War is Brewing

I found this at Worldview Times:

Gay Activists Mull “Organized Terrorism” Against Christians

Pro-Family Leaders Targets of Death Threats

Lynchburg, VA – In the wake of the horrific act of Islamic domestic terrorism at Fort Hood Texas, it has been learned that militant homosexual activists recently made similar online postings to those of Nidal Malik Hasan, threatening additional acts of terrorism against Christians.

In response to Maine’s natural marriage victory last Tuesday, “gay” activists have directly threatened to retaliate with “terrorism” and the “killing” of Christians on the popular homosexual activist “JoeMyGod” Weblog. Liberty Counsel notified the FBI which is investigating the matter. As of this morning, the offending blog entry had been removed. (captured version of post will be available at www.americansfortruth.com).    

Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel’s Director of Cultural Affairs, issued a statement shortly after Maine’s marriage victory (posted with additional commentary at AmericansForTruth.com). In reaction to that statement, blog poster “ColdCountry” wrote: “Will someone please give me a gun?” Poster “Fritz” warned: “What I fear is that once gay and lesbian people give up hope of achieving equality through nonviolent means, there will be radicals who will begin to hunt down haters… All it will take is a small group of radical zealots who are willing to kill for their cause.”  

In reply to Fritz, “tex” posted: “Fritz….you say this like it’s a bad thing? Maybe a bit of well organized terrorism is just what we need.”  Read more…

2 thoughts on “War is Brewing

  1. Carol

    Judgment is coming upon this nation very, very soon. As in the days of Noah, and reminding readers of what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah….Judgment is coming soon and it’s going to be worse than anything we have ever seen.

    It can only be a very short time before the Lord Jesus will return with his bride.

  2. Doug

    It’s OUR fault that Gay marriage has been voted down in every state where the issue has been put on a ballot?
    I wish we could claim that credit, but there are many many other peoples who vote gay marriage to defeat. Many of them would get very angry if you called them Christians.

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