The Matthew 25 Network – Evangelical Group Bucks Tradition, Supports Obama

The romper room that has become the evangelical church continues to stray further away from the biblical mandates laid forth by the Lord and His apostles.  Emerging church pope, Brian McLaren, and other emerging pastors throw scripture to the wind and enthusiastically support Barack Obama.

These evangelicals are not bucking tradition, they are bucking God’s Word.  Taking the passage of scripture from Matthew 25, they are using the premise that, “as you have done to the least of these, you have done to me,” spoken by our Lord, and using it as a platform to support Barack Obama, despite the fact that Obama openly endorses homosexual marriage and abortion.  How this could be approved by our Lord, I’ll never know.

Understanding that abortion and homosexuality have always been hot-button issues with Christian voters, Bart Campolo, emerging pastor, says in defense of his support for Obama that he is now “interested in a broader understanding of the teachings of Jesus and looking at candidates for office based on the broad spectrum of the whole Gospel.”

The broad spectrum of the whole Gospel?  In what way does any of the Gospel support homosexuality or abortion?  This statement made by Campolo rings hollow, as there is absolutely no defense in the Gospel for supporting such a candidate.  What they don’t understand is that whoever we vote for, we are giving them our vote of confidence.  We are saying that they are the candidate who better represents us and our voice as Americans.  Christians can not biblically support such a candidate, not if they are using the Word of God and His holiness as our reference, much less perverting the Word of God and using it to do so.

The Matthew 25 Network is an alliance of evangelical ministers who have banded together to support Barack Obama.  They are zealous for their cause, and are sending invitation to others to come aboard and follow their unGodly example.  But not all are willing to jump on the Emerging Church bandwagon.  “Heeding the challenge, James Dobson, a leading figure of the religious right, recently devoted the first six minutes of his “Focus on the Family” broadcast to warning his listeners against the “highly seductive” radio advertisements of Matthew 25.”

The pastors who joined the Matthew 25 Network are polarizing themselves against the conservative religious right.  They are flooding Christian radio stations with advertisements endorsing Barack Obama, and asking for Christians to give him their vote. 

The adverts are being funded by an organisation called the Matthew 25 Network, named after a biblical passage in which Christ promises redemption for those who care for the least and the lost.

Although not formally linked to Mr Obama’s campaign, the network is part of a concerted effort to prise off a chunk of a Christian vote that has long been regarded as the more or less exclusive preserve of Republican presidential candidates.  Source.

What truly baffles me is that Christian radio station agree to play them.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.  Is it too much to ask that Christian radio stations show discernment and refuse to play these ads, standing strong upon God’s Word and His holiness?

What I see happening is Brian McLaren and other Emerging Church leaders are stepping forward onto the political and world stage, and are falsely representing themselves to the secular world as the pillars of true Christianity, while those of us who stand strong on God’s Word are being portrayed as intolerant fanatics.  The polarization between the religious left and the religious right is growing daily, and to be honest, I’m not sorry to see that happen.  We have nothing in common with things that God finds offensive.  But, what we need to be prepared for is the fact that the world will see these false christians like McLaren as the picture of Christianity, while we are seen as religious bigots.  The false god of Emerging Christianity will be, and is, the god the world embraces, while the God of the Bible is rejected and scorned.

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WHAT WOULD YOU call a political action committee that takes its name from the Bible, runs ads on Christian radio stations, is made up of evangelical and Pentecostal Christians, makes sophisticated use of the Internet and supports Barack Obama for president?

Perhaps you’d call it “improbable,” “surprising” or even “impossible.” Others might describe it as “refreshing,” while still others might resort to terms like “deluded.”

Its creators call it the Matthew 25 Network.  Source.

The more we stay silent, the more the secular world will believe that people like Brian McLaren and The Matthew 25 Network are the representatives of Christianity.  We can’t let that happen.  It’s time for Christians to stop sitting idly by while false preachers pervert the truth of God’s Word.  Brian McLaren doesn’t speak for me or Christianity – and he certainly doesn’t speak for God!

10 thoughts on “The Matthew 25 Network – Evangelical Group Bucks Tradition, Supports Obama

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  2. David

    I do not agree with any of the teachings of the men of The Matthew25 Network. However, Obama would be the best person for true christianty. Both Obama and McCain are bad news for the Body of Christ. We already have an idea of where Obama stands and we who are lovers of Christ can mount an early defense against bad policy moves he might make. McCain, on the other hand, is supported by false teachers, prophets and wolves in sheep clothing. There is this old saying that ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ If you walk through smoke from burning trash, you will smell like the burning trash. McCain may look good on the outside but is most likely to do something in seceret where the Body of Christ will be caught suprised. Also, if McCain wins, it is more likely that many people will flock to these false teachers and prophets. False teachers and prophets love love to talk about themselves and hang around well known people.

    We are in the falling away. Don’t add any fuel to the likes of false teachers and prophets.

    God bless,

    PS: Do you find it funny that the world thinks of all these men as true men of God? Not all read their Bibles. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is in the Bible. It is not what man wants to add and take away from.

  3. David

    Maybe it’s best to look at it this way. It’s the battle of false teachers, preachers and prophets to sway your vote. Which side should I take?

  4. expreacherman


    Looking at the matt 25 web site, (which I don’t recommend for the weak in doctrine) it appears they are just another run-of-the-mill leftist committee of political hacks.

    Their statement is “The Matthew 25 Network is a community of Christians – Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Evangelical.” The group is certainly not discerning in the least with that ecumenical jumble of “Christian” groups. Not only do they play loosely (and falsely) with The Word of God, but they do harm to the name, “Christian.”

    Thanks for reporting on and exposing this radical bunch of spiritual theives.

    In Christ eternally,


  5. Anthony Hall

    “What about Righteousness?”
    On Abortion Obama and McCain say a woman can get one for Rap or insets.
    Mrs.Palin believes that abortion for rap or insets is killing a baby How can you run with McCain when he believes in killing babies(Rape and
    Insets).McCain has never put a bill forward in he’s 26 + years in office
    about abortion.Our Heavenly Fathers tells us in Lev. 17:11 that For the life of the flesh is in the blood..Doctors will tell you that there is no
    blood tell the 18 to 21 day. In 1Cor.5:12,13 For what have I to do to Jude them also that are without? Do not ye judge them that are within? 12 But them that are without (in the
    world) God judged.

    Mr. Obama does not belive in homosexual marriage.

    Free Will
    “I (ELOHI) created man and woman with free will and next to the promise of
    Immortal life, free will is my greatest gift to you,” according to the response [from
    ELOHIM], Free will, of course, means the freedom to choose. According to
    Genesis 1-3, ELOHIM created Adam and Eve to have freedom of choice,
    among other blessings. In fact, contrary to the statement above, freedom
    of choice was even more important than immortal life,
    because the Bible says that Adam and Eve already had immortal life, and
    God decided to put that immortality at risk in order to safeguard their freedom of
    choice. Eve is of particular interest in this story. According to Romans 5:12,
    death entered into the world through the sin of one person Adam. If Eve had not
    sinned by disobeying ELOHIM and eating of the forbidden fruit, there would be no
    death. At the point where Eve is speaking with the serpent, ELOHIM our
    Heavenly Father has two options: either He can take a pro-choice stand and protect
    Eve’s right to choose even though the result is the deaths of her as-yet-unborn children,
    and All Humans or He can take a pro-life/anti-choice stand, deny Eve her right to
    choose, and thus prevent the deaths of her as-yet-unborn children and You &
    Anthony (me) .Under these circumstances, ELOHIM clearly regards the woman’s right
    to choose “Free Will” as being of greater value, and more necessary to protect. He takes the pro-choice option, Eve makes her choice, and as a result her yet-to-be-born offspring you and I are doomed to death.

    Some will, of course, protest that this isn’t the same thing as abortion,and I agree.Abortion only affects the offspring’s physical body, whereas the Bible tells us that Eve’s & Adam decision not only led to the inevitable physical deaths of All Mortal Humans, but tainted their souls as well, thus putting them in danger of eternal
    torment and separation from ELOHIM, a fate which most men are doomed to suffer. And ELOHIM still upheld the woman’s right to choose as being more precious
    Peace in Christ
    Anthony Hall

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