America and God’s Judgment

Here is a very insightful article by Brannon Howse of Worldview Times.  Please click the source link to visit the site and read the article in its entirety.

1-judgmentI believe America is at a dangerous tipping point  for receiving God’s judgment for two reasons. The first reason is America’s withering support for the nation of Israel. This began under the Bush Administration but has rapidly advanced under the Obama Administration. In early June of 2009, President Obama traveled to Egypt to deliver an address to the Muslim world. In his speech President Obama cited what he called the holy Koran numerous times. This is the very book that calls for Muslim to murder the Jews as well as Christians.

Days before his trip to the region President Obama declared that Iran has the right to a nuclear facility for energy. Why do they need a nuclear facility for energy when they have all that oil? We all know they want a nuclear bomb. Obama has clearly thrown Israel under the bus; by weakening Israel’s national security and making them vulnerable to a nuclear strike by Iran. In addition he has increased Iran’s threat to America’s national security. Since 1998, Iran has been practicing shooting a missile off a cargo ship. If one missile, with a nuclear war head, was launched from international waters over the United States and detonated only a few miles above the center of our nation, an electronic magnetic pulse could very easily put America back in the mid 1800s technology wise by damaging vital electrical devices such as America’s power-grid and our military defenses. Military experts and scientists have testified before the U.S. Congress and declared that the only way our enemies could bring us down militarily is through an EMP bomb.

In Genesis 12:3 God says that He will curse those that curse Israel and bless those that bless Israel. I believe one of the only reasons God’s wrath has been delayed for America is because of our support for Israel and now America has almost completely withdrawn this support and I believe it puts us at great risk for being cursed by God.

The second dangerous national tipping point that is inviting God’s wrath is found in the book of Nahum. The prophet Nahum shows up in Nineveh about 150 years after Jonah to tell the nation that God is not going to give them the chance to repent this time but His wrath is going to come upon them. Why? Because in Nahum 1:11 we read that the people had begun to “plot evil against the Lord.” Rejecting God is one thing; plotting evil against him is the tipping point for national judgment.  In fact in Nahum 3:19 we read, that their national “injury has no healing, your wound is severe.” One translation says, “Your wound is incurable.”  (Online Source)

5 thoughts on “America and God’s Judgment

  1. Carol

    Thanks for bringing this article to light here Chrystal. Many Christians wave their flags and ask God to Bless America, but God cannot bless a blind and foolish people who choose to reject Him and His Ways.
    This is very timely and vital to realize our nation is not the great “leader” that it once was. It’s a nation falling apart as we speak. It’s a reminder that God is still on His Throne and dealing with sin. While some may not see anything happening, judgment is happening now!

    Another judgment is the shedding of innocent blood. How many millions of unborn babies have been slaughtered in the name of ” a woman’s right to choose”? The land is polluted with blood that cries out for judgment.

    We need to be looking up for the Master’s Return, but it seems most of what calls itself “church” or “Christianity” are either in their “Christian Yoga” classes, taking breath prayers or walking labyrinths, sipping coffee and donuts during church social time and then go to entertainment…

    It’s time to gather one’s oil. The Bridegroom is about to come for His Bride.

    What will you be doing when He returns?

    Makes me consider my ways and what I do with my time and thoughts…

  2. Carol

    Hmmmm. another timely post and no other response but by my own. It is a reminder of the times we are living in. Judgment is coming to America. It must happen for the sins she has committed and they are many. If Sodom and Gomorrah was judged and the world before the flood, does anyone seriously think that this country is any less worthy of God’s Great wrath? And it is coming….actually, the judgment has already begun….it’s only a matter of time, a very short time, before it’s complete.

    Very soon the Bridegroom will come for His Bride, will she be waiting? Or will she be out looking for last minute oil?

  3. lyn

    Judgment is indeed coming, in part, it has already arrived in the form of God’s abandonment of this nation. As sin increases and heaps up to the heavens, it is just a matter of time, God’s timing, when ‘all hell will break loose’.
    We MUST intercede for loved ones, we must proclaim the good news while there is yet time, even though we are living in a time when men will not put up with sound doctrine. We will soon hear the shout, the command…at that time we will meet the Lord in the air to be with Him forever! This is our blessed hope, and it could happen at any moment.

  4. Carol

    Indeed, ANY MOMENT is the key….While discussing this among some folks, they want to believe it will happen, yet think it may still be years away. This is a dangerous mindset. For the foolish virgins didn’t think it would be time when the bridegroom returned and decided they get their oil…and while they were out, they missed the bridegroom.

    Does any true believer want to be caught “out for oil” when the Bridgegroom returns for His Bride? I don’t. I don’t think anyone else really does. We should be on our faces and seeking His face preparing for that Return rather than playing strange bedfellows with entertainment based churches.

  5. lyn

    Amen Carol! We should NOT be ‘in bed’ with the Laodicean church, as they draw in those who love to have their ears tickled with bands, big screens, lavish sound systems…church is now big business. It is showy, a form of entertainment. ‘Let’s see how we can lure in the masses’ is the theme of the day as opposed to ‘let’s fall on our faces before a Holy God and worship HIM’!
    We MUST keep our eyes fixated on Christ, our hearts and minds must be looking heavenward and NOT steered off track by all the chaos. This can only be accomplished through ceaseless praying as well as spending much time in His word.
    May we keep our eyes on Christ, His coming for His church is signless.

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