Special Protection for Homosexuals and Others With Gender Issues

Obama hasn’t been president for 6 hours yet, and he’s already furthering his homosexual agenda.

Ingrid Schlueter, from Slice of Laodicea, posted an article from Worldnet Daily, which reports that Barack Obama’s administration posted an agenda on the White House website where “he promised to “overturn” the Supreme Court’s precedents on discrimination claims and to demand new laws requiring employers to provide special protections for homosexuals and others with “gender” issues.” 

Since Ingrid covered it so well, I’ll refer you to her post, which you can read by clicking here.

To read the LGBT-specific parts of his agenda, please click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the bullet points listed under the heading, “Support for the LGBT Community.”  Notice the title of this section of the agenda is “Civil Rights.”  I wasn’t aware that sexual behavior was a civil rights issue.  I guess it has now officially turned into one.

3 thoughts on “Special Protection for Homosexuals and Others With Gender Issues

  1. Laurie

    Why stop with homosexuals? Why not protect those poor murderers, child rapists, serial killers…just throw open the locked gates to every penitentiary and turn them all loose! After all, we as a society cannot help our ‘malfunctions’!

    Seriously, it is only going to get worse, and at this rate, it looks to be gaining steam.

    What a relief to know our God is on His majestic throne, He is in control, and everything is unfolding according to His purpose and plan! Let us praise Him, let us all praise His Holy Name! We serve a Great and Awesome God, He will never leave nor forsake us…may He be praised!

  2. Eli

    You’re right. S*xual behavior is not a civil rights issue. And the african american community should get up in arms when the GLBT folks compare their “plight” to that of blacks in the South in the 50’s and 60’s.

  3. Carol

    “Gender” issues…all from the pit of hell indeed!

    God created them Male and Female. He didn’t create any “shemales” or”he-shes” or whatever they call themselves. Lies from the enemy of our souls.

    If we lived by God’s Word we would know only two men and women. Nothing in between, or both together. Or being in the “Wrong” body.

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