Rick Joyner’s Brand of Manifestation

Are you curious as to the type of man who was chosen to oversee Todd Bentley’s restoration?  This video is of a service in Rick Joyner’s church, Morningstar Ministries.  What’s going on is supposed to be a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  It offends me to even type that statement, for this isn’t the Holy Spirit of Almighty God.  What you’re going to see is pure demonic paganism!  As you’re viewing this, take note of the manifestations coming upon those in the crowd.

To know what a man stands for, you need look no further than what goes on in his church.  With Rick Joyner overseeing Todd’s restoration, is there any hope for him ever being involved in a true Biblical ministry?  I think not.

Thanks to Riles for pointing this out.

3 thoughts on “Rick Joyner’s Brand of Manifestation

  1. Seeking Disciple

    Is there any wonder the fall away rate is so high among Charismatics? When you build your life on something other than the Word of God (Matthew 13:20-23), you will no doubt fall when temptation comes (Matthew 7:21-27).

  2. hopesome

    to make an idol out of anyone is a sure way to at some point fall for man in his human state has only so much to offer. its at this point tht man begins to look for a supernatural experience for knowledge that there is someone there to take him from the end into a beginning that is beyond his understanding. at this point only the mantel of jesus can protect you from demonic possesion. Many mistakes are made at this juncture because the price to ‘passover ‘ into the mantel of jesus is to give up yourself literally once you do you know the wine and never look back

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