TBN Host’s DUI Victim Dies

Steve Galiher, pastor of Trinity Music City church in Tennessee, was arrested in April for DUI.  While driving drunk in the company’s BMW, he hit an elderly man (70-years-of-age) so hard his car flipped a couple of times.  He suffered broken bones and other injuries which he never fully recovered from.  He died a few weeks ago, some say, as a result of complications from the injuries he sustained in the crash months ago.

Did Paul and Jan Crouch pull Galiher off the air?  No.  While he is no longer reportedly pastoring Trinity Music City church, he was recently seen on-air during TBN’s Fall Share-a-thon.  Does that surprise you?  It shouldn’t.  Perhaps if this had been more widely reported Paul and Jan Crouch would have distanced themselves from him.  But, since there has not been a large public outcry, they continue with business as usual.

Since news of the accident has begun to surface on a wider scale, people have been coming out of the woodwork to say that Galiher and other TBN regulars have been living a double-life for years.  While claiming to be the anointed of God during the on-air programs, they retreat to the nightlife and frequent nightclubs and bars once the tv lights are turned off.  There have even been some who still attend Trinity Music City church who admit they’ve been hearing rumors about Galiher’s double-life for years, but didn’t believe it until this happened.  Look folks, if you’re hearing rumors about your pastor of the likes of drunkeness and sexual immorality, and the rumors are rampant, then chances are it just may be true.  Take time to check it out!  But, some people just won’t believe even though the truth is right there in front of their faces.

I pray that the lies and double-standards of TBN will be brought to light and their wickedness will be exposed.

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13 thoughts on “TBN Host’s DUI Victim Dies

  1. David T

    This doesn’t surprise me at all with TBN. They have always been a heretical network that promotes the worst of the worst.

    I am saddened by the words of people who call themselves Christians in the comments section of the link you provided Chrystal. Their words show the Biblical illiteracy that is prevalent in our world and also the hatred amongst those who don’t want you to touch “God’s anointed”.

    I also will join you in prayer that the lies and double standards of TBN will be brought to light.

  2. James

    There’s a saying: “The guilty dog barks the loudest”.

    Often, the loudest, harshest voices preaching against immorality belong to those engaging in the worst vices themselves. Look at Jimmy Swaggart: having sex with prostitutes isn’t even something common among unbelievers.

    At the same time, do any of us want all of our inner thoughts and actions brought to light?

    So, I must admit I’m torn.

    We all fall short, yet, a “company BMW”? Why are the funds of the faithful being spent on a luxury vehicle used as a transit to go partying?

  3. Doug

    I knew that TBN was probably still on the air/cable, but it is so far removed from my life that it is almost as if it doesn’t exist.
    Your mention of ‘double lives’ reminds me of that Don Francisco song, “Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?” ouch. Nothing is hidden from God.
    What the TBN-types don’t seem to realize is the pitiful tiny bit of success they enjoy down here is nothing. Saved as through a fire, meaning that their BMWs and fancy things won’t be waiting for them in Heaven.

  4. Bud Press

    Sad ending to a tragic situation. Read the “Comments” section (but be prewarned; some of the comments are “R” rated).

    While the situation may serve to awaken some of the TBN-ers, others are quick to defend–regardless of the hypocrisy.

    Note what Anya Narkhova stated in her Monday, July 20, 2009 comments:

    “Pastor Steve Galiher was my pastor for over 10 years at the local Trinty Music City church in Hendersonville Tennessee. I love him very much with all of my heart and soul. I will continue to stand in the gap for him, as he stood so faithfully in the gap for me and my family. I am confident he and his family will grow closer together through all of this. He is a godly man. He truely loves people and he loves Jesus. And you all BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU THINK YOU STAND, LEST YOU FALL”.

    “I love him very much with all of my heart and soul.”


    Bud Press

  5. Julie

    What a horrible tragedy for this man and his family. I hope TBN pays the price for this in more than just a monetary settlement. How sad that this man died. I pray he was saved. Imagine the tragedy if this is the only experience his family would have with “Christianity.” This is only one person’s life a drunken TBN-er has taken (at least that’s all we know about so far). I can’t imagine how many souls they have led to hell with their heresy. I hope and pray that if anyone who works for TBN would have a second thought about leaving this “network,” that they will and will do so today and repent and seek the Truth and the true gospel of salvation. The TBN supporters are so blinded by all of the false promises of the TBN wolves. After reading some of the TBN supporter’s comments it seems to me that some of them have idolized and placed many of these false teachers on a pedestal and have been throwing their hard-earned offerings at their feet. And their money buys the wolves more jets, jewelry, wigs and eyelashes, grand pianos, trips, fancy homes, Mercedes Benz, BMW’s, and other vile things I won’t mention. Wake up people! It’s later than you think. I hope more truth about this corrupt network will come out and at least drive some away in shame!

  6. Carol

    People who support such false ministries, in this case an entire “Christian” network..are much like those who have fallen under the spell of cult leaders. They have a “need” that somehow this “ministry” fills. They suck the life out of those who send their money to support this “work” and they get nothing from it, certainly not truth and spiritual discernment. They put their “leaders” on pedestals and think these “anointed” leaders are of God and they dare not “touch” them with accusations or question their works.

    They have no Biblical foundation in order to be able to rightly divide the Word of Truth, they get their “feeding” from whatever line of bull comes from these false pulpits.

    They are blind and they seek guidance from those who live in the darkness.

    It’s tragic for all of those thousands if not millions of people who support this false Christian network and those on it.

  7. Ron

    TBN has a long sordid history of covering up the facts by lies upon lies.They think nothing of using donors money to promote their sinful lifestyles and yet the money continues to pour in from well meaning people who have no concept of biblical Truth.
    These people and all who are regular “performers” on their shows are all partners in one of the most despicable abominations ever to afflict the Christian church.All of which is done within the context of the law as allowed for “not for profit”organizations,which God knows is a total sham.
    Even accusations of homosexuality concerning TBN’s grand poobah fail to disuade donors from trying to “pay for a blessing”,that’s how powerful their brand of deception is.
    To th point of the OP,I pray that justice will be served but history tells me a slap on the wrist and an out of court settlement are all that’s forthcoming.
    All I can say is that one day,all of this darkness will be exposed for the sin it is and then there will be no cloak to hide under.

  8. lyn

    False prophets always live to fill their sensual desires. They bilk people out of millions of dollars because these folks want their ears tickled. They want to continue living to fill their own fleshly desires, thinking God will fatten their bank accounts so they will be comfortable in the here and now; so they follow the slick talking, snappy dressed wolves. Then, God exposes the hypocrisy of the wolves, and they hide in the trenches until time has passed and they think people have forgotten.
    The Crouch family will one day find out just how damning their propaganda is…when they stand before the bar of a Holy God and answer for their terrible crimes against Him. They will be accompanied by the heretics associated with them; we all know that’s a long list. May God have mercy on their souls.

  9. Maggie

    Personally we have known Steve Galiher for many years and he did have a Gift from God. I had been praying for him for many years because this is not the only thing that he struggles with. He also struggles with homosexuality and that has been kept a secret for ages.
    He any many other men from TBN struggle with this. As well there is a bout of HIV going around in the Church Circle.
    So we do need to be praying about this because I personally know that innocent women that are married to these men are being infected and God knows what will happen to their children.
    Yes they should practice what they preach or that is called a Hypocrite. They hurt many people and then repent which of course God does forgive, but God exspects them to TURN from their sin after that not just keep on committing the same sin, ENJOYING IT and repenting of it each time.
    This is not the True Spirit of Christ. If they have alocohol or homosexual issues just say so and stop lieing about it.
    Also stop judging people who are openly admitting they are gay because at least they are telling the truth, they should be welcomed in with open arms just as anyone else and NO I AM NOT GAY, I AM WOMAN MARRIED TO A MAN.
    I have respect for people who just tell it like it is letting everyone know that they are not perfect instead of lieing and then having something like this happen to where people are shocked and those that have been led by him are hurt.
    It is a SHAME that our Churches have become a place where people have to be perfect to walk in the door or be Used of God.
    God used a donkey in the Bible!
    Yet we want to determine who’s gift is used based on their story!
    If Steve walked in the door of any ministry with the Gift of God he has had and told the truth about his life, he would have been told one of two things, 1. We can not use you until you have Grown in The Lord More and are not sinning like that anymore or 2. He would have been told to just keep it in the closet and act perfect.
    I would assume he was told to keep it in the closet and look perfect.
    It is a shame for Steve and a Shame for the people who are being led by these people.
    Alcohol, Homosexuality, Murder, Lieing all are the same sin’s in God’s eyes, but he does expect us to be truthful not False Witnesses!

    1. Chrystal Post author

      God’s word gives the conditions for being an overseer, and Galiher failed from the top down. These are not our rules, these are God’s. He was disqualified from the get-go, number one because he teaches false doctrine, and number two because of his double life. If people would truly use God’s Word as the standard, as we’re supposed to do, Galiher never would have been in the pulpit to begin with.

  10. Denise

    Maggie, consider what Scripture says on this matter:

    1Co 5:11 But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler–not even to eat with such a one.
    1Co 5:12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?
    1Co 5:13 God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”

    The Corinthian church didn’t hide (ie, be dishonest about) the immorality of the sinning brother with his step-mother: they were proud of their tolerance. This was to their SHAME.

    Also, teachers and leaders in the local church are held to a higher accountability. 1Tim. 3 and Titus 1 show the requirments of leaders & they are NOT suggestions, but rather commands. A failure of any requirement means the person is disqualified to be in leadership.

    So many professing Christians lower the holiness of God and the standard for Christians. Perfection is a strawman arguement that holds no water. Obedience to the King is a spiritual issue;the flesh will fail b/c of sin and we NEED the Holy Spirit and His grace to even desire and then to obey Him as we grow in Christ Jesus (Phil. 2:13; 2Peter 3).

    Tit 2:11 For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, Tit 2:12 training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age,

    Or do professing Christians not really believe this passage?

  11. Bud Press

    Maggie wrote:

    “Also stop judging people who are openly admitting they are gay because at least they are telling the truth, they should be welcomed in with open arms just as anyone else…”

    With Romans 1:25-31 in mind, homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle, and is an abomination to God. As such, homosexuals have a choice: continue to reject God and face His wrath and JUDGEMENT, or, repent and return to what God created them to be in the first place.

    While Christians are to reach out to homosexuals with the truth of God’s written word, Christians and Christian churches are NOT to welcome homosexuals with “open arms”. Doing so only validates their sinful lifestyle and encourages them to remain homosexual.

    The “stop judging” card has been played, worn out, and beaten to death. But God’s word commands Christians to “judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24).

    Bud Press

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