Dr. Frederick K.C. Price is Stepping Aside

You’re known by the company you keep, or so my mother always told me.  When I read that Dr. Frederick Price was stepping aside, my first thought was that I hoped his son was more Biblically accurate than his father.  But seeing that the keynote speaker for the evening is Creflo Dollar, I’m not thinking that will be possible.

In the article posted below, notice that Price goes by the title, “apostle.”  My answer to that is unless he has seen Jesus face to face, and walked with him bodily, he’s Frederick K. Price.  I’ll reserve the title of “apostle” for people who actually qualify… Peter and Paul, just to name two.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Frederick K.C. Price is Stepping Aside

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  2. Carol

    While I never heard of Dr. Frederick Price, the idea that Creflo Dollar is a speaker is enough to turn me off.

  3. john cogdill

    He comes on locally and I heard one of his promo spots during his show say his teachings were of the same caliber as Paul the Apostle.

    I think this shows many of these “preachers” understand the biblical teaching of who has the authority to be called an Apostle. They, like Jospeh Smith, have to claim an Apostles approval to get the status from their follows. Todd Bently was the most recent to do this with his visit from Paul (i.e. in his vision)

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