Ray Boltz – Another Update

I jumped over to Ray Boltz’s WordPress blog and got quite an eyeful.  Boltz is just a shell of the man he used to be, or at least, the man he used to portray himself as in front of Christian audiences.  In his song, “Don’t Tell Me Who to Love,” if you’ll read between the lines of what he is saying about the song, he is equating the civil rights fight of the 50’s and 60’s to the gay campaign for equality that is gaining steam today.  He not only jumps into the homosexual lifestyle, he takes up the banner and becomes an outspoken proponent, even performing this song at a Prop 2 protest in Florida. 

For those who don’t know what Proposition 2 is , it’s Florida’s version of California’s Proposition 8, which effectively bans gay marriage in that state.

Of special note in the song are these lines …

The judge says that’s not legal, the preacher calls it a sin

Oh you just remember they were wrong before and they’re wrong again 

Boltz may think judges and preachers are wrong … well, any who disagrees with his lifestyle, that is, but is God wrong, Ray?  When God said that those who do such things will not enter into His Kingdom, was He wrong?  When God called it an abomination, was He wrong?

Please continue to pray for Ray Boltz.

11 thoughts on “Ray Boltz – Another Update

  1. Carol

    Thanks for the update, although it’s a sad reflection on the choices Ray has chosen to make.

    The Bible is clear in what it teaches about homosexuality and the consequences of living such a lifestyle if one does not repent.

    It’s unfortunate that men’s hearts turn away from the truth in order to condone one’s own personal beliefs and practices.

  2. firesidepentecostalassembly

    I’d like for someone to get these lying people on a public stage in front of a camera and microphone and read to them the passages in the Holy Bible on sexual immorality — which includes homosexuality, fornication and adultery among MANY others — and ask them if the the Holy Scriptures of the LIVING GOD are wrong? Does GOD accept adultery? Does GOD accept fornication? At what point in the Holy Bible does the LORD our GOD make a positive example of same-sex behavior?

    These people are calling GOD a liar and telling HIM he’s wrong… but let man be a liar… as we prove ourselves to be more and more.

  3. lauradee24

    It is so easy to judge someone when you have never walked in their shoes. You are so very lucky to have never had to face the kind of pressures, judgment, discrimination, and devastation that he has had to face. You may think that the Bible condemns homosexuality so it is your right to, too, but there are a LOT of passages in the Bible we don’t follow. People tend to cherry pick the ones that they like to back their own discrimination. I don’t think it is on purpose usually–that people are trying to be bigoted. I think it is earnestly trying to live righteously. But if you are earnestly trying, do some research to see why many Christians don’t believe homosexuality is a sin. I won’t post them all here because I am not sure you care and it would be quite long. I am just saying that the Bible also tells us to show compassion and not to judge people, too. And while the original post was not lacking in compassion in tone, the comments most certainly have been.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Laura… you’re wrong, we don’t cherry pick what verses to follow. And just in case you’re going to cite verses such as stoning as proof, the reason we no longer stone people who sin is because when Christ Jesus came, was crucified, and raised from the dead by our Heavenly Father, He set us free from the curse of the law that demanded our death for transgression. We now live in the liberty of Christ, knowing we no longer are under the sentence of death because of the penalty Jesus paid for us.

      Also, the Bible does not tell us not to judge. Anything God has called an abomination and unnatural, we can safely say that it is an abomination and unnatural. That is what we call righteous judgment. If we fold our hands in our laps and never distinguish good from evil, sin from righteousness, we will remain unrepentant. After all, when the Apostle Paul told the Corinthians to stop sinning, was he being a bigot, or judgmental?

  4. Laurie

    lauradee~your comment, ‘It is so easy to judge someone when you have never walked in their shoes. You are so very lucky to have never had to face the kind of pressures, judgment, discrimination, and devastation that he has had to face.’

    May I say this, I have ‘walked in those shoes’. I lived a perverted homosexual life for 13 years; I assure you anyone who practices immoral sex is very aware what they are doing. The sin of homosexuality is birthed from within our own hearts, our forbidden desires {Matt. 15:19, James 1:13-14}.
    Let me ask you something, have you ever had sex with someone outside marriage? If so, what drove you to it? This same passion and desire is what drives the homosexual. Why does a homosexual lust after the same sex? Because we are all wicked, we are all sinners with sinful natures. Our very hearts and minds are corrupt, dead to the things of God {Eph. 2:1}. We, by nature, steer toward doing wrong, and will do wrong because of our fallen nature and our depraved minds.
    As for being judgmental, that is hogwash! To say what God has already said concerning sin, in this case, homosexuality, is what true believers are called to do. For example, if you’ll read Matthew 14 you’ll see John the Baptist spoke against Herod for breaking the law by ‘having Herodias’, his brother’s wife. When the daughter of Herodias danced for Herod on his birthday, he was so pleased he granted her anything she wished. Her mother prompted her to ask for his head on a platter, so Herod had John the Baptist be-headed.
    Why do you think the ‘religious’ leaders of Jesus’ day wanted to kill Him? It was because he spoke out against their sins!
    God’s word is very clear on the sin of sexual immorality, and homosexuality. Those who refuse to repent will face eternal torment. It’s pretty cut and dry. However, those who acknowledge all sin before Him, are broken over their crimes against a Holy God, and cry out for mercy and forgiveness, He will pardon. Those who receive Christ will be changed from the inside out, and walk the rest of their earthly life by His power, gaining wisdom and understanding through His word.
    BTW~ God is the one who condemns, not man. When we say what God’s word has already said, we are simply relaying the truth, not standing in judgment of the unrepentant sinner. Please refrain from wrongfully using the ‘judge not lest you be judged’ phrase. I am convinced this is the ONLY passage of scripture every professing Christian has ever memorized.

  5. Carol

    While I never walked in the shoes of homosexuality, I have walked in the shoes of a sinner in need of a Redeemer! Sin is sin. One needs to repent from their wickedness and not look for people to condone their behavior. When it’s wrong in God’s eyes, as homosexuality clearly is written in God’s Word, a person can look the world over to find others who support their pet sin and make every excuse to hang on to that sin. But it’s still sin nonetheless.

    To call people judgmental because they clearly stand up against a sin is wrong. Especially if someone claims to be a Christian and continues to willfully live in sin and we point out the error of this living. That is NOT judgmental.

    People need to pray for discernment. To be awakened from the slumber and pray for repentance. Not only for Ray Boltz, but for the countless others who think they can continue in sin and expect God to bless them in their sins. NO matter what sin that is, it will not happen

  6. Larry

    I am VERY happy for Mr. Boltz and his decision to come out as a gay man. I only WISH I had the guts to do so in the Bible Belt and my own United Methodist church. I DO admire him GREATLY!

  7. lyn

    Larry~how happy will you be on the day of judgment? How happy will you be when you are in continual agony, when the pain is oh so devastating, yet you cannot escape it? Admiring a sodomite who will face eternal torment is sad. Sin is pleasurable, for a season. But in the end, you will pay dearly.
    Lost sinners always try to find comfort and ease for their guilt, which is what you are doing. I pray you will forsake this sexual perversion, by His grace, and cry out to God for mercy. The Bible teaches us our lives are like a vapor, we are only on this earth for a very short time. We do not know when we will draw our last breath. I assure you this very moment you are closer to your own death than you were 24 hours ago.
    You can indulge in your perversion, but it will not go unpunished. It is just as the saying goes, ‘everything catches up to you’. Your sins will catch up to you, Mr. Boltz, and all who cleave to sin.
    May God have mercy on you Larry, may He instill fear in you, and open your understanding to what lies in store for you.

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