

I was going to type a short transcript but thought better of it.  It’s a seven-minute video; watch it all if you can stomach it.

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  1. Jim

    Had to stop halfway, during the “you have been given authority” routine. Unmediated healing runs rampant, even amongst mainstream charismatics today, returning once again to man’s first sin in the garden.

  2. ruthsongs

    Similarly, can someone please explain to me all the “heaven invading earth” terminology? Where does that come from?

    1. Craig Lee

      My best guess is a distortion on this part of the “Lord’s Prayer:”

      On earth as it is in Heaven [Matthew 6:10]

      …Which Eugene Peterson in his The Message paraphrase perverts to “As above, so below” — a well known occult phrase with roots in Hermeticism:

      from the link above:

      This phrase comes from the beginning of The Emerald Tablet and embraces the entire system of traditional and modern magic which was inscribed upon the tablet in cryptic wording by Hermes Trismegistus. The significance of this phrase is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries. All systems of magic are claimed to function by this formula. “‘That which is above is the same as that which is below’…Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos. The universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as…and so on, ad infinitum.”

      This is known as pantheism; or depending on one’s view of God in this context: panentheism. See here:

      When you consider most of the beliefs of Latter Rainers, Word of Faith, rabid charismania, etc. you see the roots of Hermeticism in which they reduce God to one who needs our help to get things done.

    2. norcal

      It also comes from Bill Johnson’s teachings and his book titled, “When Heaven Invades Earth”. Johnson is on Patricia King’s Board. These phrases permeate most of the video clips I see from Bethel Church (Johnson’s church) in Redding, CA.

      Many in our church in Northern CA read, listen to, and visit Bethel Church. More disappointingly, my pastor has recently been quoting Bill Johnson. I’m unemployed right now so have been unwilling to buy the book in order to critique it.

      If anyone knows of sources of good Biblical Word-based critiques of Johnson’s teachings, please let me know as I have a “missionfield” of those in my church that need to hear/read the truth about these false teachings.

    3. taher

      Hi Norcal
      Like you, I have some friends who are following Bill Johnson without any discernment. I am also looking for info that would point out the specific errors being taught at Bethel. I tried emailing Bob Dewaay to ask him to do a commentary on BJ like he did on Mike Bickle and IHOP, but he responded that he has already covered much of the errors in earlier works (but I do think a single article calling out BJ would be more effective).

      You probably already found John Wolf’s

      The local Redding online news outlet did a recent 3 article series on Bethel

      The articles tried to be unbiased, giving the positive from Bethel and some negatives from detractors.

      What I found most interesting about the articles:
      1. I was unaware of the size of the Bethel business (largest employer in the county)
      2. I never equated church sucess with economic success (based on my experiences with my local small-time churches – too naive I guess)
      3. I was saddened to see lots about ministry, church growth, economic benefits, but nothing about the Gospel (I think maybe a one-liner dealing with statement of faith, but if you blinked you missed it)
      4. I was surprised to see Bill Johnson’s ministry salary at $370,000 in 2007 (excluding pastor compensation). Not bad for 1 semester of college and 1 year of bible school. I think I’m in the wrong business (if I was concerned about treasures here on earth – or maybe that’s what heaven invading earth is all about)
      5. The comments from readers were very interesting. There were some Bethelites supporting, but a lot of (apparent) non-Christians were pretty unimpressed. Not a real good witness – nothing that seemed to shout to the unbeliever “you need God!”.

      Also, I think Google Books has a limited free previews of some of BJ’s books if you want a sample

      Likewise, if anyone has direct critiques of Bill Johnson’s false teaching, please forward them.

  3. Cliff

    Patricia King and her heretical ilk are leading so many to Hell. This scripture twisting must stop! Please, everyone reading this pray for them to receive the gift of repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ. Only then will their eyes be opened to their false doctrine.

  4. Len

    I made it to 2:41 and couldn’t take it any more. Usually the best lies have 90% truth, but this guy doesn’t have any.

  5. Meredith Griffin

    More “ear tickling” from a false teacher. This guy is committing “homicide” upon every verse he touches. While I did allow the entire video to play, I must admit that he started to sound like the teacher from a “Peanuts” movie early into his routine…wa wah wah!

  6. Ron

    I made it to 1:29 when he stated we all (like Mary) were to release the kingdom within us……

    I’ll just say this,anyone who actually reads the words of Christ and comes away with the understanding that this individual apparently has in under the influence of demon spirits.In other words, Jesus said some seed would fall on good ground,some on stony ground,etc…as for this false teacher I would say the word has been choked by the idealology of man.


  7. Frank

    I suffered through the whole thing and heard the same false teaching you will hear on TBN. I suffer through a few minutes of TBN every week just so I can keep up on what these people are saying and the new “phrases” that they use to deceive people out of their money.

    BTW, great post by Craig Lee above. I’m sure most of the people on this blog know the New Age phraseology of “The MESSage” and Eugene Peterson. Which was explained well by Craig’s post.

  8. IWTT

    You all made it farther than me into the video. After 10sec I turned it off and went and took a shower and then read my bible……

  9. Denise

    Wow, he sounds like a Romanist. They think Mary is the source of salvation. What utter nonsense to say she was birithing the kindgom in her and releasing it. He might as well light a candle and kiss the ring of the Vatican prince.

  10. shane

    I made it to 1:41.

    That is what happens when you start “spiritualizing” Scripture. You end up in gnosticism and various other heresies.

  11. Paul

    All this time there was a kingdom just sitting in my belly and I thought it was the steak and kidney pie I had for lunch!
    Seriously though, Mary gave birth to the Lord Jesus Christ not a kingdom.

    We should just have a little pin on badge for these guys that just says ‘Stop talking , just show me!’ The fact is they don’t heal anyone, they have never raised the dead and the kingdom they speak of is all in their imaginations or sub standard pulp fiction theology.

  12. Aaron

    “Releasing the kingdom?” Where is that found in Scripture? I don’t recall Jesus telling us to release the kingdom. He told us to spread the gospel, not “release the kingdom.”

  13. IWTT

    OK so here is another teaching fom the “depths of the belly” that we hear and call it the doctrine of demons. The thought that comes to mind is that these teachings and theology that these folks believe (I am sure with all of their heart) is, IMHO, also part of the “apostate church” that occurs during the end times.

    Looking at these theachings that are happening and are to happen in the future, how do you see this all playing out before the Lord’s return? Predictions of what you think might happens in the future if this is left unchecked? We know how it all plays out in the scriptures, but what do you think we might see in future years happening as they continue in propargating this false gospel, besides alot of folks that will are being decieved and eventually judged for their false leading and following? Do yo think there will be a huge shift in the church and that only a small remnant of people who really follow the truth of the scriptures?

    Sobering thought!

    1. Frank

      I sense that these false teachings are only preparing the way for the Antichrist and his deceptions. The people that believe these false teachers are already easily deceived by people like Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, et al.

      Unfortunately, they are ripe for the picking. My ex-wife is one of them. You could not pay her to adhere to the Scriptures, but she would be deceived by any “failth-healer” that came along in seconds flat.

      Thankfully she gave in to Lucifer and filed for divorce so she could have someone like her. The Lord works in mysterious ways ! 😉

  14. norcal


    Much appreciated your post above re: Bill Johnson and Bethel Church. I’ll check out the links and articles. Coincidentally, I had e-mailed Bob DeWaay about doing an article on them also. Perhaps he’ll feel there’s enough groundswell and be persuaded to look into it further.

    Also highly influential locally here and in women’s Aglow groups is Graham Cooke. As a speaker at Aglow events, he’s heavily influenced (negatively) my wife and some of her friends. He’s connected with The Mission (church) in Vacaville, CA whose staff is tight with Bill Johnson and Bethel Church. Cooke seems to fly even more under the radar and is more teflon…less radically heretical…there’s not much on him except for his divorce (not on Biblical grounds) and re-marriage (which used to be mentioned on his website but isn’t anymore) and that he’s on some “soaking” CDs sold on Elijah List and sometimes speaks at the same conferences as Chuck Pierce and others.

    Do you know more, or know where to get more information, on him? Don’t spend more than a few minutes on it unless it’s also an interest of yours.


    1. taher

      Hi Norcal –
      Funny, I never heard of Cooke until another friend mentioned him just this last week.
      The only thing I found was this forum on deceptionbytes (under dangerous ministries)

      Many comments in the forum – I hope this helps
      (by the way, I do appreciate all the other resource info you are passing on – I’m adding to my collection of research links – thanks!)

  15. Robert

    I think if a rapture of the saints of God occurred ( and, probably not, its a fairly recent phenonema in terms of church history ) no one would notice, because most of our churches would still be full.

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