Michael Jackson: Will It Ever End?

I’m a news junkie.  I admit it.  I got it from my mother, so you might say I got it honestly.  I feel it’s important to keep up with current events, especially in light of Bible prophecy as it relates to the days in which we live.  But, what passes for news nowadays is pathetic, really.  It isn’t really news any more – it’s like we’ve been watching nearly two weeks of Entertainment Tonight.

I called my mother a few hours ago and asked her if she was going to watch Michael Jackson’s memorial service.  She snorted and said, “I don’t have a choice!!!”  Unless you withdraw into a coccoon, you won’t be able to escape the Jackson press coverage today…or maybe tomorrow…or maybe the next day.

I’m sitting here looking at the news, and with unrest in Iran, North Korea blustering and snorting at the world, a war in Iraq still ongoing, soldiers being killed in Afghanistan, President Obama’s visit to Russia, Israel possibly preparing to strike Iran in the near future, and a host of other important developments throughout the world, the one that trumps them all is the death of Michael Jackson. I’m not surprised by this, but I am sickened.

I was watching the news when word came that Michael Jackson had been taken to the hospital, and that he had ultimately died. When his death was confirmed, I looked at my mother and said, “This is all you’re going to hear about for weeks.” I knew it would be overblown. I knew many from across the world would scramble to memorialize him. I wasn’t even surprised when his music sales went through the roof. But, what angers me is not just the massive press coverage of Jackson’s death, but the hypocrisy displayed by the media.

Before his death, Michael Jackson was branded a weirdo, and some even called him a pedophile. While I’m not arguing the point of his guilt or innocence one way or another, what I am saying is that the media in this country tripped over themselves to gather like vultures to pick him apart during his child molestation trial, but when he died, he was a media darling. To be fair, not all media can be indicted with the charge of deifying Jackson, but they are all guilty of saturating the airwaves with constant coverage of his death.

One thing America is known for is its obsession with celebrities. When someone does something good like donating their time to help at the local food bank, it goes unnoticed, but when a celebrity goes out in public without their underwear, we hear about it incessantly. I know the names and faces of countless celebrities despite the fact that I never watch their movies or listen to their music. How? The news, even world news, is saturated with them – their comings, their goings, who they’re sleeping with, where they go to party – and there is no escape.

I was a child of the eighties. No one has to tell me about Michael Jackson or Thrillermania because I lived through it. I lived through the big hair and spandex days of the hair bands, and Madonna’s pornographic assault on society. Christian mothers allowed their children to indulge in the preoccupation of pop culture, and most defended it by saying, “It’s just entertainment.” But, hasn’t the church been entertained enough? Hasn’t America’s Christian youth been desensitized enough by entertainment that is neither spiritual nor Scriptural? Exposing youth to the ungodliness of pop culture distracts them from the Scriptural precepts of living a Godly life. Jesus told us to learn of Him and walk in His ways, but when our churches use worldly concepts instead of Christly ones to reach the youth and the unchurched, is it any wonder the church looks nothing like Christ Jesus, but looks like the world instead?  You look like what you mold yourself after; those molded after Christ look like Christ, and those molded after the world look like the world.  The ending result is that our churches are producing worldly youth, not Godly ones.

I will not allow myself to be entertained by anything that my Heavenly Father finds offensive. I don’t find that entertaining, I find it sinful. Michael Jackson will be laid to rest either today, tomorrow, next week, or who knows when. But, the damage is done. This isn’t Michael Jackson’s fault. The obsession was already there. This insanity is the evidence of the spiritual rot in our country, and our world. It will not end here, and will continue long after Jackson has been buried.

People always need their idols.

14 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: Will It Ever End?

  1. Carol

    I watched a replay of the memorial and what really disturbed me were the endless accounts of people talking about “God” and I asked myself, “What ‘god’ were they referring to?” Michael was connected with the Kabballah as well as Jehovah’s Witness, and who knows what else he dabbled in. He was not of our God the true God and he was not a believer in the Lord Jesus or he would have left that life of fame and fortune and the circus like publicity that surrounded him.

    It also disturbed me as his celebrity friends looked up or pointed up as though he’s going to spend eternity in the heavens. The sad reality is he will not be in heaven. All of these people who think he’s in a better place is sadly mistaken. A false sense of gathering the world together as though all faiths can live as one as was depicted during the rendition of “We Are The World”.

    They call him a “king” and acted as if he’s something more than human. But all to real, he’s passed into a Christ-less eternity and there is no prayer for him now.

    The tragedy is all the fame and fortune that he had at his fingertips, the world is in a state of mourning as though he was a world leader or someone who affected society as a president or head of state. What did all of the wealth, fame, and world wide popularity do for this man? He was frail and we don’t even know the cause of his passing.

    The other tragedies that are in this case are the future of those children and those people who hold this man up as though he was some sort of healer of people.

    Indeed an idol…a fallen idol…

    There’s something curious in all of the hoopla of the media….it’s as though people are so caught up in losing their “idol” that they don’t realize what dangerous and troublesome things are taking place all over the world.

    It doesn’t evolve around Michael, although the media has it’s day with him.

    It was only a few weeks ago, the attention was on the Pennsylvania couple with 8 kids and a reality show that ruined their marriage.

  2. Frances

    Like the thief crucified next to our Lord Jesus, and Jesus said today you will be with me in paradise.

    Even though Micheal Jackson had lived a life contrary to the Word of God and not openly given his life to Christ, It is possible he may have made it to heaven, as I read, that three weeks before he died, he met with Andre and Sandra Crouch who are Gospel Artist. According to them He wanted to know about the Holy Spirit and how he could bring spirituality to his music, they also prayed with him, although not a salvation prayer.

    Who knows he might have later repented privately and taken home to heaven, so that he may not revert to his old ways and miss heaven.

    Our Heavenly Father is a merciful and loving God and He always gives everyone an opportunity to turn to Him, everyone has to make a choice and it would be their fault if they refuse Jesus.

    So three weeks before Micheal Jackson died, he had the opportunity and we would never know if he made the right decision till we get to heaven.

  3. sjaco

    In Holland I watched the ceremony and I found it great.
    They onoured Michael Jackson but the great onour was going to God.
    We dont know of He is by Jesus or not we are not to judge but bring teh love of Jesus in this world Who are we!!
    Are we good, the bible say we all sinned!
    Its only throught Jesus, and this is also for Michael too.
    I hope I will see him when we see also the King of Kings.

  4. Carol

    I hope that he did repent. We will not know until we get there ourselves.

    I don’t usually follow the news on celebrities, but I am concerned about the well being of the children and that they are well cared for and not just looking at the financial gain.

    The Lord is gracious and will embrace the most vilest of sinners who repents, even on their dying breath. It doesn’t matter to Him, as long as they are sincere in accepting Jesus’ death for their own sinfulness.

    But that holds true for any human, famous or not.

  5. lyn

    We need to come to the realization that the thief on the cross was a rarity. We all want to assume every person who dies may have had that ‘thief’ experience. We certainly hope so, but sadly, that just is not the case. Christ himself taught, ‘many are called, few are chosen’. We must not lead people astray in saying people like Michael Jackson, who live a life contrary to God’s word, may now be in heaven because the thief on the cross was saved at the last moment. To let people think they can live ‘like hell’, like Jackson and countless others have done, and still enter into heaven is not scriptural. Sadly for M. Jackson, his fate is sealed. His life bore no evidence of being born again; he is now in eternity. Rather than try and comfort ourselves with the thief on the cross scenario, let’s stick with what scripture teaches in regards of repentance and being born again. Let’s not give false hope to lost sinners. As tragic as M. Jackson’s death may be, it can be used for God’s glory. If one person would realize and see their need of repenting of their sins and cry out for mercy and forgiveness as a result of this tragedy, to God be the glory.

  6. wearymom

    There is also the claim by a Muslim group that he converted to Islam a few weeks ago….so who knows? The guy was all over the map spiritually…searching for something to fill his empty life. Of course, we cannot know for sure where Michael is today. Only God knows the state of his heart the moment he died. But if the Crouches did meet with him, it is a shame they didn’t confront him with a clear presentation of Gospel message. There is no point in telling an unsaved person about the work of the Holy Spirit and how that could ‘bring spirituality into his music’, when he doesn’t have even the basics of, first, his need of salvation (that he is a sinner), and then the means… the cross of Christ and true repentance. They missed a great opportunity and I am afraid many Christians are guilty of the same thing today in their witnessing efforts. We try so hard to be accepting and to identify personally with the lost that we are afraid to confront them with the whole gospel. Yes, God loves sinners! But He also hates sin and unless people repent and accept His Son’s sacrifice for their sin, they will end up damned in hell eternally. We want to tell about about the love of God, but we also need to tell people straight up that He is a God of wrath, too, who WILL punish sin. (“God is a consuming fire”…how often do we hear that verse quoted?) Michael needed to hear that. Fear of a holy God and conviction of sin has to come before true salvation can happen. My impression from what I have read of their encounter…seems like the Crouches treaded very softly and did not give Michael what he needed to come under conviction and then reach out to be saved. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

  7. Frances

    By hoping someone repents before they die, is not giving false hope to the sinner. The Bible does say that God does not desire for man to perish but to come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus and accept Him. And this is about the choice we make when we are still on earth.

    Even when someone makes heaven last minute before they die, and had been the worst sinner and you also have someone who has always lived a life pleasing to God. It is about rewards and treasures you have stored up in heaven, it would definitely not be the same with one who only lived a minute as a believer.

    And it is important that we do not forget the story of the prodigal son and how God has come to save the sinner, Paul’s life is a typical example.
    We should have the same compassion our Lord Jesus has for the lost and witness to them, ofcourse we know that not all people will accept Jesus and be saved.

    And it will also be foolish for one to delibrately keep living in sin and think last minute I will give my life to God, as the rich man who laid up treasure for himself on earth and was happy with himself, not realising that he would die that night and miss heaven.

    These example are found in God’s living Word.

  8. lyn

    We all hope lost sinners would repent and receive Christ by faith before they die; in the case of Michael Jackson, when would there have been time? He was alive one minute, then suddenly his heart stopped. When was there time for him to cry out, ‘Jesus, I am a worthless sinner, please save me!’
    Yes, the prodigal son is an example of God’s mercy. However, many people live their lives in sin and their lives are snuffed out in a split second. These are the ones that you will not find examples of in scripture as being saved.
    By thinking sinners can make deathbed confessions is giving false hope. Let’s not let them think they can live a sinful life, like M. Jackson, then suddenly die and step into the presence of Christ. The Bible is very clear, ‘Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts’. There are no guarantees of a tomorrow for any of us; now is the day of salvation. Tomorrow will be too late for many, many people.
    If anything, the brevity of life, as proven by M. Jackson and countless others, should motivate us to share the Gospel with lost sinners, making mention of the brevity of life and shortness of time.
    As for choosing Christ, this is not true. The bible is very clear on the total depravity of man, the dead heart of all of mankind prevents him from choosing Christ {Eph. 2:1, Jeremiah 17:9}. We are dead in sin, not wanting anything to to with a Holy God until the Spirit of God convicts us of our own crimes. The power of God opens the deaf ear, blind eye, and dead heart. Christ draws us to Him through His Gospel. It is only when we see, by His grace, our own wickedness that we can see and understand Christ’s redemptive work on the cross. Then we cry out as the tax collector did, ‘O God, have mercy on me, a sinner’. Salvation is of the Lord, we cannot take credit for any of it. It is His gift, given solely by His grace {Eph. 2:8.9}

  9. Yemi Ogunbase


    I don’t know how the honor was going to God when they spent their time practically worshipping a man whose own life was in turmoil. Looking at the various news accounts, the man was a drug addict. He was also so ashamed of who God created him to be, he spent untold thousands of dollars altering his appearance.

    As far as judging, we are not to hypocritically judge. However, is the practicing Buddhist going to heaven? No. The only way to heaven is through Jesus. Without Jesus, there is no heaven. If that’s judgmental, or intolerant, that’s too bad. 2+2=4, and no amount of handwringing or cries of “judgmental” or “intolerant” will change that. I hope Michael Jackson found repentance before he died. But I couldn’t care less about whether or not he’ll be moonwalking heaven. I want to see Jesus!

  10. Michael

    We’re missing the point of the article. The article is not about Michael’s spiritual destination per se, but about the impact this culture of sin has on our young people and our level of participation in it. From TV, music, internet sites, and even cell phones the world is invading the minds and hearts for our children’s souls, all for a few dollars more. The result? Devestation of families, loss of faith, and the Devil wreaking havoc in a church that is unwilling to pull out the Bible and say “enough is enough.” We need to send out a clear message to the world that Michael Jackson’s death is not the great tragedy of America, it is the spiritual death of our nation.

  11. Carol

    This country had suffered spiritual death decades ago. The “church” in it’s organized system has died spiritually. The only thing that is living in it is the materialistic and entertainment systems. It’s certainly not the love of Jesus to a lost and dying world. It’s how to get one’s best life now and the pursuit of happiness.

    Michael Jackson is an example of a culture that has fallen for everything under the sun and cling to their idols as if they give life. They don’t.

    This is what happens when someone is so famous and so rich that nothing can fill the void, except God through Jesus. And maybe Michael found that near the end. We don’t know.
    But what we can learn from this is not to put value on earthly things, but in human beings and trying to be a holy example before the lost. But when “Christians” have lost their own way in the way of being holy in all areas of life, there isn’t much of a light being shown in the darkness.

  12. Carol

    I’m concerned at what length fad churches will go with a Michael Jackson inspired theme for sermons?

    I know this may seem extreme, but the “church” has become “extreme” in so many ways.

    So little is being inspired by God’s True Word, but taken from a fallen culture and that is my concern. So much being caught up on our culture, and less on God’s Word and living in light of those truths. It’s not just knowing God’s Word, but living it.

    People profess Jesus, but few possess truth!
    They will walk with one foot in “spirituality” and the other in the culture, and they won’t realize it until it’s too late, that they are juggling with their beliefs.

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