Homosexuality and the Lutheran Church

In a post at A Little Leaven entitled, “ELCA Gives God the Middle Finger,” blog owner Chris Rosenborough wrote:

The nation’s largest Lutheran denomination (the ELCA) said Friday that gay and lesbian clergy who are in monogamous, committed relationships can be called to serve as pastors and church leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Make no mistake about it, the ELCA’s vote to lift the ban on homosexual clergy is nothing less than outright rebellion against God and His word.

Yet God’s word could not be clearer.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10   Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Pray that God would grant the ELCA repentance for their rebellion. Even now, God is offering His forgiveness for this egregious collective sin.

I usually only post a snippet of someone else’s work, but his post was so dead on that I wanted to post it in it’s entirety.  (Please click the links above to visit his blog.)

I have one question – is there really any debate about ordaining homosexual clergy?  Never at any other time has there been such ambivalence about homosexuality among those who call themselves the church as there is now.  As a believer who holds to the Biblical world view, there is no discussion where homosexuality is concerned.  It’s immoral and perverted.  If a clergyman declares himself to be gay, as Bible believers, we know he is unrepentant, still in his sins, and unable to lead the flock of God.  Therefore, there is no option – he doesn’t even teach sunday school, much less pastor!

This is evidence that those who suppose they are in the church (the body of Christ), truly aren’t.  If they loved God, they would retain knowledge of Him in their hearts, and follow His Word.  And, His Word has said that “those who do such things will NOT enter in.”  How hard is that to understand?

I pray there would be a mass exodus out of the ELCA because of this decision.  I fear there won’t be, but I sure hope there is.

Update:  Thankfully, not all Lutherans are accepting this perversion.  Read an article entitled, “Smaller Lutheran Church Bodies Reaffirm Bible’s Stance on Homosexuality.”

5 thoughts on “Homosexuality and the Lutheran Church

  1. Carol

    I find it truly disturbing when the flocks are not accurately handling the Word of Truth and allow themselves to have gay clergy and those who allow women to rule their assemblies. It clearly says in God’s Word that women are NOT to have authority over men and the criteria for church leadership says MEN…husband of one WIFE. That means male and female as God created them to be. To ignore such teachings is ignoring truth. When church leadership ignore God’s clear commandments, they are not true shepherds. They are not living in truth and should certainly NOT be leaders.

    When God’s Word is not honored among the leadership, it should be a clear indication that the foundation of that church is not on the solid rock of the Lord Jesus or God’s Word. This should tell the sheep to get OUT! No matter how long you may have been a part of that denomination or that particular church, get OUT!

    It seems to also be an issue of people not wanting to move from their comfort zones. If they have been a member or attended a particular assembly for a length of time, they grow familiar with the routine rather than following the Lord Jesus. Rather than standing up for truth, they would rather stay in their “zone” and allow themselves to be subjected to questionable things rather than leave.

    But God does not call us into a “comfort zone” to stay at a church just to follow a leader or denomination. The Lord Jesus should be the example and the Head of the church. Any tolerance for abominations should indicate the direction of the church being lead away from God and down a path of destruction.

  2. truthinator

    Carol did a great job summing up the situation. I know people who will stay in their local church because it does not agree with the national leadership (ELCA). This is OK for now but ,long-term, there will be a cost for the ELCA moving in this unBiblical direction. Over time, once pastors move or retire, new ones will come from the seminaries that have been influenced by the ‘leadership’. Eventually, pastors will either agree with the leadership or they will move to another denomination. There must be a revolt now in order to save the ELCA and the Lutheran denomination.

    If the homosexual heresy stands, the entire denomination will eventually become bankrupt and thus apostate.

    I wish groups that did not believe the Bible would pull out and form social clubs and stop calling themselves churches. People are confused enough already. Let’s be honest about who we are.

    All Lutheran churches that do not agree with the ELCA decision on homosexuality should stop sending money to the ELCA until the ruling is overturned and the leadership is replaced with people who believe the Bible.

    The time for namby-pamby, easy-believism is over.


  3. Doug

    I think we’ve all seen this coming for years-there is a Lutheran church near here which advertises their welcoming of all Gay/Lesbian/Transgender peoples to special services where they can be themselves. I don’t know the Lutheran affiliation of that church, but I do know error when I see it.

  4. truthinator


    They can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig!

    What they are doing by welcoming the homosexuals is sending a signal of approval to them. Others will see this happening and figure if a church is doing this then it must be ok.

    After a generation or two passes, many will have the heretical notion that there is no difference between homo and hetero practices. Therein lies the danger of the Church refusing to address sin and heresy.

    You correctly spotted the error. I hope many others do as well.

  5. Carol

    People who live in this abominable lifestyle, and according to God’s Word homosexuality and other sexual perversions are abominations… should either choose to remain in their sinful ways, which would be a dangerous road to remain on, or repent from their wicked ways and surrender their lives to Jesus and ask Him to cleanse them from this hideous past. You can’t bring your sins to “church” and think you are pleasing God.

    We are to present ourselves as a LIVING sacrifice, HOLY and ACCEPTABLE to God which is our reasonable service. Homosexuality and transgender living is NOT HOLY or ACCEPTABLE to a holy God!

    Unless one repents of their wicked ways and sin no more…they only fool themselves. They are not fooling God.

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