Robert Schuller Removes Son as Preacher of “Hour of Power”

There’s a schism between Robert Schuller and his son, Robert A. Schuller, resulting in the elder Schuller removing his son as preacher on the weekly “Hour of Power” television broadcast.

In a statement read before 450 members of the church congregation by Jim Coleman, church president, no details were given in the split other than a statement by the senior Schuller that he and his son shared different ideas as to the direction and vision of the ministry.  There was no other explanation given as to the nature of the disagreement between father and son.

Here is part of an article from Fox News:

“For this lack of shared vision and the jeopardy in which this is placing this entire ministry, it has become necessary for Robert and me to part ways,” Schuller said.

Robert A. Schuller will remain as senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, though it was unknown whether he will continue to preach, a church spokesman told the Los Angeles Times.  Source.

“Part ways” are such strong words, especially when spoken about your son.  This comes shortly after Crystal Cathedral asked that Rethink 2009 be postponed until 2010.  Whether the decision to postpone Rethink was a direct result of the split between father and son is pure conjecture at this point.  The senior Schuller is said to be bringing in guest speakers to fill in on the weekly broadcast.  It will be interesting to see who his list of guest speakers will be.

This is from the L.A. Times:

The decision marks a surprising reversal of the emotional moment when Schuller turned over the church ministries and the television program to his son during services at the Crystal Cathedral in January 2006. The two men hugged and the elder Schuller fought tears as he addressed his congregants.  Source.

Schuller and his son have been tight lipped about the exact nature of the disagreement that brought about this decision.  The heresy that comes from the pulpit at Crystal Cathedral is something that is well known throughout the discerning church and has been a problem we have been combatting for years.  Schuller’s doctrine is man-centerd, not Christ-centered; and the feel-good, positive thinking message he has preached has been spread throughout the globe via his television broadcast.

One thing is certain, Schuller’s guest speakers will be preachers who share his exact same vision, and will reinforce the doctrine of “self” whenever they step into that pulpit.  Since Schuller keeps firm control of what is spoken from that platform, do we expect it to be any different?

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  1. Mark

    To bad they didn’t decide to remove the whole ministry. I would love to see the whole thing plus the Chrystal Cathedral burn to the ground.

  2. Todd Burus

    How nice would it be if the elder Schuller removed the junior for being too orthodox?!? It would be wonderful to see cracks in this terrible era of self-esteem driven “Christianity” that may eventually lead to the downfall of the whole thing. Please keep us posted on what you find out.

  3. Joe

    I think that’s what happened. Jr. was seeing the Truth and his dad got angry because the vision was biblical. D’oh!

  4. Sally

    Could it be that Jr. wanted to involve his wife more in the ministry in the same way that Joel and Victoria Osteen are co-pastors, as are Richard Roberts and his wife, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jack VanImpe and his wife and many more. Perhaps Bob Jr.’s wife wanted to become well-known and more visible and Bob Sr. rejected that notion since Arvella Schuller took a much less visible position in the Crystal Cathedral ministry.

  5. Michael Angelo Meyer

    Spoken like a true bunch of hateful goats. I have read about you heretic hunters before. Only they were called Pharisees and vipers by Jesus back then.
    It must please your orthodox ego to know you attend the perfect church.

  6. poopemerges

    Michael: Being Jesus centered and not man centered is being a Pharisee? You are insane…Jesus was preaching a message that called people to total rejection of themselves…don’t you dare compare the Scheullers to Jesus on that! They have done nothing of the kind, if anyone is Pharisaical it is the Scheullers, as they are espousing man made moralism instead of the grace of Jesus.

    Beyond that the Bible is clear that we are to judge those in the church: 1 Corinthians 5:12: What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?

  7. Jim

    Scripture tells us that in the last days there would be many false teachers and that unless the days are shortened even the elect would be deceived. The Shuller’s congregation thinks they are getting a full dose of the gospel but they are only getting a small part. They are getting their ears tickled. Scripture tells us that man’s righteousness is as filthy rags to God. I have heard Robert Schuller Sr. say that he doesn’t talk about sin, which is the main reason Christ died on the cross for us. He says, “It makes people feel bad about themselves”. In order to be a REAL christian Christ said we must be “born again” to enter the kingdom of heaven. Only the shed blood of the sinless Christ can wash us clean from sin (thus reborn). The Schuller’s talks are nothing more than a self-esteem, new age philosophy. No matter how good we feel about ourselves that won’t get us into heaven. With all the self-esteem teachers, books, tapes, etc is man really nearer to perfection? Take a look around you, a resounding NO! We have a SIN problem! I hope this split will expose what is really going on in the so called Crystal Cathedral!

  8. jkim

    I think that this is about opening up the pulpit to allow business and world leaders to address Americans –to give us more soothing, “positive” information crafted to keep our minds focused on unimportant things or to keep us quiet while our freedom and civil liberties are taken away from us. Many believers will believe anything that is spoken from a pulpit. Apparently George Bush and Rupert Murdoch will be speakers as well as other key figures in society.

    It seems that Schuller (and Billy Graham for that matter) have a calling that they believe to be higher than God for them to be bound to. People wake up!

    Just because they say the name Jesus and are anti abortion does not mean they are true followers of Christ.
    Look at what they are doing to the very fabric of our society in the name of Jesus.

  9. Carol

    “Hateful goats”? “Heresy Hunters”?

    First of all, we are concerned at the direction that mainstream “Christianity” has gone the wide way to destruction. We are NOT hateful. We are just weary of all of the nonsense that is taking place in the “churches” and we are concerned for those souls that are taking part in this madness.

    Heresy Hunters? Well, excuse us for being watchmen on the wall. We don’t have to “hunt” for heresy, it’s there. We are in the end times and this is part of the problem, all of the signs of the times!

    Perfect church? I have left the organized church because of the hypocrisy, arrogance, false teachings and compromising truth in order to keep the numbers coming in. Although the churches I’ve been in were not big crowds, just big ideas and big egos.

    I’ve seen more than enough heresy in the churches and I cannot be part of the apostasy.

    I’m waiting for the Lord’s Return to clean up this mess! Only He can clean up this vast wasteland called “Christendom”. I’m talking about all that calls itself “Christian” including those purpose driven, emergent and word faith mess.

    Robert Schuller should remove himself from the “ministry” period! Close the crystal cathedral down and stop this insanity!

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  11. Rex

    How do posters here feel about the Church of Jesus Christ of LatteDay Saints?

    Do you approve of its doctrine?

  12. Getting There

    People will gather up teachers for themselves that will tickle their ears… FAbles, false doctrine and doctrines of demons.. how can it not be clear enough???

    I suggest those who say we are ‘hateful goats or heresy hunters’ should pray to God to reveal the truth. Truth!!! The bible!!!!! Hank Hanegraff, I reaed his book, ‘the counterfeit revival’ it was very good.. he doesn’t seem like a heresy hunter but someone who is concerned as is not afraid to speak out!

  13. James

    I love the Crystal Cathedral and both of the pastors. I am happy to see the senior pastor back, however. His messages are timeless and beautiful. Thank you, Dr. Schuller, for all you have done for me. Jim

  14. Mike Hendershot

    Businessmen preaching or visiting the pulpit ? let’s get to our sin problem… and the good news the gospel and the blood… let’s teach the bible verse upon verse and feed the sheep…

  15. Jim A.

    Amazing! The elder Pastor Schuller for all these years has been preaching to us about positive thinking, better self esteem, and accomplishing your goals for a productive and more successful life. Instead, like everything else in our materialistic society, it comes down to a business decision even if you have to fire your own son. How Sick! Also, I was always a bit perplexed why the Lords Prayer is never recited after each television service? I thought all Christian churches end their service on this positive and enlightening note. The elder Dr. Schuller like Putin never went away. He just got a different title so he can continue to be in charge.

  16. grace deeming

    I’m so sorry to see that Schuller Sr. saw fit to
    remove his very” Totally God Centered Son.”
    From for the first time in cathedral history, a
    preacher of the” WORD OF GOD’S POWER” being more important than the”Manmade power of positive thinking etc. It was such a breath of fresh-air when Robert A. Schuller was made Sr.
    Pastor. I have a feeling that this may be the undoing of the crystal cathedral. I don’t think that
    Robert Jr. needs his father to further his own ministries, and I think you’ll see him become Gods Ambassador- to the Glory of God.
    God’s richest blessings on Robert Jr. and family
    and may he always continue to preach Christ first,
    The Way The Truth, The Only Way To Heaven.
    I’m truly disapponted in Schuller Sr.’s lack of
    discernment in these last days.

  17. john purich

    I’m disappointed in how some family run ministries have so many problems surrounding the founder letting go of the reins. The aged founders could be so helpful in mentoring and teaching young beginning preachers. Instead they seem to create problems that undo most of what they achieved.
    Hopefully they will resolve soon and be flexible towards possible new emphasis of diection given by the younger generations. Perhaps this partcular ministry is over and God has something else in mind?

  18. lester Sharp

    He has too much power. This should be a denominational matter. The C.C.
    is a member of the RCA.

  19. Karen Meyer

    This is a most interesting discussion. I, too, have left the Christian right churches. They are full of legalism and are just what Jesus spoke against in Scripture… to the Pharisee’s and priests. Read the New Testament over again. So many Christians are like “white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones.” Throughout the ages the church has stayed relavent until the past 8 years. Read also Dr. Greg Boyd’s book, “The Myth of a Christian Nation.” If you do this, you will see how politically centered and off the servanthood of Christ the church has become. I think we need to personally pray for the gathering of the saints on Earth and not for or against their human problems. May God continue to recognize His true followers and bless them spiritually. He never promised us to be prosperous, happy or free of troubles. God bless each reader!!

  20. Carol

    I left all things called “Church” because there are so many divisions and denominations, as well as the little cliques that are rampant inside one church. There is the hierarchy not only the pastor and deacons, but those who are heads of committees or “ministries” and they are in everything, leaving little but clean up positions for the rest of the sheep, and those who are just pew warmers, they show up, go through the motions and leave quickly after the last Amen.

    There should never be this type of division in any church, but it’s a glorified social club for a select few, in most cases those who contribute the most money gets the leadership positions, or inherit them from their parents or obtain that status through marital status.

    I’ve seen it in big churches, small churches and independent churches. It’s all the same in the west and it’s a disgrace to the Lord Jesus. God doesn’t play favorites, yet too many in church leaderships do play favorites!

    As for Schuller and his son being “good”….please give me a break…it’s because of their positive message, they present a wimpy Jesus and a lame God who loves everybody and wants to bless those who think positive thoughts….Where’s that Scriptural???

  21. neal m. tanis

    WOW – my wife just found a small article referring to a problem between Sr. and Jr. Schuller.
    I’ve been tuning in to the Hour since it began “how many years ago”?. I’ve supported it financially on several occasions but have become more disenchanted with the “show” in recent years.
    I didn’t like the fact that Sr. stopped praying “in Jesus name” but simply finished his prayers with “Amen”…..I didn’t like it when Mrs. S. rewrote the words of some of the favorite Hymns and had them published and used on a music CD sung by the choir.
    But all this seems to make sense now that I understand that Sr’s. idea was to be a “Mission” and not a Church”.
    His MO is to provide the people with “auderves and salad” and let others provide the “meat and potatoes”.

  22. Carol

    If Schuller was to have a “mission” then why did he build that Crystal Monstrocity? The money used in building and maintaining that could have been better spent helping poor, not making a palace for his own glory.

  23. Dr. Rick Stoppe

    There is much more to the message of Jesus than that God got Himself into a pickle between His justice and His mercy, and had to kill someone to forgive us. There is much more to the New Testament than the crucifixion. Jesus gave valuable lessons on how to live “more abundantly”. To criticize a person for delivering biblical messages of his own inspiration is unchristian. Jesus had much to say about positive thinking–another aspect of “faith that can move mountains.” Find the house of worship or TV program that meets your needs, and keep silent.

  24. Ken Silva

    Dr. Rick,

    “keep silent.” Not a chance; that didn’t come from the Holy Spirit and this is not the Gospel:

    If only we could love ourselves enough to dare to approach God, what constructive dreams he would give us! What noble possibilities God wants to reveal to us–possibilities that would offer stimulation plus real security in service. But we feel too unworthy. So one layer of negative behavior is laid upon another until we emerge as rebellious sinners. But our rebellion is a reaction, not our nature. By nature we are fearful, not bad.

    Original sin is not a mean streak; it is a nontrusting inclination. The core of original sin, then is LOT–Lack of Trust. Or, it could be considered an innate inability to adequately value ourselves. Label it a “negative self-image,” but do not say that the central core of the human soul is wickedness. If this were so, then truly, the human being is totally depraved. But positive Christianity does not hold to human depravity, but to human inability. I am humanly unable to correct my negative self-image until I encounter a life-changing experience with nonjudgmental love bestowed upon me by a Person whom I admire so much that to be unconditionally accepted by him is to be born again.
    (Robert Schuller, “Self-Esteem: The New Reformation,” 66, 67)

  25. Carol

    I disagree that Jesus had much to say about “positive thinking”. Jesus talked about the power of faith as the size of a mustard seed that can move mountains, NOT talking about having a positive thought that one can move that mountain just by thinking it.

    It’s not questioning or criticizing a sound Biblical preacher for delivering Biblical messages inspired by the Holy Spirit, it’s exposing the dangerous teachings that come from a “positive thinking” mentality rather than truths from the Word of God.

    Motivational speakers can teach people how to think positively in the setting of professional dealings in the workplace and such, but positive thinking within the context of Schuller’s teachings is not of God.

    The Word of God has much to say about girding one’s mind for action, thinking on things that are eternal not temporal, and taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and whatever is lovely, pure, true, excellence and things worthy of praise, those things we are to set our minds on.

    There is a difference.

  26. Alan Dodd

    I recently read an article in a Focus on the Family publication that essentially said that a Christian, known by the author, attended counseling to resolve some “issues.” It was as though the power of Gods love and grace was not sufficient to deliver her from certain “issues.” My question is whether or not God through Christ is in fact sufficient not only for salvation, but for correcting those quirks and “issues” that are a part of our fallen nature and failed life experiences. If not, then there is a need for the “feel good”, “possibility thinking”, “self-esteem” messages that Robert Sr. and the Osteens preach.

    There is a church that, out of curiosity, I occasionally click on named “Faith Clinic Christian Church” or something very close. It may be a harbinger of things to come in the wedding of God and Freud. I have often said that God has taken me from “Stark terror and darkness to basic insecurity, and I can handle that.” Praise God for His saving grace and deliverance.

    Alan Dodd
    Professional Counselor

  27. S. Campbell

    To jkim 27/10
    In the comment about Robert Schuller you mentioned Billy Graham; that he, along with Rober Schuller
    “thinks he has a calling higher than God for him to be bound to”
    What exactly do you mean. I would not put Billy Graham and Robert Schuller in the same boat.

  28. moses crutcher

    I, would not put Billy Gram in the same boat with Sr robert shueller. Billy Gram’s message was more about Jesus Chhrist.

  29. Carol

    Billy Graham has said some questionable things, and even shown with Schuller’s program, that people can go to heaven even if they are not conscious of Jesus…something to that effect.

    I think they are both dangerous teachers with false teachings.

    Even if at one time their material seemed “solid”, if they compromise even just a little, it leavens the lump.

  30. phyldu

    There is more to this than has been brought to light. When will the truth be told as it should be? Fighting amongst the children for power and money and more.

  31. phyldu

    There is more to this than has been brought to light. When will the truth be told as it should be? Fighting amongst the children for power and money and more.


  32. Irene

    Robert Schuller Jr. spoke of sin and the need for salvation. In that powerful Palm Sunday service where Evil Kinevil shared his life changing conversion, many came forward, accepted Jesus, and were baptized. I was astounded and overjoyed. I had to remind myself that this was the Crystal Cathedral! I believe that’s the difference in vision. I believe the son is Spirit-filled and I miss his preaching. Sorry, Dad. I’m praying for you, Sr.

  33. K John Wilson

    I was so encouraged when I heard his son preach. I actually started telling people that the Chrystal Cathedral was finally moving toward preaching the true gospel.

    I am troubled by ministries such as this one, and Joel Osteen, who preaches a similar message as the elder Shuller. The only difference is that Joel’s dad had the fire of God, and Joel has moved from it.

    Here we see Jr. moving toward the solid gospel, and his dad preaching a tickle your ears message. May God lead R A Shuller Jr. as he proclaims the truth of Jesus Christ!

  34. John Nicholson

    We have wondered for some time when the chickens would come home to roost when it came to the heresies of Robert Schuller Sr. If you are offended by the use of the word “heresy” just order one of his books like “Self Love” and read it.

  35. Pastor Ray

    Dr. Stoppe, your much learning has left you with little Bible knowledge.

    Dr. Stoppe stated:
    “There is much more to the message of Jesus than that God got Himself into a pickle between His justice and His mercy, and had to kill someone to forgive us. There is much more to the New Testament than the crucifixion. ”

    What a misrepresentation of the Word of God. Where does the Bible teach that God who is all sovereign ever got Himself into a “pickle” (use any synonym you prefer for pickle)? You don’t have much appreciation for the work of Christ on the cross, do you? It is not an afterthought of God’s as you imply. As God knows all things, it is impossible to get Himself into a pickle.

    Where does the Bible teach that God “had to kill someone(Jesus) to forgive us” because, as you say, God was in a pickle? The Bible teaches that Christ died for God’s chosen “before the foundation of the world” was laid. His mercy and justice had not yet been utilized since man did not yet exist.
    Eph 1:4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world…”

    You don’t think the cross is the central message of the NT? It is the central message of both OT and NT.
    The Apostle Paul disagrees with you full heartedly, when he said:
    1Co 2:2 For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him “crucified.”

    Dr. Stoppe, as someone said years ago, if you have not learned your Bible, you have not had a true education.

  36. Pastor Burt

    Dear Friends:

    Both Schullers are wrong. The problem is that the Crystal Cathedral congregations have been allowed to wither and die. If you literally subtracted out those in attendance which arrived on Disney Tour busses each Sunday for the televised services, you are left with only 700 people in each of the two services who are local residents. How do I know this? Because while attending the Crystal Cathedral I regularly counted those in attendance and then subtracted out those who came on the tour busses whose numbers were also known each week. Both Schullers and the elder Schuller’s daughters were in absolute denial as to this real problem which has been absolutely gutting the Crystal Cathedral for decades. The entire family lies; telling the world that the Church has an active membership of 10,000 when in fact the real number is close to 1,500 or less. The false façade of a large church congregation has been pulling the Crystal Cathedral down for decades. The need for this “false facade” is why the Crystal Cathedral lacks transparency, because transparency would reveal its failure and weakness publically. The Schullers are prideful people which is sin, as they seek through grand pretense to present themselves as something they are not.

    The Crystal Cathedral once had mighty congregations, but both Schullers did absolutely nothing as their congregations were allowed to simply die out. I left the Crystal Cathedral a few years ago over this very issue, because the Schullers (both of them) absolutely refused to put in place any programs whatsoever to rebuild the church’s congregations. Both Schullers have been playing church, but not running a church. Local evangelism simply does not exist anywhere within the Crystal Cathedral today. I’m now active in a church in Corona which has 6000+ people in attendance every week, and our numbers our growing. The financial position of that Corona church is absolutely wonderful. Meanwhile, I continue to hear the same issues that the Crystal Cathedral is desperately selling year after year more and more of the land it has accumulated from estates over the years to try and prop up a ministry which has no possible way of paying its bills based upon its dying congregational income. The demise of the Crystal Cathedral has been going on far before the recent recession.

    In hard times, contributions from TV viewers simply dry up. The Crystal Cathedral has to reach out and build its congregations once again. Jesus said it repeatedly, “You must be born again.” This is true not just for individuals, but for churches as well. God does not have grandchildren, only children. Churches simply die out unless they are rebuilt from within one generation to the next. Unless the Crystal Cathedral seeks to itself be “born again” by evangelizing and building from residents local to Orange County who are in need of Jesus Christ as their Savior, the Crystal Cathedral will continue to be sold off in bits and pieces just as the World Wide Church of God in Pasadena vanished within a dozen years after the death of the Herbert W. Armstrong; but in this case the vanishing act of the Crystal Cathedral may well occur even before the death of the senior Schuller.

    God please, speak to the hardened hearts of the Schuller family and lead them back to the work of the Christian Church and let Jesus Christ once again guide them to rebuild His church. For right now, the “Hour of Power” is nothing more than a cover for an “Hour of Weakness”.


    Pastor Burt

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