God’s Power Working Through Children?

In this video, Patricia King says that she has heard accounts where children are reading her ministry’s books or listening to her material and they start having supernatural occurences.  She also says that God’s power is going to move through children and birth some new movement…. charismatics are always birthing something or other.

If children are being effected this way by King’s materials, that should send up huge red flags.  The mystical is a realm children do not understand, and when exposed to it, it can cause great destruction and torment.  I know, I’ve been there.

Listen to Patricia King’s special word about children.


4 thoughts on “God’s Power Working Through Children?

  1. Doug

    Hi Chrystal-I made it through 1:15 of the King video. There isn’t a pole big enough to hoist the red flag for this one.
    I won’t pry, but I’m assuming that the mystical realm you mention having witnessed happened at a pentecostal church. It is sad that so many good Christians stay in those churches where…people…like King or Hinn are hailed as Godly leaders.
    Chrystal, I appreciate your ministry, how you shine God’s light on things which Christians should not be involved in. May God continue to Bless youl-I keep going back to Psalm 37, the “don’t fret/don’t worry” Psalm when I need encouragement in this troubling world.
    Have a good day, Chrystal.

  2. Mr. PSb

    Patricia King and the rest of these charismatic jokers are all out for money. The lack of critical thinking employed in their heretical discourses portrays Christianity to be some esoteric anti-intellectual religion for the stupid.

  3. shane

    “charismatics are always birthing something or other.”

    they have very fertile imaginations.

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