Todd Bentley Revival Ending

The tents are coming down!

After today’s service, the tents in Lakeland are coming down, and the revival is moving back to Ignited Church where it originated.  The revival was slated to end August 23rd, but with dwindling crowds, the hefty price tag may be too much for those in charge of the revival to continue, and it is shutting down early.

When the so-called revival first began, Bentley made the bold statement that God told him this revival would continue until the second coming of the Lord.  Either God was mistaken, or Bentley was speaking presumptuously in the name of God.  After being cornered by all the media attention and the discernment ministries who kept sounding the alarm, Bentley ran away, not able to suffer having his theology tested, or the glaring eye of the spotlight searching him for answers to his bold claims.  In other words, he realized his antics weren’t taking place in a vacuum, and there was accountability for his actions.  When the heat reached a boiling point, he bailed.

What does this mean for his enablers such as Patricia King, Bob Jones, Stacey Campbell, Che Ahn, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, and others who prophesied over Todd in his commissioning?  Stacey Campbell arrogantly stated that Todd was chosen by God to carry this revival forward because he asked for it in a way that no one else had.  Campbell, with head in full swing, was supposedly speaking for God.  Did God change His mind?  No, Campbell wasn’t hearing from God…she was speaking out of the abundance of her own wickedness and uttering false prophesies.

I praise God that many, many, many in the blogosphere ran to the front lines and stood together in solidarity, sounding the alarm and warning others with the truth of God’s Word.  While time is short, let us keep pressing on.  As the Lord continues to delay, there will be others who speak presumptuously, and time will continue to grow darker as we approach the day of His appearing.  Keep looking up.

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39 thoughts on “Todd Bentley Revival Ending

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  2. Andrew C

    We heard a rumour that he was coming to Cornwall England wher I am a baptist church elder does anyone know if this is true?

  3. expreacherman

    There are a few discerning believers in Florida and we say, “Good Riddance!”

    However Bentley’s “revival” was simply a revival of apostasy which is a continuing thing worldwide for centuries.

    The world needs a simple, clear Gospel message, “once delivered to the Saints” and repeated continuously by the Saints of today.

    Tell us just a little about yourself.. I could find nothing “About” you on your Blog.

    Thanks for the report.. I subscribed to your feed through Bloglines RSS. Keep up the good work.

    In Cjrist eternally — by God’s Grace and my decision,


  4. mijadedios

    WOW! Praise the Lord God Almighty! Who was and is and Is to Come!
    This is good news! Yes! the bloggers and discerners did rally and answered the call to battle this spiritual battle for those sheep that ARE HIS and who do Hear His Voice!
    This Todd Bentley guy and his heresy affected me personally. A cousin of mine fell into the swoon of him and was almost suckered in. I shared with her the truth about Todd. She was going to go see him in person “for herself” and to “keep an open mind” in CA, however after prayer and seeking God in the Word she came under the conviction that Todd’s heresy is in fact Heresy. She consequently did not go to the CA ‘show.’ Praise the Almighty! A group of friends and I prayed all weekend over the Todd Bentley Event in CA. I fasted and prayed and another friend went down to the event to hand out leaflets and pray and share the true Gospel with those attempting to go in to the conference. Again, Praise God, we prayed that Todd’s ‘power’ would leave him and that God would intercede and even cause the whole thing to end! I’m sure there were hundreds of people praying over this so I do not take credit, but I do want to say we Must continue to keep this issue in Prayer because the Fervent Prayer of the Righteous Availeth much!

  5. Sandy

    Thanks for all the information on Todd Bentley. He was on last night, broadcasting live from California. He claims to plan “revivals” in 38 key places in the U.S. I didn’t watch long, just a minute to see what he is up to. Blessings to you.

    PS Just curious…How does one become an EX preacher-man? I too am old but the call continues; only in different venues but I still preach Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and will until the trump sounds or I go to be with Him.

  6. Jimmy

    The link at the end of the article doesn’t work. Is there any other way of viewing ‘For further information, click here’ ?

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  8. expreacherman

    Sandy (If crystal will allow)–

    To answer your valid question, I am now and have been since shortly after trusting Christ at age 35 — 44 years ago, a weak vessel but a fervent witness for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray for more opportunities daily.

    I am mostly blind and quite infirm and that slows my body somewhat but not my earnest desire to see the lost trust Jesus Christ as Savior.

    I am still a preacher of sorts, I guess, but no longer a Pastor. Maybe I should call my Blog, ExPastorMan. Too late, I have been “ExPreacherMan” too long.😉

    Go to my Blog and read my page, “Eternal Life For You” and then follow one of the links to my personal Gospel web site,
    I do, by God’s Grace, what I am able. I thank the Lord for His Grace and Mercy.

    In Christ happily and eternally


  9. D

    AMEN….I only heard one bad note:
    Something to do with Pat Robertson being on Bentley’s God tv? Also…Bentley or one of his wannabees was on the 700 club…keep our eyes open. If we rest to soon….it could start all over again. Of course like someone said…Bentley can be duplicated…sorta like a bad rash…goes away then comes back. Just a funny note….On the bright side Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Reigns Forever!

  10. SadParent

    I can hear it now… Todd will simply state that “the revival isn’t done yet… …that it wasn’t supposed to end in Lakeland, FL.. no! It’s supposed to keep on going until…” Well, you know the rest!

    I keep wondering about all the people he prayed over, kicked, slapped, punched, hit etc. etc. etc. especially that stage IV colon cancer – have they gone for further testing to determine the extent of that ‘healing’?

    Jesus did warn of the awful deception that would occur prior to His return – so I guess Todd Bentley is part of that prophecy. As the writer above states, “Bentley can be duplicated..sorta like a bad rash…” Amen!


  11. GA Vasquez

    God is still on the throne! Thank you Jesus for shutting this blapshemous angelic/satanic revival. I guess the “FIRE” got too hot for Todd the Fraud. Hopefully he won’t be transferring this demonic annointing to these people who are searching for something of God, but can’t discern the spirit that Todd is operating under. I pray that everyone would get grounded in the King James version of the bible, not these perversions of the Word of God, and get a deeper understanding so that when these false teachers come around they will be able to discern them before they fall under the spell of these false movements. Its satanic.

  12. Sherry C.

    Well now, a Bentlyite has already said that Todd had to shut down because of too many naysayers and God could do no more work there! No money to continue?! Why, what ever happened to Emma’s provision? Poor thing must’ve got bored with Lakeland and couldn’t stand the scrutiny of her boy, Todd, either. Praise to God who hears His children’s prayers. Let’s keep it up!

  13. thenonconformer

    … what people need firstly is getting the book of acts Pentecostal experiences.. and they will naturally next care for the poor people, act like real anointed Christians.

    …Many Christians are doing their own thing, trying to live a life without Jesus, without even taking to him now often too.. Jesus himself hath said without me you can do nothing.. nothing!!!

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  15. Barbara

    Dear all. First forgive me for my poor english….I am from the Netherlands.

    I just finished reading and my big question is: What would Jezus say about all Mr Bentey said and did (do we rearley know??) and is He happy with al this comets. Rearley I am not for or against this man. I prefer to give it in Gods hands because only Jezus knows the hart of a man.

    But the Jezus I know (hope and think it is the same you know) would say:”please pray for this family because they need our prayers”.
    I also wonder what would non-christians think about us when they read all the not so kind things “we” say about Mr Bentey even when there are great things where we disagree with him??? Let us be loving, caring, wise, praying children of Abba Father and follow Jezus when we look to people. He had and has mercy with us, let us never ever forget that! Lets be humbel and pray for ALL people!

    Hope that I hurt no one by saying this, Thats not what I hope you feel when you read this.

    May Gods love and wisdom rule our spirits and minds. Bless you all.


  16. williamsouthward

    Why did Todd go off with another woman.
    Why did Todd go off to the pub and get drunk as a lord

    Remember he was in contact with men of God each and every day
    He was praying each afternoon for 3 hours we are told
    remember he was surronded by people, all kinds of people
    people ringing him on his cell phone people asking him questions re the programs etc
    Now for all these supposed men of God, Dutch. Arnott, Wagner, King etc are they trying to tell us that they did not know what was going on
    Did God TV not know what was going on?
    Remember it was going on for some time, drinking, women. boys? men? and God knows what else?
    It is an insult to any clear thinking person to have to believe there releases re todd Bemtley.They all kney what was going on and they all let him go out on stage and make a mockery of the Gospel, and makes a fool of the people who believed what he was teaching,
    This is a very serious matter and rate very high amongst the sins , esp of blaspheme, deception, etc
    All of these poeopl must be kept out of the churches for good and I hope the bloggers will continue to hound them esp Wagner, King. Jones Dutch, etc they must be taken down and kept down
    Yep up with the Bloggers

  17. williamsouthward

    When are the Bloggers going to show the people what God TV is realy like ?
    Do we forget about what Wendy was saying about the Florida revival and that Jesus was going to come live on stage
    This was a very serious statement she made and nobody seems to be on her case yet she is as bad as Todd Bently if not worse as she beams it and other rubbish all over the world. They need to be stopped before the do any more damage and believe me they are doing damage yep to the young and old alike.
    Wendy and Rory knew about Todd and his Drinking , sex etc yet they continued to show him on there TV

  18. Ron Johnson

    To “williamsouthward”, Wendy and Rory, of GodTV infamy, both came out of South Africa, and the Rhema Church of Ray McCauley. He was mentored by Kenneth Hagin, so we may all see where the heresy starts.
    We are invoked to pray for those who sin in the body of Christ–they presumably are born again Christians who have lost real sight of the Lord and are walking in their own strength.
    Todd Bentley, a so-called “prophet of God” comes out of the same mold, but received his inspiration from an evil spirit called “Emma”. We must pray for him too, that he should repent of his guidance from satan, and be delivered of that evil influence which controlled his actions, his words, his “healings” and false teaching and false prophecy.
    However, in all of this sad and dangerous exhibition of falsity, where was the Christian leadership, which is there to warn the sheep of the “wolves among us”?

  19. Laura K

    Barbara, I see that you are a kind and loving person. However, the things you see being said are not necessarily insensitive. Many saints the world over have been injured by the Florida Outpouring. It was a cruel and sinful thing that Todd Bentley, his staff, and the false prophets did to the saints of God. Now, we have to question are the people who did this of God? Or are they evil people out to destroy the saints? It is right to be angry when someone defames the name of our Lord. Not that He can’t take care of them Himself, which He has, but many of we Christians don’t like it one bit. The nerve to preach a false gospel in Jesus’ name, making Him a mockery to the lost.

    I did get one good thing from the Outpouring and that was the sincere praise and worship by thousands of saints together at one time. It was pretty much downhill from there. Thanks to God, I can hardly remember anything Todd ever said so my mind is not confused. I hope we have all learned from this, I have. While I forgive these false preachers and prophets, if I see them in a pulpit or on a platform, I plan to run the other way!

  20. Ex Members,Non/Staff/Pastors Alberta Canada of the so called PENTECOSTAL Assemblies of Canada(Or TRUEFULY the $$$$ WASTING Movement that Builds Bigger Churches and then 90% LEAVES since 1998!!!!

    Well YES its should be STOPPED with this so called Revival of Todd Bentley!!

    He already DESTROYED 90% of the PENTECOSTAL Churches in our City of Edmonton and area like LightHouse PENTECOSTAL”Stony Plain Alberta”(But HONESTLY it was already DESTROYED since they don’t PREACH of the PENTECOSTAL Assemblies of Canada Teachings!!

    There more into the Prophetic”NEW AGE” Prosperity Teachings like our other Former Churches such as Victory (Christian)”CULT” Big time with PEER Pressure,GUILT TRIPS PROSPERITY Teachings” Centre,Church on 99th,Word Of Life’s(All),Fusion Fellowship(Formerly C.D Community Church,West Edmonton Vineyard,Living Springs New Testament Church),All Victory Churches,City Centre Church.

    We seen it all over the YEARS they Teach good for a While and then get TOTALLY off BASE and they say there DOORS will be OPEN everyday(Like City Centre Church what the Lead Pastor said on the NEWS in 2006)”Not Open EVERYDAY”(Maybe for Special Events but not EVERYDAY) Promises BROKEN but what else is knew says EX Staff,Members/Non since 2007!!

    We wish People can READ YES READ their BIBLES YES BIBLES again and not say Break Through CRAP because honestly we see Churches MOVE AROUND LOTS such as City Centre Church they Moved 4 Times since they started and people tell us Services are TOO LONG(2-3 Hour’s) and very Prophetic things not really from the Bible!!

    So CHRISTIANS LETS READ OUR BIBLES YES BIBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and see God/Jesus in CHARGE and not our Pastor’s that lead so many of us to QUIT CHURCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What we saw in LOTS of our FRIENDS since 1998!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Carol

    I agree, read your Bibles, preferably a translation that hasn’t been watered down and diluted with pictures, cartoons and the lot of those hideous gimmicks.

    The problem with most “Churchians” in the west is that they have an issue with picking up a Bible and actually reading it. Some use it to save a pew at church, some like to carry it around to impress others, but if you don’t know the contents in your hearts, you are going to be led astray by false teaching.

    Saints need to arm themselves with the Sword of the Lord!

  22. More Ex Members(50) of City Centre Church in Edmonton,Alberta

    Yes !! It’s TRUE our Lead Pastor said our Doors would be OPEN EVERYDAY!!(What a bunch of LIES!!).

    He said it Right on the News too!!”I guess it’s TRUE that the Pentecostal Movement says things that don’t come TRUE!!”(Like Todd Bentley’s Faith Healing Meetings)

    The only time our Doors are Open we seen are for Special Events like Jason Upton,Other Music Concerts,School Events but Not EVERYDAY what our Lead Pastor said on the NEWS back in 2007!!

    The Services are still too long,Prophetic Teachings(75% is not even from the Bible). It’s not Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Beliefs it’s totally the Word of Faith!!
    They say they are part of the PAOC Body of Churches totally not True!!

    We know since it Started back lots of our Friends,Ex Staff/Pastors are saying it’s TRUE it’s not PAOC Teachings it’s totally the Word of Faith $$ Teachings!!

    Pray for our Friends too see the Real Light of God’s TRUTH and most of all read our BIBLES!!

    what we don’t even see People bringing too CHURCH here at City Centre Church maybe a Few people but not Everyone !!

    Former Staff/Pastors and Ex Members/Non say when they attend a NEW Church after they left here they feel more like Children of God.

    Most of all bringing their BIBLES and seeing the Truth what God/Jesus is Speaking and not our Lead Pastor too have them hear the Words what he wants not from the Word of God!!

  23. Pastor Travis

    Amen too the Words of Truth about Todd Bentley and Churches that need too Wake-Up like City Centre Church in Edmonton!!

    Well Done too all the Info about the Various things People talked about!
    I finally saw the Truth!!

    After reading this stuff and Yes I should Read my Bible instead of having Lead Pastors/Faith Healers make me hear what they want instead of the Bible!!
    What I should hear/Read!!

  24. Pastor Ray

    One of the main reasons that we are “so blessed” to have people like Todd Bentley is that too many “so-called professing” and “genuinely possessing” Christians do not know their Bible. They rely upon their pastors to teach it to them. Most pastors no longer teach the Word of God exegetically.
    Too many people claim that just do not have the time. Yet, they have time to sit and watch TV more hours each evening than they would like to admit.
    I walk 13/4 hours each day. While I am walking, I “listen” to the Bible. I used to use cassette tapes. They wore out after 18 times through them. Recently, I purchased the “WOW Bible Color.” No more fumbling with cassette tapes. It was rather costly, but the convenience and features it holds inside a unit that it not much larger than a credit card makes it a worthy purchase. I plan on wearing it out. After listening through the NT 18 times and the OT 3 times, I now am beginning to know the verses by heart and what verse(s) come(s) next. I am also continuing to learn what “books and chapters” these verses appear just by listening. Memorizing God’s word this way is easiest for me, and it ultimately ends up with me “hiding” God’s Word in my heart.
    When you know the genuine, it doesn’t take much to discern the counterfeit. I knew, as did many of you, that Bentley was a phony the moment I first heard him open his mouth.
    We are in evil times, and we have pastors who have forsaken the truth for unity, popularity, and numbers. It all adds up to $$$.
    Let not these evils be even mentioned among you. Stay in the Word and fight the good fight, brethren.
    Pastor Ray

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