Perry Noble Has a Special Name for People Who Disagree With Him

… And you’ll have to click here to see what it is….  (Note:  There’s also a video after the jump.  Give it a listen!)

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3 Responses to Perry Noble Has a Special Name for People Who Disagree With Him

  1. Doug says:

    Wow. He thinks that teachers who like to go deeper into Scripture are “standing up there trying to confuse you”. He says that he could do that, if he wanted.
    I doubt it, Perry. I think ‘deep’ solid Biblical teaching would scare the pants off you. It might even drive you to your knees, begging God’s forgivness, but I think you’re safe from that happening.
    Thank you for posting about this, Chrystal.
    Here, let’s see if history has taught us anything.
    Perry Noble is full of bad theologizing.
    God causes light to be shined on Noble’s ignoblilities, in this case through Duncan, Chrystal and others sounding the warning.
    Noble’s ministry grows for a short while due to its complaints of being “persecuted”…then major corruption is discovered, Noble loses his ministry but goes on with a hardy few disciple ‘true believers’. See Bakker and Swaggart.

  2. Carol says:

    Why does anyone listen to this man? Has “Christendom” scraped the bottom of the swamps to find their “spiritual” leaders as this man?

    What is wrong with people to follow this?

    Blind guides…

  3. David T says:

    People listen to him Carol because, as Paul Washer put it ever so greatly, “false teachers are the judgment of those who sit under them”. These people yearn for the teachings and words of Perry Noble. You notice that by the way they defend their “Golden Calf”. They will act like satan in their violence and the Israelites in their not wanting to give up their worship of Baal.

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