4 thoughts on “This Is How the Holy Spirit Works?

  1. sbrogden

    People are led to destruction for lack of knowledge of the Word of God. Folk who accept these false teachers as preachers, etc. are either wicked or deceived. None is safe unless he fix his gaze on the Lord Jesus and seek to grow in knowledge of Him, through the study of His Word.

    A pox on these blow hards.

  2. Jessie

    What is man that they think they can bridle the Holy Spirit in any small measure? If the Holy Spirit came down in HIS power then they would really know what hit them. They would be prostrate before God in fear and trembling in repentance.

    David said “What is man that you are mindful of him? I often wonder about that, but it’s never been about us, its always about God.

    It is only the Grace of God and Christ in us, that any of us can see the difference.

    What a sad thing to have watched.

  3. Jewels

    Sad…believe it or not I have seen trash like this all of my life in church (I call this fleshly stuff “trash” not meaning to undermine the real Holy Spirit in any way.) The worst was in a small pentecostal church I was in for about 6 years till I was finally delivered from the grip that place (and the spirits in that church) had on my life. There was this one elderly lady in the church who would often call people out and do that blowing thing just like Patricia K. was doing then she would push you down to make it look like you fell out in front of everyone. She was not the only one but she kind of started the mess. Whats worse is she often visits other churches and will “call people out” and prophesy weird stuff that never really makes sense and does that blowing thing. I have never seen anyone sow as much confusion in churches as people who do this kind of thing.

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