Patricia King: Feathers or Fiddlesticks

This is an article from Bud Press over at Christian Research Service.  Please take time to read it.  Here is a small excerpt:

More than at anytime in the history of their movement, Charismatics are claiming to experience signs and wonders in the form of miraculous healings, resurrections from the dead, time-travel into the past, dreams and visions, spare body parts in heaven, prophecies, supernatural manifestations, angelic visitations, visits to heaven and to the throne of God, and one-on-one encounters with Biblical prophets, apostles, and “Jesus Christ.” 


And Patricia King and her Extreme Prophetic team is no exception.


Patricia King is a professing Christian and the founder and president of Extreme Prophetic. Her claims of supernatural manifestations–such as diamonds, rubies, gemstones, gold dust, gold nuggets, gold glitter, oil-soaked Bibles, and angel feathers–has caused a great deal of concern, controversy, and skepticism.


While King and others maintain the manifestations are a supernatural blessing from God, others say the manifestations are nothing more than sideshow gimmicks to draw the crowds, and draw away their hard-earned money.  Source.

One thought on “Patricia King: Feathers or Fiddlesticks

  1. Carol

    Another way to fleece the sheeple, show them lying signs and wonders.

    It will be no surprise for false believers to fall for “antichrist” because they have been de sensitized to truth, they will fall for any “sign and wonder”…

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