Hall of Shame: Paula White’s Money Scams

Why are you just sitting there?  Hurry, grab your credit card and partner with Paula White today!  All for the low, low price of $25, you will get an actual monthly prayer e-mail from Paula herself, along with sermon notes from one of her life-changing messages!

People, please wake up!  This has gone beyond ridiculous… this is shameful and absurd.  Shameful because she is using God’s Word to build a spiritually perverse kingdom for herself.  Absurd because her doctrine is so ridiculous that it’s hard to see how anyone could possibly believe it.


9 thoughts on “Hall of Shame: Paula White’s Money Scams

  1. Carol

    I agree, she should be ashamed for scamming people out of their hard earned money just to keep her in designer clothing, facelifts and cosmetics. That aside, her teachings are false and she’s part of the wave of Christian celebrity that are misleading many sheep. In this day of uncertain economy, to use credit cards to be fleeced by a false teacher is wrong!


    I saw Paula White (almost pasty) on t.v. a couple of days ago trying to get money. She wasn’t preaching but was merely conducting an interview with someone. She was totally faking every hand gesture and facial expresstion. She had all the sincerity of an info-mercial host.

    Speaking of credit card scams, there is a Mike Murdoch disciple named Todd Coontz that has a doosey. He was on T.V. last night talking about the Favored 40. 40 people who would send him $1,000.00 for his info- mercial (or ministry as he called it). Also, God told him that several would use their credit card and that God was going to do a special miracle for them. These evil people use the same psychological manipulation that info-mercials use. They make you think time is running out on the offer, they encourage credit card use with no concern for those going into debt, and they make the offer seem so exclusive that only a specjal group qualify.

  3. Carol

    The tragic thing about the “info mercial”ism is the fleecing of the money of people who are easily influenced by manipulative or charismatic people.

    This isn’t how the work of the kingdom is accomplished, yet many send millions to these scam artists going into their own personal debts thinking this is “sowing seeds” into their lives. I see more and more of it.

    A local Christian tv station was conducting a pledge drive and their claim was “Send $30 a month for 10 months and become part of “Elijah’s Army”. So for those who do NOT send money, they are not part of the army…And yet another one was “for healing in relationships sow a seed offering”. How about praying for healing?

    These scams will come back and haunt these false teachers some day.

  4. Charles Butler

    I was almost a sucker for these frauds on television. I hate these people because there are so many folks in my condition who are sufferings and need help. I feel bad for every person who feels the way I do because they are so suseptible to these liars.

  5. Carol

    It’s tragic that those who are hurting and looking for something has such a variety of false teachers to choose from at all hours of the day. I’ve noticed at times when I could not sleep, get up and turn on the tv and find strange ones I’ve never heard about with a late night scam of their own.

    It’s unfortunate that true servants aren’t able to afford airtime. To find true teaching from someone NOT in a fancy suit, and not one of those snake charmer types.

  6. jim davis

    Sometines I wake up at 400 AM when I cant sleep and am forced to do some channel surfing ….and what a parade of dirtbags which come on the
    BET network……Hinn, Coontz, White, Tilton,…etc etc…. send me a $ 1000 and the Lord will bless you !! We accept all major credit cards !!

    What kind of a moron would send these pieces of living filth as much as a penny ?

    They are obviously making money or their shows wouldn’t be on the air.

    I can’t believe the stupidity of some people sending in their hard earned money….I used to feel sorry for them…..but not any more….you just cant pass a law outlawing gross stupidity.

  7. Carol

    People who are that gullible to spend their money on these heretics make the choice to follow them, nobody forces them to watch or send the money. If they are that shallow to think that God will bless people with money just because they send a “faith seed offering” to some sleazy preaching, they don’t know the God of the Bible.

    We can pray that eyes will be opened to this madness and deliverance out of the bondage to the mindset that money is everything and debts will be miraculously healed by sending the money to false teachers. Take that money and pay off the debts, even consolidating debts and paying one place would be better than sending to these false teachers.

  8. Carol

    What we are witnessing with the likes of these false teachers is actually Big Business-Church Style. These “leaders” are no more Christian than the clothes they wear. They teach a different gospel and present a different Jesus than the one of Scriptures. They make money fleecing the sheep and it has no effect on their consciences because they have been seared and there’s no spiritual soundness because they are not truly of God.

    But for those who are easily lead astray, are pied pipers of prosperity and they are looking for those who will tickle their itching ears.

  9. David

    It doesn’t matter who it is. Mike Murdock, Todd Coontz, Marilyn “voodoo” Hickey, Fred “12 rools royce” Price, Richard “the whore” Roberts. The list goes on and on and on.

    The people are among the most wicked, evil, despicable pigs on the face of planet Earth. I esteem drug dealers, whores and bankers higher than these rotten demons.

    Why? Because even a drug dealer admits what they do is wrong and they do not sell drugs in the name of the Lord or because like the whore Todd Coontz says “there’s a special anointing on the $200 seed”.

    Whore, whore, whores

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