Obama Ushers In Gay Pride Month

Here is another nail in America’s coffin.  What God has called an abomination, our nation is ready to call “PRIDE.”  They do this in defiance of the God of Heaven… can we escape the judgment to come?

President Obama isn’t doing enough, quickly enough to suit many gay Americans, but yesterday he did issue a proclamation for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.”

In the proclamation, Obama mentions the legislative priorities, including overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman and allows states not to recognize gay marriages performed in other states, and the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which bars gays from serving openly in the military.  (Online Source)

I will not take pride in what my God abhors.  I will not love something my God despises.  I will follow God and His Word, and I will follow the paths and the truths He has set before me…nothing else.

Think these days are dark?  They’re getting darker at warp speed.

18 thoughts on “Obama Ushers In Gay Pride Month

  1. Lena

    Hi Brethren
    writing in from Africa, Kenya. Yeah it is sad that we have made up and pampered sin and abomination to look good. The Bible warns of this and the Lord says that ‘because we chose unrighteousness over righteousness, he will give us up to the sin and it wil be business as usual. these are the end time days and this is bound to happen because the Devil has walk amongst us and blinded us. but woe unto you if you should be used of him to do evil. we really need to return to the Lord with all our hearts. He is faithful and whatever work he begun he will bring it to completion through Christ Jesus.

  2. Rick

    The negative tones and judgmental attitudes displayed here against homosexuality is exactly what will bring America to its knees and flies in the face of everything that is Christ-like. Many things were considered abominations in biblical times including eating shellfish and sleeping with someone when they are menstuating to mention a few. The Biblical translation for abomination does not convey the same sense of moral exceptionalism as the English term does today, and could better be described as taboo. You should pray and ask God to help you with your negative judgmental tendancies towards homosexuals. God is the only one that will judge and he asks that we do not unless we are willing to also be judged.

  3. lyn

    Rick~ God’s moral laws do NOT change. As a former homosexual, I now fully understand God’s command NOT to lie with the same sex. I believe your false accusations of judging may come from a heart that is steeped in sin, a heart that does not clearly understand the horrific affects of sexual immorality/perversion on a society; I must say there was a time when I would have lashed out just like you are doing. No one here is judging or hating homosexuals, as a matter of fact, I have seen more hate come from homosexuals than I have from professing Christians.
    I would like to address the meaning of the word ‘abomination’ as it is found in Leviticus 18:22. From http://www.blueletterbible.org, from the Heb. tow`ebah – meaning ‘a disgusting thing, abomination, abominable. The root word is ta`ab which means ‘to abhor, be abominable, do abominably, to loathe, abhor, regard as an abomination’. God makes it very clear, He detests homosexual sin.
    May I also direct you to 1 Cor. 6: 9, 10 ‘Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” Please not this phrase from that passage, ‘do not be deceived’.
    Now, many will claim Christ never spoke out against homosexuality, but that isn’t true either. Read this from Matthew 15:19, ‘For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. These are the things which defile a man.” We must go into the Greek to understand what Christ meant when He said ‘fornications’. This comes from the gr. word ‘porneia’, which means ‘adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, intercourse with animals etc’. It is traced all the way back to the root word ‘pipraskō’ which means ‘sold under sin, entirely under the control of the love of sinning’. As we can see from our Lord’s teaching, homosexuality is birthed out of our own hearts, this is what defiles us. To be defiled is to be unclean. Nothing unclean will enter God’s Kingdom. But, praise be to God, the Lord Jesus Christ has come and reconciled lost sinners back to a Holy God through the cross. All who repent, or turn away from all sins, and cry out for mercy will be saved. God saves lost sinners by His grace; salvation is His gift to repentant sinners who’ve been crushed under the weight of their sins by the convicting work of the Holy Spirit.
    I urge you to cry out to this Holy God, who is rich in mercy, and ask for forgiveness of ALL your sins. He already knows them and will not turn away anyone who comes to Him broken over their crimes against Him.
    To speak biblical truth to a homosexual, or anyone lost in sin, is the greatest display of love one could show. There are too many who want to ‘tolerate’ this sin, gloss over it, and accept it as a way of life. Sadly, the increase in homosexuality is indeed God’s wrath on America, the wrath of abandonment.
    One only has to go back to Genesis 2:24 to get a clear picture on God’s design for family, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.’ This is how God designed it, one man, one woman, joined in marriage, so they may be fruitful and multiply. Anything outside this realm is sin. Two men cannot multiply as a result of a sexual act, nor can two women. That should give homosexuals a clue, they are not meant to be joined together as one flesh. No matter how many states legalize marriage between homosexuals, it is not recognized by the One who truly matters most, Almighty God.

  4. Carol

    Please examine your own comments and speak about judgmentalism!
    Homosexuality IS SIN! Condoning it and glorifying it is also sinful. For true Christians to call homosexuality for what it is will NOT be what brings this nation to judgment! Homosexuality is sin and will always be considered abomination in God’s eyes. What God judged on Sodom and Gomorrah will look like a Sunday School picnic compared to the judgment that is going to come to the United States and it has nothing to do whatsoever with Christians showing homosexuality for what it is!

    Trying to soften the sin by calling it “Taboo” does not make it any less of abominable in God’s eyes. You can tip toe around using gentle words to appeal to the homosexual community, but that does not change how God looks upon the sinful act!

    We cannot judge someone and send them to the lake of fire, that will be the Great White Throne judgment. But we can examine the fruit of people’s lives and if they are homosexuals, they are committing sin in God’s eyes.

    They deserve to be treated like human beings, however, they should not be given special treatment and have special priveleges granted them because they are homosexual. And in our culture they are given royal treatment as though it’s something to brag about. Sin is not to be boasted about, but they wave their “pride” flags and march in their parades. They have been given over to depravity. But there are consequences to sinful behavior. Just because the culture makes it acceptable and glamorous and given special treatment, does not change how God looks on it.

    We are not speaking negatively, we are speaking truth from God and His Word. IF you have issues with speaking out against Sin, you better have a word with God, He created the World and He made the Commandments. You take it up with Him and not give us the “judge not” speech.

    Get off your own soapbox please and stop trying to make the Biblical Christians feel ashamed because they are not ear tickling the homosexual’s ears as the culture is.

    We speak the truth and warn against the judgment that is coming and has already begun on this wicked and perverse nation. Those who choose to disobey God’s Commandments will face the consequences of choosing homosexuality as being acceptable.

  5. darklight

    What is the deal with the fundamentalists and homosexuality???

    Really I just don’t get the attitude towards this “sin”. It gets all the fundamentalists hot under the collar. It must be number one in the “sin chart”.

    Again the response is to mention the words…abomination…sin…commandments…wicked. So I take it that if someone is in an adulterous relationship, that is ok? or if they have comitted a gross crime, that ok too? But if they are homosexual…God help them, there must be a special punishment for them.

    By the way before you rise from your judgement seat…no I am not homosexual. I just don’t get the absolute problem with it compared with “other sins”.

    I must be honest I dont like seeing them parading themselves with pride but that is only because of the attitude towards them.

    I am not going to mention my feelings on the fundamentalist’s handbook the bible, because of all the tons of scripture I will get thrown at me.

    So my advice Rick is have your say and just leave it. You may end up drowning in a sea of scripture. I agree to a degree with what you are saying.

    I was just thinking of Ted Haggard and how dead set he was against it and look what he was doing. People in glass houses should not throw stones. I have know Christians become the very thing they preach against.

    Just some food for thought…

    Love, Peace and respect to you:)

    P.S. as for God creating the word (the whole word) huuummmmm…get back to you on that one!

    1. Chrystal Post author


      If you don’t view Scripture as God’s source of truth and sole authority for truth from God to mankind, then whatever truth you hold to is subjective, and you’re just making it up as you go along. If you don’t believe that the Bible is God’s Word, then there is no chance you will ever know the truth He wants you to know.

      And… simmer down the tones of your posts or you won’t be posting here any more. You repeatedly come across as combative. I’m not going to babysit you and make sure you behave. Show civility or don’t post.

  6. darklight

    Once again, sorry if I have caused offence but this is becoming a problem whenever I mention something that goes against the flow.

    I am not being combative at all. Please understand that I have just stating an opinion, that is all. I have not insulted anyone, but what it does show me is that fundamentalist Christians are so locked into what they have been taught, you and others on this blog just don’t like it when I don’t agree with you. So you react by threatening to stop my postings. There is no tone in my postings, I am sorry to say that you are using that as an excuse to keep certain things from your blog that might “upset the message”.

    I know that you won’t post this comment so I am going to give it to you clear as day…

    I studied the bible for over 20 years, firstly as a fundamentalist and now as a “backslider”, the term you people love to call those who get a mind of their own. You really are not helping your cause here. I know of a few people who have told me about what happens when someone’s opinion just differs with the bible view, they are removed from chat rooms or blog sites, yet you are allowed to slander those ministries that don’t line up to “biblical” standards.

    I use this blogspace as a reference to what is going on in the church and to be honest, if this is church then God help us all. You talk about tone used, then look at the tone you used in your blogs when you openly criticise these ministries.
    Whether they are right or wrong, take a look at your own tone. If one of these ministers had the time to look at what you are putting on this site about them, you would be looking at a lawsuit.

    I emailed you to explain where I came from so please understand that. The excuse will be that I am “hurt” and want revenge. No, I want people who are trapped in this belief system that boasts freedom yet enslaves its people in a fantasy world to be free of it and find God without having him put in a box. It messed me up and still messes me up time and again to this very day.

    I also notice that the link to my blogspace has been removed. You really are not helping your cause here.

    I am encountering a lot of resistance with what I am saying…why??? what have you to worry about if you have the truth. If you are so sure then why defend it so vigorously? I have heard from atheists who live in the bible belt part of your nation who dear not come out as atheist or they will lose their means of living. Is this Christian love or is this totalitarianism?

    Going back to the combative apprroach, this entire bolgspace is about combat. I think that it is a little hypocricical for you to say that.

    I dont need babysitting I am a grown man, who is being treated like a child. To make it easier for you I won’t post here anymore, but what I do promise is that I am going to devote all my time and energy to proving that your belief system is false and that it enslaves and makes your followers lives a misery, that Christianity desperately tries to protect itself from those that question it and that many will get out and learn to find God themselves and not rely on a book that is not the whole of scripture (it was doctored to suit political means). Also Christianity has a lot to lose ifthe truth really did get out…millions upon millions would be lost as people run out of the churches and shrinks make millions out of counselling fees.

    Fundamentalist Christians, just like their Jehovah’s Witness counterparts just cannot be reasoned with…it is almost impossible and those who do have a doubt in their minds are too afraid to do anything about it.

    I wish you well in your vision to attack those who don’t conform. I agree that those who use Christianity to make millions and fleece people are evil. What is as clear as day is that you just don’t like opinions that differ from yours or what you view the bible as saying.

    You could of emailed me your last post but you put it on there to show the other Christians that I am a raving fool and thus keeping the illusion constant.

    As for me making it up as I go along, well…yes you are right. I am. Simply because I have had to start from scratch. Unlike those who know it all I am always wanting to learn, always searching, always willing to be humble enough to admit when I am wrong about something and shut up and listen. I believe that there is a God, our creator, a guide but the bible as it was put together has distorted this image of him and I am not satisfied that that book tales the complete story…sorry if it offends you but there are way too many inconsistencies and pieces missing from it to convince me otherwise. Also I believe that ideas from the Sumarian text and Egyptian and other pagan myths were incorporated into the good book. The connections are clear to see.

    If anything, taking to you people is a kind of social experiment for me as part of a presentation I am putting together for those who are looking to leave the fundamentalist/charismatic church or those who have left but are still struggling. It is proving my point that the belief system you are in does close in your mind to other world views.

    Maybe one day you will see it and the moment you just don’t want to. it’s too safe in there!

    Fight the good fight and take care…

    Love, Peace and respect to you:)

    1. Chrystal Post author


      If you do not have one infallible source of authority (Scripture), then you’re basically making up what you think is truth as you go along. You admitted that. I’m not comfortable basing the fate of my eternal soul on my own opinion as you seem to be.

      You said you will be devoting all of your time to proving that our belief system is wrong…since we rely on God’s Word as our source of authority, it is not us you stand out against, but the Lord Himself. That’s a bold statement, but a true one. We don’t make these claims of our own initiative, we take what God has said, embrace it, and stand on it. Instead of devoting all of your time disproving fundamentalists, why don’t you spend all of your time seeking Christ, and leading people to Him?

      I would say more, but lyn and Carol handled it nicely, and anything I say will be repetitive. I will only say this…I removed the links to your site because I will not leave a referral (or link) to anyone who opposes God’s Word. Do your own advertising elsewhere… I’m not helping you do it.

  7. lyn

    Darklight~ Since you don’t acknowledge the Bible as God’s infallible word, it is easy to see why you have the opinion you have. Homosexuality is devastating to a society; it is ‘abnormal’ for homosexuals to try and claim they have the right to marry and raise children. The Bible is clear on the covenant of marriage, as I’ve already stated. Children need a mother and a father for balance in their upbringing. Sad to say, most heterosexual marriages are a mess too. Nevertheless, there is an agenda by the homosexual community to force their perversion down the throats of all. They insist on teaching their sin should be tolerated and accepted in schools. Some schools in California have plans to teach this to children as young as five. How would you feel if we started saying murder was okay as well, or if pedophiles were acceptable? Almighty God detests ALL sin, He hates it so much that He poured out His white hot wrath on His Son because of it.
    The increase in homosexuality and the push for acceptance is a clear indication of the judgment of God. When folks start calling evil good and good evil, it shows how far society has fallen from any decent morals or values.
    You do not understand the sin of homosexuality, or God’s hatred of it. The absolute total annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah was an example of sexual immorality and sexual perversion.
    You continue to talk out of both sides of your mouth, you claim the bible isn’t absolute truth, then you turn around and say you’ve studied it.
    The real problem is you are not truly born again. You’ve set up for yourself a ‘god’ that fits your opinionated beliefs. You can’t understand what is said here because you do not know the one true God.
    If you want to debate on Christian websites, you must do so using scripture, understanding Christians hold it as the only source of absolute truth. To come on here and merely express an opinion will only lead to strife and contention.
    You also lump all Christians into one group, again, because you fail to understand that there are false Christians. Just because someone claims they’re a Christian does not mean they truly are. Those who have been saved by God’s grace will be changed by His word, this changed life is evident to all, especially family and friends. His word is the sole guideline for what we believe is absolute truth, and we will NOT back down or compromise. God calls homosexuality an abomination, all who practice this sin will perish. All who do not believe the Gospel will also perish. You are sinning against God by making your own god. Your theology is based on your personal set of beliefs. This will not save you on the day of judgment.
    No true blood bought born again believer hates anyone. We will speak truth, no matter how ‘judgmental’, ‘unloving’, or ‘hypocritical’ it may seem to you, or anyone else who is lost in sin. These empty accusations are hurled by unbelievers so they may continue being comfortable in their sins; if they can shut the pesky Christian up, then they can live a life of sin without feeling remorse.

  8. Carol

    What’s the deal with fundamentalists and homosexuality you ask?

    Well, what can I say that has not already been said with regards to God’s Word?

    It’s clear that you follow the beliefs of your own choosing rather than God’s Word. Homosexuality is an issue that’s affecting this country whether you want to recognize it as sin or not, it’s sin in God’s eyes.

    Whether you are homosexual or not is not the issue, the issue is condoning the behavior and supporting homosexuality which is sin.

    There are other sins in the Word of God that is just as appalling to God as homosexuality, but homosexuals are parading around and expecting everyone to agree with their lifestyle choices and those who don’t are labelled intolerant and every other negative term. Because we don’t support and encourage such behavior we are labeled in a negative way.

    If it was not such an issue, these comments would not be continuing.

    Even in the midst of all the parading and so called gay pride, if homosexuality was not an embarrassment, why do they still remain hesitant about “coming out”? Why is there still a shame in the lifestyle when they are hesitant about speaking about it?

    Because they know it’s wrong, yet look for others who not only endorse the practices, but take part in them as well.

  9. darklight

    Thank you Crystal.

    This has been an interesting social experiment. You and your friends have just proved my point about your belief system. I wont waste my time telling you, you won’t listen.

    I will be keeping an eye on this blog as I am still a fan of the articles (especially the last one, things are gonna get a bit scary).

    Thanks once again and Love, Peace and respect to you all:)

    The truth is out there…

    Thank you Lyn and Carol for your input.

  10. darklight

    Ok…I just have to ask this one question to Cryatal, Carol and Lyn.

    If you suddenly became the president of the US and was given power (not like the presidents you have had or the Prime Ministers we have had) to brings in any law. What would you do about the homosexual issue? Would you apply Leviticus 18:22 to them? Will you make it illegal to be homosexual? Force them on an island, away from the perfect people? Make them attend deliverance sessions to drive that devil out of them? What would you do?

    Think very carefully before you answer. You don’t want to labelled “facist”.

    Right, that is it, I am gone. If this was a church I would be kicked out of if for not agreeing with what you are taught…shame, a real shame. Its quite clever really…those who dont agree cannot be with you as they are of the world and “evil”. So that means that no-one can oppose you. Scary!

    Signing out…

    Love, Peace and Respect to you:)

  11. lyn

    Darklight~ I would give them the Gospel. Lost sinners must first understand they are sinners separated from God because of sin. Many people think they are ‘good enough’ to get to heaven on their own merit; yet the Bible teaches there is NONE who does good, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God {Romans 3:10, 23}. Others believe God is a God of love and would NEVER punish sin, nothing could be further from the truth {please read Revelation 21:8}. God judges sin according to His word; when He says homosexuality is an abomination and all who practice such will NOT enter His kingdom, He means just that.
    You are confused because you are just like the homosexual, or a murderer, or a liar, thief, idolater, etc….you are still lost in your sins. You don’t agree with what the Bible teaches {and all Bible believing churches teach} because you CAN’T believe. You have a pre-conceived idea of what ‘religion’ means; but your ideas do NOT line up with God’s. Almighty God detests sin, He hates all sin and will judge all who continue on in it. Your thinking is in line with most of the culture today…tolerate, accept, love. However, all these things will NOT save the soul of the lost sinner.
    You oppose what is said here because God has not opened your mind and heart to His truth. Only God can make His truth a reality in the hearts and minds of man. Your ‘love, peace and respect’ line sounds good as you type it, but you are NOT at peace with God darklight. You oppose what His word teaches and lash out at others who bring to light and post that truth. The love and peace you profess is a false sense of security, a warm fuzzy feeling kind of peace. It is a love and peace that keeps you comfortable in your sins, as you continue to form your own ‘god’. What you need to know is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is very confrontational; all who hear it will either be crushed by it and saved, or they will gnash their teeth and lash out against it. There is a reason why the Lord Jesus said ‘”Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able.’ Luke 13:24
    Until you understand you are a sinner, lost without any hope apart from God’s saving grace and the cross of Jesus Christ, you will continue in your lostness crying ‘foul’ at the absolute truth of God’s word. I urge you darklight to cry out to God to show you your sins, crush you by them, bring you to repentance, and save your lost, deceived soul. I do care about your eternal destination, not that I can save you, because I cannot. I pray for grace and mercy from the Sovereign God of all, may He look upon you with favor, may He be gracious to you darklight. Then you will see, hear, and understand.

  12. darklight

    Lyn…They don’t want your gospel. Face up to that. The fundamentalist church has so alienated them them that they wont listen.

    Thank you for your prayers, I really appricate it and I am sure that you know what you are talking about as you were involved in this “sin”. So I cannot say I fully understand what you understand about it.

    My biggest concern is that the fundamentalist church, of which I was a part of for twenty years, is starting to get the spiritual mixed in with the physical when it comes to war. All I see is if there was a government run by fundamentalist christians i really do think that they will apply OT law to deal with them. Becasue like you said God detests that sin and believing in the whole book, the rule would have to be applied.

    You probably dont believe me but I am a very spiritual person and understand a lot more than you are giving me credit for.

    I am glad that you chose the passive option which shows me that you are a decent person and you really want to see the world around changed for the good. That is my goal too, beleive it or not.

    Love, peace and respect to you:)

  13. lyn

    Darklight~ It is not my Gospel, it is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t want it either, until God drew me to Christ. Nobody wants it unless God looks upon them with favor and saves them.

    Being spiritual will not get you into heaven darklight. You are a confusing individual in that you frequent this site, then attack what we believe. What is your motive?
    May God be merciful to you

  14. sandraraven

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  15. darklight

    Lyn…did you know that many number of times Paul calls what he teaches “his gospel”. Jesus never mentioned anything about grace to obtain salvation, but did metion a lot about good works; however pauls begs to differ by saying that it is by “grace” that we are saved not works; then just to confuse matters James then tells us that it is works. Talk about confusing. So who is the best point of info? Well you are going to have to say that it is Jesus, surely. In Revelation the dead are judged not by grace but by what they had done.

    Anyways…I vowed not to come on here and get frsutrated by the narrowmindedness of certain individuals. I am not attacking anything that you believe, I am merely pointing things out that you might not agree with…its called a debate.

    The funny thing about the way that this bible is put together is that nothing is crsytal clear. The number of contradictions are incredible, hence that it why you are all at war with each other. I got tired of blaming the word of faith of the NAR or Benny Hinn. No one is right and when you get to that place where you believe that you are right, you are in big trouble. I think it is also called arrogance.

    My motive? Well I just want to see what you all thought of what I have to say. The response answers a number of questions about fundamentalist Christianity. I never once went out ot be abusive or nasty but if you accuse me I have the right to answer my case. Despite the fact that you are determined to question my spirituality or my right of access into heaven, I still think that you are a nice person who wants to make a difference.

    I am watching the church from the outside looking in. I can see it eating itself from the inside out despite the many claims that it is growing and getting stronger. It just gets more and more corrupt and those who attempt to expose the corruption just end up getting arrogant as they are the holders of the complete truth. It seems like a no win situation that unless divine intervention comes in, no one is going to get past the pearly gates.

    I am a huge fan of the teachings of Jesus. Read them must be over a hundred times, but I still dont claim to be an expert.

    Like I said before, despite your disbelief, God is merciful to me. Every day I am thanful that I can be alive another day and hopefully make someones life better, just like Jesus instructed to.

    If everyone in the world just did that then the world would be a much better place. You cannot argue with that.

    Love, peace and respect to you:)

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