Jay Bakker, Son of Jim Bakker: Gay-Affirming Pastor

Jay Bakker, son of disgraced televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker (Messner), has not only completely embraced the Emerging Church theology which is poisoning our church today, but he is now an outspoken gay-affirming pastor who has said that God spoke to his heart and told him that homosexuality is not a sin.

I can say emphatically that God did not tell him that!  What God says about homosexuality can be found in His infallible Word, and it says that homosexuality is an abomination.  It also says that those who do such things will not enter in!  Unless you surgically snip those verses out of the Bible, among others, you can not honestly believe that God said that homosexuality is not a sin.  If Jay truly loved these people, he would tell them the truth of God’s Word.  Keep in mind, we will spend more time on the other side of eternity than we will on this side.  Therefore, don’t fear offending people if you reach out to them with the truth.  If you reach out to them lovingly, yes, they may be offended by the message, but you can not compromise.

How does Jim Bakker feel about his son’s tumble into Emergent theology, and his gay-affirming doctrine?  Jim Bakker said:

As his sermon draws to a close, well after Revolution was supposed to have vacated the space to make way for an open mic event, Jim Bakker offers a few parting words about Jay. “I’m so proud of my son. He’s doing what I wish I could do. He’s loving everybody,” says Jim, peering down at his son through wet eyes. “I want to be more like Jesus, but I really want to be more like Jamie first.”   (For source article, click here.)

Please pray for these two men, and any poor unsuspecting sinners they speak to.

Please watch the below video to hear Jay Bakker in his own words.

One thought on “Jay Bakker, Son of Jim Bakker: Gay-Affirming Pastor

  1. lavrai

    I love when people say to put the Bible passages dealing with homosexuality in a ‘historical context’ as if what Paul said then to the Church is somehow irrelevant and dead now.

    Are we to believe that GOD told the ancient Hebrews not to engage in same-sex sex or bestiality because it only applied to them? Are we to assume Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction was not in anyway shape for form related to the fact that the men of the city, both young and old, wanted to practically rape Lots’ male visitors (they weren’t too interested in his daughters?

    And are we also to assume that Paul was only calling out the sexual immorality of the Greeks and Romans he was around?

    OK. People. Sexual immorality bad for them; good for us… right… Does this include adultery and fornication? No? Well, what if one is born with the ‘natural’ desire to sleep with as many people as possible?

    I like how in the video the young lady says folks shouldn’t speak for GOD. She’s absolutely right… thank the ALMIGHTY that HE put those words forth HIMSELF.

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