Stacey Campbell Issues Public Statement About Todd Bentley

Stacey Campbell has issued a public statement regarding her participation in the commissioning, or alignment service, held for Todd Bentley at Lakeland.  I would like to thank Bud Press of Christian Research Service for e-mailing me a link to Stacey Campbell’s statement, which was posted on Barry Boucher’s blog, Ministers Matter.  (For a partial transcript and video of what Campbell prophesied, please click here.)

It was not a public apology, it was an attempt to deflect responsibility off of herself.  In her statement, Campbell takes scripture out of context in an effort to prove that she believes her “prophetic” message spoken over Todd Bentley on that platform was true and inspired by God, but Bentley sinned “after” the word was given, and missed out on the blessing.  What a convenient way to exonerate yourself.

What Campbell should have said was, “I was wrong, and I am sorry.”  There was none of that.  Consider her words:

Many people question how the gifts of the Holy Spirit can operate separate from the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  We know from the Bible that this is a possibility. As far as I understand, everything that has transpired regarding their decision to separate took place from the day of the commissioning onwards. Very similar to Acts 4:30-5:10, in the middle of “great power” and “great grace” and the Church having “all things in common,” Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Spirit (Acts 5:3). It is possible for believers to sin in the middle of great power.  Source.

Using scripture to support your error shows a lack of repentance.  It conveys the impression that Campbell is attempting to defend herself and save what’s left of her reputation, regardless of the harm and confusion she has brought upon the body of Christ.  True conviction would present itself in a public apology and contriteness of heart.  Taking scripture out of context to defend heresy and blasphemy is not repentance.  The scripture she is using above is not Biblical proof for the points she is attempting to make.  However, there is plenty of biblical proof that she is a false prophet (Deuteronomy 18).

Let’s refresh and see what God’s Word says about false prophets:

Deuteronomy 18:22:

“When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.”

Thankfully, we are living in the age of grace, but that is not a “get out of jail free card.”  What that means is that people like Campbell won’t be taken out and stoned, but there must be accountability and repentance from the person who has been guilty of this sin.  As far as I can see, that hasn’t happened yet.

Here is another snippet from Campbell’s statement:

Even more revealing, after a great victory, Satan incited David to number the people (1 Chronicles 21:1), thus bringing the whole nation of Israel under judgment.  We know also from the Bible that great men of God (Moses, David, Peter, etc.) committed great sins (ranging from anger and denial of Christ to murder and adultery), all the while serving God sincerely. Abraham stumbled mid-journey through unbelief and was then able to recover and fulfill his destiny. Knowing this, I would like to call on the Body of Christ to manifest what Todd & Shanna Bentley are not yet able to manifest – the glory of God.  Source.

Is Campbell speaking of her own failure here?  No…she is pointing out the failure in Todd Bentley’s life.  The rest of her statement goes along the same vein.  She writes a narrative to call us to pray for Todd Bentley, pointing out his sins (which we are all well apprised of by now), while taking absolutely no responsibility for her false prophecy at Bentley’s “alignment,” or her behavior at his commissioning service that she, and others, participated in with much zeal.  Other than saying she was sorry for any confusion her prophecy may have caused, she took none of the blame, and like I said above, deflected the blame off of herself and onto Todd Bentley.  I’m sorry, but this is one thing Todd Bentley can’t be blamed for.  Campbell, and Campbell alone, is to blame.

Unless Stacey Campbell publicly repents for the lies she spoke in God’s name, we as God’s children have no other alternative than to reject her as a prophet, and to spurn her doctrine.  The only thing that is apparent from her public statement is that as far as her words show, she hasn’t learned a thing.

To read Campbell’s statement in its entirety, please click on one of the source links above.

35 thoughts on “Stacey Campbell Issues Public Statement About Todd Bentley

  1. Lavrai

    What a joke! Numbers 23:19 – “God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?”

    Maybe Ms. Campbell needs to read that whole section about Balaam and those who think they can move the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY’s hand.

    When the LORD sends a word forth IT IS FULFILLED. If not today, then tomorrow or next year. But HIS Word does not fall to the ground empty.

  2. hailsky

    you are actually taking a verse out of context that..Prophets can get some stuff wrong once in a while everyone is human. What prophets can’t to is use the prophecy to give themselves glory and point people away from God..That is a true false prophet..You can’t deny that the work bentely did in lakeland was not of God. The devil doesn’t heal people or raise people from the dead. He steals kills and destroys

  3. Tuvia

    In judaism there’s a very fine definition of how to reveal a false prophet, based on the Word of God. If the prophecy was good and it did not happen – he is false. If the prophecy was bad and it did not happen – he isn’t necessarily false. Could be like Jonah’s prophecy of Nineveh. But this is clearly the first case.

  4. lavrai

    Halisky: ‘Everyone is human’ you say. So from whom is the prophet getting the word? …Another human?

    Tuvia: The conditional prophecies you’re speaking of sound to be just that — conditional. Let my people go or I will… If you do not repent, then I will… Am I mistaken?

  5. Bud Press

    hailsky wrote:

    “Prophets can get some stuff wrong once in a while everyone is human.”

    Hi hailsky: Are you saying that a true prophet of God can foretell a false prophecy and still be a prophet of God? Please clarify.

  6. Medina

    hailsky says “the devil dosen’t heal people etc….he steals kills and destroys” he also comes in as a wolf in sheeps clothing to deceive even the elect if he can; read 2 Cor. 11:7-15 Satan disguises himself as an angel of light; …his servants also disguise themselves as servants of rightousness, whose end will be according to their deeds. I ask everone this; Who are those that do is and how do we know and recognize them? I would think we should do as Paul said 1 Cor 4:6…do not go beyond what is written…

  7. Jeanne Zeman

    Todd told his failures and did not try to hide them as so many Chrisitan leaders have done in the last decade. Am
    I wrong or does God forgive us when we confess our sins. If God forgives us, why can we not forgive one of our brother who failed. I am glad that I learned about God’s grace and mercy through Jesus Christ. Should we not give grace and mercy to someone who failed and confessed his sin. I think that we should be praying for God’s love for Todd and his totally restoration in Jesus rather than throwing stones least we are next.

  8. Medina

    I don’t think Todd’s wife is willing to give grace and mercy to her husband who got cought “again” cheating, And yes I’m sure he did try for awhile to hide his sin. All who cheat on a wife or husband hide and lie, then when thay get cought, yes most will admit after the fact.

    The true apostles in the Bible were consumed with the gospel not chasing women. He clames to be an apostle appointed by God. He clames to hear from Jesus in person and “the angel.” Paul says in 2Cor 11:13 false prophets “disguise themselves as apostles of Christ”
    any way I don’t think any one is throwing stones, but trying to throw light (the truth of God’s Word) on a false prophet and apostle.

  9. Katherine George

    Matthew 21:25
    The baptism of John, whence was it? from heaven, or of men? And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we shall say, From heaven; he will say unto us, Why did ye not then believe him?

  10. Medina

    The requirements in Deuteronomy 18 and 13 are there to protect us from “words from God” that are not from God.

  11. Divine

    Dude, are you kidding me? The author of this article is absolutely clueless. Definitely a pharisaical spirit. Stacy Campbell was absolutely CORRECT. The Bible shows innumeral examples that she was absolutely correct. People like this author know nothing about ‘REALITY’, just imaginations that go on in his head.

    The reality is that God has chosen vessels like Peter, Barnabas, and David who still have a free will even if God’s anointing in making contact with them.

    Yes, Ananias and Sapphira are perfect examples of what Stacy Campbell showed true sincerity and maturity to call out Todd Bentley though he had moved in the supernatural many times up to this point.

    Like Dutch Sheets pointed out, many things in Bentley’s ministry were exaggerations…he also pointed out that other things were legit. Be real and stop trying to find a seem to gossip and judge, which is what the author of this article is doing. Pure embarrassment on his part.

  12. delivered

    I believe Stacey is an Anointed Woman of God. Her heart is right with God and no one can take that away from her.

    People say things that would destroy her, which ironically was what the people in the Old Testament did to Jesus also. They mocked Jesus and said He was the Spirit of Beelzebub, and thousands of years after, everyone discovered THE TRUTH, that Jesus is the Son of the Living God.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Unless you can see and examine 100 percent of Stacey’s heart, you can not make the assessment that her heart is right with God.

      Doctrine, however, tells us a lot about her. According to scripture, Stacey Campbell is a false prophet, and were we not under grace, she would have been stoned by now.

      Campbell is also guilty of promoting and uttering extrabiblical revalation, which undermines the authority of God’s Word. Doctrine must be biblically grounded, or it is to be disregarded, as well as the person teaching it.

      Don’t tell me that you can watch and listen to Stacey Campbell at Todd Bentley’s commissioning, and think she was actually speaking the very utterances of God. Absolutely zero percent of what she said was biblical, nor did it come true. That one example alone should be enough to convince even you. Please pay heed to God’s Word, for it says that in these last days people will not endure sound doctrine. The fact that people like Campbell are given any credibility by the church is most astounding.

  13. delivered

    My brother and sisters in Christ, if you have no peace with what Stacey had said, you should just lift it up in prayer and not create gossip out of it.

    As Christians, we should not take matters in our own Hands, instead we should let God do the correcting. We have been taught not to judge.

    And as what I see, the enemy is trying to create division in the Body of Christ, as to whether she’s a prophet or not. The enemy is taking our focus away from Jesus and is creating confusion to shake our faith.

    Let us not take our eyes away from our focus which is JESUS CHRIST.

    I believe Stacey is a Woman of God and I bless her, her family and her ministry in Jesus Name.

  14. Ladoli

    To Delivered… and Divine

    False prophets are the ones that cause this disruption in and division in our churches? Guess how? Simple. When they prophesy in the name of the Lord, they use the credibility of those in the Church. When the prophesy fails to pass, what happens? The Church’s credibility is greatly shaken and the fact that many in the church support her leads others to see that the church is twisted in its ways and delusional. And we wonder why there are so many athiests! It is because of prophets like these that use the name of God in vain! The Devil does seek to cause division in our churches, and he uses false prohpets!

    And how can the word of God be “wrong” sometimes? It can’t. That is why it is from God. What is wrong is us Humans!

    Did God not say to test all things? For there will be MANY who decieve us. The book of revelation even talks about great false prophets who will decieve many.

    The bible says that if a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord God and is wrong once that the prophet is false! How else could we know which to trust?

  15. delivered

    If you think she is guilty, then let the first one who has not sinned, throw the first stone. I believe that no man can judge who is a true or false prophet. Stacey has released a word to my father years ago and released a word to me last year as well, all of which have not fell to the ground.

    I believe just hearing words from a prophet is not enough. It has to take faith and personal choices to see it come to pass. Let me just state an example, If a child has been spoken of to be one of the best doctor in the world, would you then go directly to that child and let him diagnose or treat sick people? The answer is no. The child has to go through the same processes, grow up, study, be under submission to authority… to be that best doctor in the world. It takes faith and action, sister.

    And I still stand strongly that we are in no position to judge Stacey Campbell. Right or Wrong, it is God’s job to exalt and humble a person. I actually was bothered with the fact that the Christian church is debating with each other rather than keeping our eyes on Jesus. What will the unbelievers say? “Look at the Christian church, fighting over each other?” Doesn’t that give us a bad testimony over the unbelieving world?

  16. delivered

    To Ladoli

    Is this, then, how we should respond to this “false” prophesy? Tell the whole world and go against our own Sister in the Lord?

    What would Jesus Do?

  17. delivered

    I know I haven’t lived long enough to fully know and understand the mysteries of this world, but I do know… that the Lord is faithful. To those that are destruction to His body, he will humble. Like the rise and demise of Great Empires, it was God’s hands… Man’s responsibility is to pray and seek God’s face, not declare judgement.

    The eyes of God are seeking to and fro around the world seeking for a heart that is COMPLETELY His. Instead of debating over things like this, let us check our OWN hearts and see what is in it that does not give glory to God. because in the end, it will just be between your relationship with GOd. Not Stacey’s, not any other Christian. Just you and God.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Wrong, delivered. Just turning a blind eye to heresy and checking our own heart’s is not Scriptural. You ask what Jesus would do? He would rebuke her, and He does in His Word. We were given sound doctrine to follow, and the Bible as our authority. Stacey Campbell’s doctrine does not coalesce with Scripture, and according to the apostles, is to be shunned.

      You say that no man can judge who is a true or false prophet. Wow! According to God’s Word we can, and we’re instructed to test them. If what you say is true, there is no way we can know truth at all, and God didn’t leave us without truth. Period.

      When you see the Christian church refrain from debating, then you should be bothered, because then error will enter the door uncontested. In fact, it already is because people will say and do nothing.

  18. delivered

    Yes, we have to test the word, but to judge them this way? you have taken my use of the word “judge” in the wrong context, Sister.

    If she is a false prophet, are you saying that it has also voided all the other prophetic words that she has released? including those that came to pass? including the words that was spoken over my father? including those that were spoken over me. those are things that are beyond your control, beyond your own opinion. Because we have it by experience. It is a first-hand experience, Sister. And commentaries like these won’t take it away.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Yes, that’s what I’m saying. God leaves no room for error. 100% accuracy is required, or she is a false prophet. Those aren’t my words, those are God’s words.

  19. delivered

    and yet again, “Let the one who has not sinned throw the first stone.”

    I can’t throw the first stone, because I’m a sinner and I only continue to exist because of God’s grace. We are all here by grace. And if this is how you think we should deal things, then why not make a journal on how you have fallen short today or better yet make a commentary on every living Christian that has sinned and let us rebuke them. Is that how you prefer to do things?

  20. Ladoli

    Sorry, but false-prophets should be dealt with. They commit heresy! They create discord and chaos in our ranks that we might falter! The Devil laughs at us as we are decieved. Honestly delivered, look at what they do! They scam money off those in the Chruch! They lead those who were seeking God astray! They destroy any credibility left in Christianity as a whole.

    Did Peter not rebuke Simon Magus?

    Did Jesus not cast out demons?
    Did Jesus not show those in error(And to their followers) that they were in error!
    Did Jesus let falsehood continue? No
    He rebuked the Pharisees for their wrong ways of thinking!
    And thus, we will do what He did.

  21. Ladoli

    “If she is a false prophet, are you saying that it has also voided all the other prophetic words that she has released? ”

    Right… anyone can guess and part of that will come true if we keep guessing:)

  22. Coreysmom

    We must not take a prophet’s “Word” lightly! There are souls at stake! Our own soul is at stake when we believe a false prophet is a true prophet.We disobey God when we do not use discernment!
    False prophets blaspheme God’s Holy Name as so-called speakers of His Word. Let us remember that God holds His Word in higest esteem. Should we not be careful in whom we listen to?
    For those who desire to call the false prophets and false teachers God’s servants who speak truth, then God has already given you over to the deceiving spirits.
    I’d say it is imperative to exercise discernment and to be watchmen warning the Church of the wolves that have crept in by stealth.
    I told a friend of mine the other day about a certain false teacher who calls those who warn about the false teachers and false prophets heretic hunters that that is exactly what the Bereans were. I think it my duty to God to be a heretic hunter.
    “May they know You, the only true God, and Your Son whom You have sent, for in this is eternal life.” John 17:3 Many think they know God but will hear the Lord Jesus Christ say, ” I never knew you.” on the day when it will be too late to repent.

  23. Bud Press

    Hi delivered:

    Would you please help me understand where you are coming from by answering the following questions?

    1. Where does the Bible instruct Christians not to judge righteously?
    2. What is a false prophet?
    3. What is a false teacher?

    In Christian love,
    Bud Press

  24. delivered

    So, Chrystal.. you really are up to making a journal of your own shortcomings? And you are allowing the Body of Believers comment about you?

    To Ladoli: How come you’re saying that all the prophetic words that she has released is void? When the one she has released to my father and to me has come to pass? Have you ever had a prophetic word on you? And it hit the mark so right on, that you had so much faith that those were the very words of God and it actually came true. Mine, came true. My father’s too. but those prophetic words don’t just happen without the recipient’s own decision and faith. My obedience or disobedience plays a great role.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      False prophecy is not shortcomings…it’s speaking presumptuously in the name of the Lord. Repeatedly.

      Honor God’s Word, and you won’t be susceptible to false teachers. Study it. Live on it. It’s our only hope of staying clear of deception.

  25. delivered

    To: Bud Press

    I believe that we should subject a prophet’s words to testing but, it doesn’t witness right with me if it is done this way. Each of us have one way or another fallen short of the glory of God, and if Stacey is wrong… We are in no position to take the matters in our own Hands. I understand that you are questioning the accuracy of it. I understand all that.. but my stand is, we all make mistakes and even those sins that we have kept hidden are seen by God. But, I didn’t see him condemn me. I know those sins that I have committed have consequences, that’s why every single day we are in need of mercy and grace.

    We all sin every day, but God is merciful. If he wasn’t then, we’d all be dead. What I’m trying to say is “Let us show mercy in wrath. If God gave us grace to keep on living each day without judging us for every sin we commit, then, why can’t we let God be God and let Him do the correcting on whatever wrong is committed.”

  26. delivered

    Alot of things has been said in this editorial and I don’t want to impart anything that is not of the Spirit. I just want us all to remember love and how it is to live each day as a miracle through grace.

    We as Christians know that we are all saved by grace… And the Lord has been good to our lives as to not putting each of our sins out in the open because He gives us time to repent. *Grace. If we are stubborn then, He will take His favor away from us.

    I’m sure God will speak to Stacey and if she will not obey, she will be taken out from that position, but… that part is not our job. It’s God’s.

    Let us rest knowing that God sees and His Hand is not short. He will lift and humble a person.

  27. Ladoli


    Right… Comprehend what I said, it says that if a “prophet in consideration” is wrong, then they are false. I did not say everything a false-prophet says is false but that they do not speak from God.

    Thing is, we have analysts(financial, economical, sports, you name it!) which can hit upto over 90% because of skill in the field.

    Do these people speak for God? Right… No. ANYONE can guess, some of those are bound to come true. Skilled people can make educated guesses or guesses from experience and those have higher chance to come true, are these prophets? Let us say they claimed to be told by God thus calling themselves “Prophets”, are they prophets? Anyone can guess, anyone can claim, but not everyone is correct 100% of the time.:)

    How else will we know? God created scripture, His Word for us to live by and we were warned and taught in scripture on how to deal with prohpets. If what they say does not come to pass, they are thus false and commit a GREAT sin to God by using His name in Vain and blinding followers!

  28. Ladoli

    “I’m sure God will speak to Stacey and if she will not obey, she will be taken out from that position, but… that part is not our job. It’s God’s.”

    But that is the thing, for the Devil loves those who cause discord and chaos amongst the ranks of those who seek God. The Devil might keep her in power for just this purpose, remember aswell that in revelation that there will be false prophets. God gave us freewill, do you see people like Robert Mugabe(Zimbabwean dictator who led it to ruins) being taken out of position after 20 years? Right. No. Besides, her “position”, was it given by God or not? Is it for God or not?

    Temptations and things that will hinder our Path to God will always exist. That is part of our “Free will” gift.

    Hey, she *might* be taken out too, but how long will she stay and cause Havoc? I wonder. We must criticize her and show her for what she really is for others to see the Truth and get back to the Path of Light!

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