Preacher says Biblical Church is Vanishing from America

I found this article at Star-Telegram, a newspaper out of Fort Worth, Texas.  It’s dead on, and relevant to the state of the modern church.  I’m going to post some of the article below, but please take the time to read the entire article by clicking here or on the source link below.

The Rev. Bob Pearle says a different kind of church has risen in America. In vast auditoriums and smaller places people listen to preachers who roam the stage and tickle the ears with feel-good messages.

Many of those churches follow “Wal-Mart” strategies of pleasing customers but often soft-soap hard biblical truths like hell, sin and salvation, Pearle declares in his recent book, The Vanishing Church: Searching for Significance in the 21st Century.

Pearle is pastor of Fort Worth’s Birchman Baptist Church and president of the Grapevine-based Southern Baptists of Texas, a conservative state convention. He doesn’t hold that churches are literally “vanishing,” since there are all kinds of churches, often filled to overflowing, in our neck of the woods.


“What I’m saying is that the biblical New Testament Church is vanishing from society today,” he said. “Anything and everything is acceptable as long as it builds a crowd. Jesus wasn’t as interested in building a crowd as he was in telling the truth.”


Seeker-sensitive churches take surveys to find out what the unchurched want, then build their product to meet consumer demand, he said. “It’s a bankrupt philosophy. Our responsibility as pastors and leaders is not to give people what they want necessarily but what they need.”


Also weakening the American church, he said, are what he calls unbiblical actions of the Episcopal Church and other denominations in tolerating same-sex marriage and gay and lesbian clergy.  Source.


One thought on “Preacher says Biblical Church is Vanishing from America

  1. randall brown

    good work. this pastor sometimes feels like an old shoe, a has-been. at our church we preach the Bible, doctrine (a forgotten word!), Jesus Christ and Him crucified, etc. we must remember that John the Baptist was the voice of “one” crying in the wilderness. Jeremiah was always outnumbered, scorned and ridiculed. God’s prophets have always been withstood, maligned and many times killed. They killed Jesus. today, the kill “truth” and reality. it is a dangerous time in our nation and in the church. may God Almighty give us wisdom, courage, real faith and a driving thirst for HIM! God bless you all. Keep us the good fight!

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