Robert Schuller Chooses Daughter to Co-Lead His Ministry

Well, it didn’t work out with his son, Robert A. Schuller, so now Robert H. Schuller is looking to his daughter, Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman, to help direct his ministry.  He made the announcement to his 10,000 member church on Sunday, and confirmed it with a public announcement.

I guess Schuller wants to keep “the Kingdom that Robert built” all in the family.  I bet this makes Thanksgiving dinner awkward this year.

In case you’re wondering, there’s little chance that the doctrine or methods coming out of the Crystal Cathedral will change.  If that were a threat, Schuller would never have considered his daughter to take his place.  He’s got to keep his vision alive, and to do that, he has to replace himself with someone who will carry the torch.  It didn’t work with his son, and I’m not thinking his daughter will make the same mistake with her brother as the cautionary tale.

But, then again, time will tell.

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3 thoughts on “Robert Schuller Chooses Daughter to Co-Lead His Ministry

  1. Carol

    What’s next if she doesn’t work out? Will he go on down the chain?

    Keeping the vision alive with a “woman” is truly unscriptural, but then with false doctrine, nothing is off limits.

  2. darklight

    Now…let’s be honest here. It is very common for churches or ministries, especially sucessful ones to keep it in the family. I have seen it myself. It happens…why??? becasue it is a business! Simple as that. Jesus is the asset and the people are the cogs in the machine that keeps it all ticking over.

    From a family point of view it is atural for wanting to keep the business in the family to ensure that the kids all get their inheritance and the family name is lined with money. There will always be favouritsm when it comes to that.

    Don’t be so surprised at this.

    Christianity + People = Money

    Love, peace and respect to you:)

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