Peter Popoff: God Speaking in Form Letters?

I would like to thank Sandy Simpson for bringing this to our attention.   Even though this was posted by Simpson in 2006, when I read it, I couldn’t resist the urge to post it here for all to see.

Peter Popoff, who was exposed as a fraud, is no stranger to controversy.  He has had years of experience in decieving the masses.  Sandy Simpson, from Deception in the Church, received a letter from Mr. Popoff, the contents of which are too rich to be missed.  There were times I read the letter in disgust, there were times I stared at the screen in awe because I can see that Popoff obviously has no fear of God.  Then there were times I busted out laughing.  No, false prophets are nothing to laugh about, but read the letter I have linked to above and you’ll understand.  Mr. Popoff is so ludicrous I can’t believe he has followers.  I’ve said that before about others, I know, but humor me here.

I would also like to say that I’m posting this for all the people who justify Word of Faith and these false prophets under the defense that “Jesus did miracles and healed, so others can too!  Don’t judge!”

There is a vast difference between the likes of Hinn and Popoff and the Biblical apostles… the apostles were God called, poor, and paid for their faith with their lives (most of them).  Popoff and Hinn rarely travel beyond an air-conditioned suite.  The apostles (and others) wrote the Scriptures, but Hinn, Popoff, and others twist them to deceive the masses and make a profit.  I really don’t see how there can be any comparison here.

With that said, I’ll give it to Sister Simpson now… LOL!!!  Okay, I know Sandy Simpson is a man, but… once you read the article, you’ll understand.

For those who didn’t catch the link above, please click here to read it.

11 thoughts on “Peter Popoff: God Speaking in Form Letters?

  1. Doug

    Popoff is the worse kind of sham-he preys on people who are hurting, who also lack wisdom.
    Have you noticed that there are other ‘ministries’ which used to ‘proclaim the Gospel’ which are now selling “Godly” nutritional supplements and vitamins?

  2. darklight

    (Right must adjust myself and not offend) Yes…this man is a bad man (I must agree with all that they say or it won’t get posted) who is telling lies and ripping poor and defenceless people off (hope that will get this one posted).

    He is not the only one, there are lots and lots of these kind of evil snakes. They say wonderful and kind things, then drop the bomb of how much it is going to cost you for your miracle…but in a subtle way of course. The buzzwords are all there to hear “harvest”…”seed”…”victory”…”anointing”…”revival”…the list goes on.

    There again you do have to ask which is the worst? televangleists who blatantly used religion to get money out of gulible people or those that use religion to bind people and take away their ability to think outside the box?

    ***Please note for all those who want to throw endless strands of scripture at me becasue you don’t like what I post, unless you have a compulsive disorder that means that you have to post this stuff, then don’t waste your time copying and pasting scriptures and ideas from commentaries to promote your bias***

    Maybe then we can all get along.

    Love, peace and respect to you:)

  3. Marie

    Wowzers. “Sister Simpson” really put some time and energy into testing the spirits there – that’s probably a good two hours of “her” life that “she” will never get back.

    ROFL!! I cannot believe that conman didn’t know who Sandy Simpson is, when even I do.

    Oh wait….that’s because I’ve read up on thieves, liars and false prophets like the likes of Popoff, Hinn, Bevere, Copeland and others.

    It’s unbelievable that full grown adults would fall for this sort of nonsense.

  4. Carol

    It’s really pathetic, not only missing the fact they screwed up the gender, but to try to make it sound as though the recipient had notified that “ministry”.

    It’s tragic that there are so many scam artists who call themselves pastors, teachers, faith healers or what not, and even more tragic to the thousands if not millions of blind sheep following these blind guides to the abyss.

  5. darklight

    Yes, Marie…it is unelievable that aduls can fall for this nonsense. Could not agree more.

    The answer to this issue however is a simple one.


    On a broader scale, if you look at the charismatic/pentecostal/third wave methods of ensuring the full “compliance” of their followers you will note that the meetings follow a standard method.

    1) Music – Starts off fast and at the half way point begins to slow to an almost walking pace and interestingly enough it is the slower (worship) songs that are more chantlike and repetative. The congregation are soon in a state of suggestability. from this moment they are in the hands of the preacher.

    2) Money – A quick tithing teaching is given and the collection is passed around. The congregation, in that state of sugestability, freely give.

    (there is often a break for notices and maybe a musical number to keep the state of suggestability)

    3) Indoctrination – The preaching begins and is completely taken in by the congregation.

    4) Signs and Wonders? – By now the congregation, wipped up by the preacher are convinced that God is present and the illusion of the signs and wonders takes hold of the crowd. Then the weird stuff takes place. They all leave…good time had by all then business as usual a few hours later when the effect wears off.

    These televangleists use the same methods via a TV screen. Just becasue people are sitting at home in front of the TV does not mean that they cannot be mesmerised. I mean, most of the mainstream media is mesmerism anyway. You are told what to buy, what programmes to watch…it goes on and on.

    People can very very easily convinced to do anything. We are more programable than we would like to think.

    Love, peace and respect to you:)

    p.s. sorry to Crystal for the comments in brackets on my last posting. I have found the dummy that I spat out and am back in the play pen playing nice again. Thanks for putting up with me!

  6. Carol

    That above mentioned descriptions fits just about any church that appeals to fads and strange occurences.

  7. HiScrivener

    One of the largest riddles of the universe is why charlatans and mountebanks like Peter Popoff are allowed to grace any church… and then soil it after he takes his snake-like wiles away with him.

    I can only hope it’s because God is giving him enough rope to uh… have enough rope (hey, it’s a Christ-centered blog, right Chrystal?)

    Someday… somewhere… somehow. Those 15 minutes will be up and then God will be waiting. Let us pray.

  8. Discerner

    To HiScrivener, Popoff isn’t allowed to grace any church (as far as I know). He’s responsible to no-one, but preys on the gullibility of Christians. Pretty much anyone can send out mass mailings and buy airtime from TV stations.

    Note, by the way, that Sandy Simpson’s letter from Popoff was dated March 06.

  9. Carol

    I don’t know if it was popoff or someone who looked like him, toupee, suit and “preaches a strange” gospel late night television, has a miracle handkerchief he’s hawking.

    People are so looking for answers, unfortunately, they are looking in the wrong places and finding these false teachers with their cheesey gimmicks.
    There is no power in a handkerchief or any other object. The power is in God in Christ. People fall for things, but they could have the power of God in their lives through His Holy Spirit by faith, and it doesn’t cost them “seed” money.

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