Kim Clement Prophesies Assassination Attempt on Obama in 2010

When reading the latest prophecies from Kim Clement, I was quite bored, actually, because he talks in circles and most of what he says is so vague it can only be viewed as jibberish.  The key is that if you talk in vague statements long enough, people will think you’re actually prophesying.  Many fall into that trap.

However, one statment Kim Clement made on December 5th in Seattle, Washington wasn’t very vague.  He “prophesied” that there would be an assassination attempt on President Barack Obama in the middle of 2010.  Actually, he just says, “the President,” but if you read the prophecy in the context it was given, you will see that he can mean no other than the President of the United States himself.

Here are his exact words:

Who is going to control my children?  Who is it that will control what’s gonna happen for the youth?  Who is it?  Though they legislate God said I will break it down.  In 2010 there will be a change in the middle of the year, an assassination attempt against your President which I will cause to hold back three groups that shall rise up.  But the Spirit of God said I will be merciful.  Then there will be changes in the man’s heart, huge changes.  There will be a turn to the true Christ, not the false Christ, not the false Christ, the true Christ!
Liberals will say “We are in danger; we are in danger of such a change.  Even his countenance has changed, even his eyes have changed.”  God said who do you think that I am? I am the one who can take kings and turn them around by the scruff of their neck.  I have the hook that I placed in many kings’ mouths and caused them to go into insanity because of their disobedience.  (Online Source)

Clement has prophesied a death in the White House before and it has never happened.  Do I think this will happen?  No.  I’m just wondering if the Secret Service has seen this.  Notice, he didn’t predict that the president would be assassinated, just that there would be an attempt in 2010.  There comes a point when this stuff goes from being absurd to being downright idiotic and dangerous.

I don’t agree with President Barack Obama or his policies, but he is the president of this nation, and, as President, I pray for him.  Never would I want to see an attempt made on his life.  That would be heartbreaking and tragic.  I don’t know if Clement prophesies these things because he has taken leave of his senses or because he really believes they will happen.  Whatever the case, I think it’s time someone burst that bubble he’s ensconced himself in and shake him back to reality. 

I’m going to use this circumstance to address something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately.  While I think Clement’s prophecy in Seattle is, to put it mildly, hogwash, the subject has come up recently of some people experiencing signs and wonders, and because of this, they believe they are sent from God.  In fact, some reading this blog may be thinking, “What if there really is an assassination attempt on the President.  Does that mean Kim Clement is a true prophet of God?”  See, this is how people are led astray.  Scripture teaches that even the antichrist will have power to perform signs and lying wonders.  It also teaches that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.  It isn’t a question of whether a prediction of Kim Clement’s comes true, it’s a matter of whether what this man teaches is sound biblical doctrine. 

Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Though Clement’s track record with prophecy is dismal, even if he accidently does get one right every great once in a while and something truly happens (which hasn’t happened so far), the true test is this – what gospel does he preach?  Since he preaches another gospel, he is not a true prophet of the Lord.

Don’t let your guard down.  Never forget that even demonic forces can perform signs, but God’s Word is sound.  We can not rely on signs and wonders,  we must rely on the Scriptures…

2 Timothy 3:13-17:

13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.
14 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them ;
15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

However, enough of Clement’s prophecies have fallen to the ground that if he happens to hit one once in a while (which hasn’t happened yet), he is still considered a false prophet by Scripture.  Even a broken watch is right twice a day, but it doesn’t mean it’s working properly.

No need to worry, though.  Kim Clement is a false prophet.  Seeing so many led away by signs and wonders, it’s not hard to understand why the antichrist will be able to get such a toe-hold on the earth.

30 thoughts on “Kim Clement Prophesies Assassination Attempt on Obama in 2010

  1. Joel

    Crystal, doesn’t this sound familiar though? Regarding the attempt, then the recovery, and then the change, to the ‘real Christ.’ Seems to me that they are basing their ‘prophecies’ on certain segments in prophecy, such as this one, in which the ‘false prophet’ is wounded and recovers, etc…

    I’m not saying I agree with that understanding, but….

    1. Craig Lee


      But, isn’t the one who had the “fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed” [Rev 13:3] the Antichrist rather than the false prophet? And, the false prophet the one who “ordered them to to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived” [Rev 13:14]?

  2. Joel

    I mean, we take the ‘seven mountain mandate’ and they are reading directly from the most heinous parts of eschatology – the seven mountains. I’ve done my best to suggest it, but honestly, no one really gets it (except for a few us). Why in the world do they turn prophesied evil into something that is a sign that their god is real. Oh wait….

    1. Craig Lee


      I know about the seven mountains; but, I’m not sure what you mean exactly about where this is in prophecy. Could you elaborate, please?

  3. Meg

    I wonder if False Prophet Kim Clement will put on the terriost list by ‘ prophesies’ the ‘assassination attempt on Obama’. What’s his doing is dangerous both the President’s safety and these spritual part of people who are believed all these false prophecies that he made.

  4. Joel

    Craig, I am not saying that they are using a good interpretation of the passage or one agreed on by all Christians (because there is not one of those), but that they are using language eerily similar, and motifs eerily similar, to that of bible prophecy which has long been discussed.

  5. Ron

    The fact that this is news worthy is an indication of how shallow people are that believe anything this man says. A Christian who has read the bible or at least one who has been taught scripture surely understands that this man is false and under the influence of satan. There can be no other source of his lies.None.

    There can be little doubt that Mr.Obama is part of the growing “movement” that is focused on removing and destroying Biblical principals as our guiding force in government. I think Kim is stretching things a bit(even for him) to equate Mr.Obama in the same vein as the Antichrist and for him to do so further validates his position as one of the world’s most prolific false prophets.


  6. Theo

    The only reason you find Kim’s words ‘vague’ and ‘gibberish’ , etc. etc. is that you are listening with your mind and not your spirit. The Word of God is for those who have ears to hear. With apologies for the mixed metaphor, I suggest you take the beam out of your own eye first. I have absolutely no problem discerning God’s Word in what Kim has to say. I have known him as a prophet for many years and always found his Word to be most reliable.

    1. James Jones

      Theo, you say you have listened to Clements words for years. Theo, are you really on the path of salvation? What Jesus are you listening to?
      Repent of your idolizing of men, and ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you of this folly.
      And get into the Word, separate yourself from those you have embraced and ask the Lord to lead you in truth. Your in very real danger.
      James Jones

    2. Eli

      I have to agree Chrystal. Good night! has *ANYTHING* Clement ever said come true?? His track record is abominable, not to mention that the bible says a true prophet is correct 100% of the time!!! How any body can fall for this huckster is beyond me.

  7. unworthy1

    I urge you to study God’s word concerning what a true prophet is. From Deut. 18:22-‘When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.’ If a so-called prophet speaks, and what he says does NOT happen {even ONE failed prophesy} , that ‘prophet’ is phony…this according to God’s own word. Your beef is not with Chrystal, it is with God’s own word. You defend a phony, which means you do not uphold God’s word.

  8. shane

    I would rather have a word that is absolutely reliable (Bible) than a word that is “most reliable”

  9. Ron

    The only logical explanation for saying Kim’s words are “most reliable” would be that you “have heard,but hear not,and have seen,but see not”.Anyone who truly believes this is a man of God is deceived and has willingly believed one lie after another.

    No my friend, the truth is NOT in Kim Clement for if it was he would speak truth and only truth. I challenge you to show proof that a tree can yield both good and bad fruit,that a spring can bring forth both sweet and bitter water.

    The truth is contained in the word of God,always has,always will!

  10. Bud Press

    Theo wrote: “The only reason you find Kim’s words ‘vague’ and ‘gibberish’ , etc. etc. is that you are listening with your mind and not your spirit. The Word of God is for those who have ears to hear.”

    Theo, one of the problems you are encountering is that you are listening to Kim Clement, but not hearing what he says. As such, it is difficult for you to compare what Clement says with Scripture, then rely on Scripture as your final and ultimate authority.

    There is plenty of solid, Bible-based information available on Kim Clement to prove–beyond a shadow of a doubt–that he is a false prophet and false teacher. Want it?

    Bud Press

  11. frankguadagno

    Total agreement with you on this man I have been speaking out against this plague for saddens me to see Godly men and women being deceived by this nonsense.keep up your work ,as will I. ///there are more like him. Heb:1; 1-2 clearly states all we need to know re. the so called prophets of today…. be blessed brother

  12. Kay

    Oh! Lordy be… well one thing is for sure and one prediction/prophecy is without question–and I ain’t no prophetess– Jesus, He is a comin’ back real soon, folks! K

  13. mrjamadan

    About 5 or 6 years ago, Clement prophesied on the Elijah’s List that Osama Bin Laden would be captured/killed just before Christmas making it one of the most joyful/celebrated Christmas’ in US history. In January, when it had obviously not come to pass, I emailed the Elijah’s List asking what they planned to do. I suggested they needed to be accountable for missing the mark and repent for putting forth something as a Word from God which was false making a mockery of God and true prophets. This was only one in a long list of missed prophecies from Clement and I was trying to get Elijah’s List to be more accountable for issuing forth garbage as being from God. I received an email response from Steve Shultz’ wife by mistake. She meant to forward it to Steve for him to look at but she hit “reply” by accident so I saw her attached comments she sent to her husband which said “Looks like the children aren’t happy”. I replied to her rebuking her condescending attitude and dismissal of my concerns. She did apologize, but it revealed much to me about their attitude on accountability.

    Clement speaks mostly nonsensical drival that can’t be tracked on held accountable, but when he does make a statement that can be tracked, I’ve never seen him be accurate. According to Scripture, that means we should ignore him knowing he is not hearing from God and has no authority to speak for God.

  14. Carolyn

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind calling this man a false prophet. I have personally met Kim Clement and my husband received a personal prophecy from him. The prophecy we received has been
    accurate thus far, and while we are still waiting for some of it to manifest we have found Kim to be
    a true man of God and a true prophet… Prophets have been shunned since the days of the old testament
    and unfortunately, they are still being shunned today. His prophecy for Obama is not against scripture,
    God often allows a tragedy or a close call in our lives to get our attention. Perhaps President Obama is
    due for a wake-up call to bring him to the “True Christ” and not the “False Christ” he may have in his mind. Just a thought…

  15. Frank

    Kim Clement is nothing more than a glorified “shotgun preacher”. He “prophesies” vague things that can be spread out and hit a few people. Then when the 1 in 1000 people have something “manifest” (a new age term) in their lives, they think people like Clement are prophets.

    Listen clearly people: THIS IS NOT OLD TESTAMENT TIMES ! THERE ARE NO PROPHETS OR PROPHETESSES NOW! Do not be deceived and go buy an Authorized Version 1611 Bible and read. All of the people that are fooled by these men/women do not know Scripture. Jesus Christ himself–yes himself–said that there would be “false Christs” speaking in His name in the last of the last days.

  16. Bud Press

    Hi Carolyn:

    If it could be shown that Kim Clement is a false prophet, would you:

    A) continue to trust Kim Clement?
    B) Trust in God’s written word and stop listening to Kim Clement?

    Bud Press

  17. Kyle Shoens

    Mr Obama wants more abortion yet he is qouted in saying he is a christian. Hmmm.
    I think this would clearly equate Mr Obama in reference to a anti christ type.
    He also said in his book, (not a quote), I am a christian, But if things get ugly then Im going with the muslims.
    Today jan 17 Mr Obama spoke in a black church and said, “Praise be to God”.
    This can be the Muslim or Jewish/Christian God. Both the same acording to Abrahams 1st and 2nd born sons. Ismeal-arab nations , Isac -Jewish(christian) nations.
    Same God.
    As for Mr Clements, He is quite entertaining and deserves a talk show next to Mr ORilley , who, makes fun of a very Godly woman, Sarah Palin.

  18. Mr. PSb

    Its amazing that Kim Clement has the audacity to continue “prophesying” after having quite a reputation for flunked prophecies. I guess for people like Him God must be schizophrenic.

  19. Eli

    I used to wonder when i first got into Eschatology and end times study, how it was possible for anti christ to decieve all but those who follow Christ. Then I read about people like Clement. Anti christ isn’t going to have a real tough job ahead of him. by the time he takes the stage, false prophets like Clement will have already paved the way for him.

  20. Mignon

    It doesnt matter whether Kim is false or not, what does matter is that the truth is known by the Lord and ultimately He is the just and only true judge. So in the end we all should make sure that our relationship with the Lord is real and intimate and leave the judging up to the One who knows ALL TRUTH and will Judge accordingly. (Its not our job,)

    Rather pray for the man. If I was deceived and was preaching nonsense I would want people to pray for me not judge me. We all need prayer because none of us have ARRIVED.

    May the Lord of Grace be with us all in the last days. We really need it (even Kim).


  21. cindy

    First, Kim prophesied Osama’s place of death, where he was at years before and actually gave it to President Bush. The FBI has investigated him. He has given the queen of England a hand-written word personally.
    He had a vision of 911 years before it happened and it is was video taped when he said this. He saw a vision of Katrina way before it happened.
    He prophesied to a hispanic church in Florida about a building that they would get and they had no money, a few years later the million dollar building was debt free, and they celebrated him with mayor of new york. Kim gave the founders of God tv the word about it being broadcast around the world before it even existed. Kim prophesied to TBN many words that have come forth. Kim gave a word to Jan Crouch when she had 4th stage metasized cancer and she had no treatment and given months to live like 15 years ago. Like I said there is so many you could never put all down.

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