Creflo Dollar Teaches How to Command Angels to Bring Wealth

It looks like angel invoking isn’t isolated to Todd Bentley alone.  Creflo Dollar seems to think angels are slaves who are under service to us. 

Since when do we command angels to do such things as bring us wealth?  Angels are God’s messengers, and operate under that authority.  Yet, Dollar would have us believe that we can command them at will to bring us such vulgar things as earthly riches…filthy lucre…mammon.

Didn’t Jesus tell us not to strive for the bread that corrupts, but to strive for the bread that will not corrupt?  Didn’t He tell us not to lay up for ourselves treasure upon the earth where moth and rust corrupts?  Consider Jesus’ words, and then compare it to what Creflo Dollar teaches:

Angel Power Confession

Because I am the righteousness of God, angels have been sent to minister to me. They respond to the Word of God which I speak. Therefore, I loose angels with the words of my mouth.

I say today, let the Lord be magnified who takes pleasure in my prosperity. In the name of Jesus, I command the angels to bring to me prosperity in my spirit, in my home, in my body, in my family life, and in my finances.

I declare promotion and command the angels to bring promotion into my life. I have a blood-bought covenant promise from God Almighty to multiply exceedingly. Therefore, I confess I am exceedingly fruitful and blessed, right now, in Jesus’ name! I command the angels of God to go and bring this covenant to pass in my life now! I have the power to get wealth, and release the angels to bring wealth into my life.  Source.

9 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar Teaches How to Command Angels to Bring Wealth

  1. lavrai

    I can only guess that the folks who buy into this theology are not very much interested in sitting down and spending time reading the Holy Bible. Didn’t one of the apostles (Paul) write against church people elevating angels?

    And this sounds very new-agey… like that ‘Secret’ book. How sad… I pray GOD opens the eyes of those who really want to know HIM.

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  3. George Shippey

    This goes against what Jesus taught. A lot of these prosperity ministers have found currency tapping into the teachings of occult lore to fool people.

  4. Carol

    I don’t recall reading anywhere in Scriptures where Angels were at OUR beck and calling. I believe God sends angels for His saints, but it’s His command, not ours. And certainly angels are NOT sent to bring us worldly wealth or promotion!

    This twisted teaching is sure to lure those who are into prosperity thinking and naming it and claiming it.

  5. Getting There

    commanding angels is doctrine of demons… this is so unbiblical it isn’t funny.. to think I used to love creflo dollar before God opened my eyes to the truth! Pray for wisdom and God’s truth! Angels are only commanded by God and God alone!

  6. Ladoli

    But from what I know, one can ask an Angel for Guidance am I right? God has sent His angels to keep watch over us. But I do believe that angels cannot be commanded to bring us wealth, not the Holy Angels of God atleast.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      According to Scripture, we are to pray to God the Father. Not angels, not the dead, but God. Jesus set that example for us when he showed us how to pray.

      The angels may be protecting us, but it is God we ask for that protection. Angels don’t act on their own will, but God’s alone; therefore, it would do no good to ask angels (which gets you off into some pretty dangerous territory), since angels do the will of God in Heaven.

      Why ask a second or third party? Because of the sacrafice of Jesus on Calvary, you now have the right to go boldly to the throne room and approach the Heavenly Father yourself in prayer because when we go, we go in the righteousness of His Son, Christ Jesus.

      I hope this helped.

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