The Fallout of Lakeland

Other than the posts I’ve done on Stacey Campbell and Patricia King, I’ve kept silent on the fallout that began as a consequence of Todd Bentley’s fall from the public pedestal many had put him on.  I’ll give my thoughts now, and then move on.

Several apostolic leaders have given their public statements regarding the scandal.  One question they seemed to ask was how they could have been so gullible and not seen that Todd Bentley was not acting in the authority of God.  C. Peter Wagner, when speaking of Bentley’s commissioning, exonerated himself by saying he has always been known as a risk taker who likes to stick his neck out there for people.  He conveyed that some have paid off, and some, meaning Bentley, have been “losers” (Wagner’s words).

What I beg to ask people to consider is this:  how could they have been so gullible not to have known that Bentley was a counterfeit?  That admission alone condemns their public ministry, as well as their skills of discernment.  To be a leader, you must be knowledgeable in God’s Word, and able to lead others.  Yet these ministers have publicly said they did not know Bentley was a heretic, despite the fact that they claim to be apostles.  Not knowing the Word of God, they run willingly into error and permeate the church with doctrinal poison.  The reason they didn’t know is because they do not know God’s Word.

Anyone with knowledge of God’s Word knows when they’re being fed false doctrine.  Leaders are expected to know.  They didn’t. 

Then we have another problem with this whole fiasco.  Lack of accountability.  Some have said they knew about Bentley’s private sin, yet they participated in Lakeland and the commissioning anyway.  Caring more what men thought of them than God, they opposed God’s Word and aligned themselves with a move of Satan because the only thing they cared about was being a part of “the next big thing.”  They knowingly pushed this so-called revival on the people and continued to expose them to it, and Bentley, night after night all the while knowing that Bentley was a hypocrite who was living in open sin.  Those who call themselves “prophets” stood on that platform saying, “thus says the Lord,” when God did not say it.  How can they be true prophets when they didn’t even see the scandal that was preparing to explode before them?

The fact that so many can follow someone like Bentley is an indictment against not only the American church, but the church as a whole; for many came from across the waters to receive an impartation, and take it back with them.  This thing would have continued to spiral out of control if the Lord hadn’t put a stop to it.  I heard Bentley defenders rebuke us by saying, “Leave Bentley alone!  If it’s not of God, it will come to naught!”  A true statement if I ever heard one.  Sounds quite prophetic, doesn’t it?

Friends, Todd Bentley wasn’t the only one exposed through this shameful ordeal… his enablers and the so-called apostles and prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation were exposed as well.  The question is, will you hold them accountable and reject them as God’s Word tells us to do, or continue to promote false doctrine by endorsing them with your confidence?  Remember, they can have no platform without an audience.

5 thoughts on “The Fallout of Lakeland

  1. Bud Press


    Excellent points. Where is the repentance from sin, renouncement, and separation in their statements?

    Everyone–from C. Peter Wagner and his so-called “apostles” to the remaining staff of Fresh Fire Ministries–should step down, close down their “ministries,” shut down their websites, and find something else to do with their time.

    They disguise themselves as apostles of Christ, but they are proven false peophets and false teachers, who follow a counterfeit “Jesus/gospel/spirit” (Galatians 1:6-9; 2 Corinthians 11:3-4 and 13-15).

    False prophets and false teachers are rejected by God and have NEVER been a part of the body of Christ. These people need to repent and receive the real Jesus Christ.

  2. dave

    Sad as it may be it is a genuine indictment about where we as a church are.

    There is so little real function in the church that people who read the word are desperate to find life, and will go anywhere that there seems to be even the slightest function of that life.

    This is the real indictment. The church is supposed to be a multi-functioning body, built and supplied by that which every joint supplieth and to the effectual working in measure of every part.

    Where is that taking place today? Mostly we see a construct that actually works against the function of the Body of Christ. It not only misses the work that needs to be done, but is disguised as the way it is supposed to be done. There is little ministry (other than the pulpit) and almost no function in the church (other than things like nursery work and church property upkeep).

    We will see multitudes running like this every time it seems that there might even be a hint of life until we see the body of Christ functioning in the way that the Word tells us it is supposed to.

  3. Robert H. Evans

    You have expressed my heart on this issue of Lakeland and Todd. I have had spiritual warnning on Him and Fresh Firer for 10yrs.

    I met Todd in the very early stages of his ministry and no I did not see any realness in his walk then as i do not see it in his ministry today!

    The Lord told me to leave Todd’s first meetings around eight years or so ago. He is not mine He is not my servant and this is unholy ground you stand on!

    Two years later I went and visited another conference that was being held by the church that fostered Todd’s begining ministry. While there (for two hrs.) i was stuck to a chair and not allowed to place my feet on the ground because the Lord said it is unholy! I watched as this ministry did nothing but to those who were there caught up in freenzy it did something. Spiritually it was dead having no value to the kingdom of God – just like Lakeland.

    My ministry is based upon Ephsions 4:11-16 and we are a five gifts of Jesus church – some better know it as – Five Fold ministry.

    C.Peter Wagner was another early warning from the Lord and he was clear to me that they were not his annointed and assigned five fold. He told me to stay away from them and I have. However, like Todd bentley – I have been watchful of what damage they were doing to the church.

    Did I speak out against them – I did and never hestiated calling a spade a spade but the results was isolation and condemnation and dislike and gossip because as you wrote in your item – Do not touch Todd! I have also spoke against Benny Hin even though one time I was a follower…

    I was absolutly in spiritual pain asking the Lord over and over how come they cannot see the devil in this Lord. How deceived is the chosen in the church and how can such sounds and physical behavior be allowed to claim you in it Lord through the Holy Spirit?

    I though then of the word when is speaks about – ‘If I did not cut this short even the very elect would be deceived’…

    I am an Apostle not of the orgional but the assigned. I am a little fish that the Lord called ten years ago and I ran from it for two years previous. The scripture says to count the cost and Take up your cross and follow me. He means it we need to count the cost and I am happy that I took up the cross.

    Do not (if I may) throw the Baby out with the bathwater – Satan thinks he has scored here big with lakeland and all that went on – But God never looses as Satan was celebrating the crucifixtion of Jesus he was blind to the fact that Our Father allowed this so His Children can make their way back to him – if satan had known he would never of unknowingly support our own guarntee back top our heavenly father – Satan hates Family and that is why he is always on us because he can never be family.

    I agree with you – all ministry leaders and their ministries are not to be trusted and must close. They knew and did not care about the sin that Todd was busy with and supposed Men and Women of God calling themselves
    Apostles and prophets – with well below radar discernent did not know the sin that they were commisioning? Does not say much for their calling either.

    Fresh Firer – knew the truth and said nothing – why – power, prestage, money, fear of lossing, lireds (they do not get to heaven remember)

    I see lakeland as a blessing in that we are sharper as believers and hopefully we will know to test all spirit and to examine fruits.

    I am but a little fish who has been called in part to pray against the Devils efforts in my area of the world which is Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada – the home town of Fresh Firer and Todd Bentley.

    Please keep me in prayer!

    I am first a servant of God but I stand truly as His apostle – in Jesus of Nazareth’s name!


    Apostle Robert Evans
    Lighthouse Ministries of Abbotsford

  4. Laura K

    The following is the best word that I have seen regarding Todd Bentley and Lakeland fall:

    “I see lakeland as a blessing in that we are sharper as believers and hopefully we will know to test all spirit and to examine fruits.”

    I am one who wants to be obedient and to serve God as a lay person. It is difficult to know whom to support because obviously we never know what the ministers are diong in their personal lives – in effect, we don’t know them. But God does and he will enable us to discern those who come in His name truly and those who are deceivers. I will in the future test all spirits and examine fruits even though we hear the pastors, apostles, etc., say not to questions His annointed. Well, first I am going to ask if they are His annointed – or if they annointed themselves for fame and profit at the expense of the very saints they propose to lead.

  5. pat holliday

    I was praying, watching hurricane Ike hurling toward Galveston, Texas and Louisiana while Matthew Stephens was trying to prove his strange call by prophesying while it was happening! HOW HAPPY CAN A PERSON BE CONCERNING DEVASTATING DESTRUCTION?
    pat holliday to Gary
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    He delights in death and destruction. These are really ghoulish “prophets” that want attention for their false prophecies.
    Love pat

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    From: Matthew Stephen
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    Pat Holliday

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